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Minami had to fight not to chew his fingernails. pointless buildup )

Prepare for possible spam flist, IDK.
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The bridge was awash with tension, the anxiety and anger almost visible. i have no idea if any of this makes sense )
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The ship was sparkling, *sparkling*, when Sengoku made his way back to it. millions of peaches, peaches for me )
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Minami clenched and unclenched his fists. shananana )
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And we return to moar than Rikkai and Hyotei week.

Title: 70% Youth (70% Seishun) (MF - RAR, MF - ZIP)
Circle: R.R.O.C. & Makemanians
Pairing: Minami/Sengoku
Rating: PG
A/N: There's two stories included. R.R.O.C.'s story is a cute one about Sengoku getting sick. The second story is about Sengoku... actually I'm not sure. XD

Both are cute!
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Yanagi was waiting in the waiting room (appropriately named) when he saw Yamabuki's cast and crew walk in. YANAGI SENSES SOMETHING UP! )
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Minami looked out the view port at the approaching moon base.what? what is this? A FAMILIAR UNIVERSE?! )
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"I'm drink…" Minami paused, his eyes crossing slightly as he looked down at the half empty beer can in his hand. drunken snuggly Minami for Mel. )
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Minami hated the way he could never truly disappear.
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Minami ignored the tall creepy guy. Minami did not even know the man’s name.
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Minami’s scent was leading them towards the apartment complex of his friend.
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Sengoku held a Tupperware container up for inspection.
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“So.” Minami looked at Higashikata’s pants before turning his gaze to the wall. This was embarrassing. How did Sengoku do this?
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CREDIT FOR TITLE GOES TO [personal profile] feuillu(HAPPY NOW?!)

Sengoku was, officially, abstaining from partying.
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Minami was of the general opinion that when you woke up in a strange bed in a strange room with no memory of how you got there that you should at least be able to remember drinking the night before.
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Inspired by [personal profile] iyori's fantastic art. (pimp pimp pimp)

Minami never expected much from Valentine’s Day.
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Title: Run
Circle: Super Lucky Tune
Scanner: Kat8cha
Rating: PG
Pages: 44
Pairings: Minami/Sengoku
Summary: After the Yamabuki/Fudomine match, Sengoku has to deal with his loss. Minami shows that he's Yamabuki's captain for a reason, and comforts Sengoku.
Downloads: run!mediafire run!sendspace
Scanner's Notes: Apologies for any less than perfect scans. :x

6-5 )


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