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There were comfortable ways to travel in the world, first class on a train or an airship were the most comfortable way to travel. title is jack I hate you )
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Hiyoshi hadn't been sure what to think of it when Rikkai started to play nice. one day, Hiyoshi will come to life and murder me in my sleep )
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The truth was he had never been a very good occultist. stolen dreams and hearts )
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Kite stroked his fingers angrily through Mizuki's hair. yes yes vampires )
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Itsuki looks up when Kite walks into the bookstore.I like my bad shoujo pair TT_TT )
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The bridge was awash with tension, the anxiety and anger almost visible. i have no idea if any of this makes sense )
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"Why are we here again?" Kai grumbled, not quite low enough to be sotto voce. rock show )
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"Mmmf." Kai rolled over, his skin sticky with the heat of an Okinawan summer. it's a sad b-day when you can't even sleep in )
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Kai rolled over, knocking his shoulders against a familiar back. RIKA GO TO BED )
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The ship was sparkling, *sparkling*, when Sengoku made his way back to it. millions of peaches, peaches for me )
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Kite really, really, really, really hated Kyushu.it's really warm in Cleveland today. )
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Itsuki had a panic button, he did, it wasn't wired to anything impressive, but it would instantly alert Davide and Aoi. SH-SH-SHUT UP I LIKE M BAD SHOUJO COUPLE CRY. )
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"I'm tired." Rin whined, dropping down on his luggage. prompt 'hitchiking' )
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Hiyoshi twisted away from Akutsu, his stomach aching and his ribs feeling like they were beginning to bruise. ...you know, statistically, I think Piyoshi gets beaten more than any other of my chars )
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"Shit." Niou Masaharu muttered around a split lip. and we move on... a bit. )
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Kite stroked his fingers through Mizuki's hair, uncurling Mizuki's carefully done curls. Mizuki yadda )
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Chinen was enjoying a nice hot shower when he was interrupted. RIKA STOP WHINING )


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