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As far as rituals go, the ritual of binding a vampire to the head of the Vongola is fairly simplistic. and Dino reminisces )
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Hibari stroked blood covered fingers down the detective's shivering cheeks. blah blah blah I suck at fight scenes )
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Mukuro won't say it out loud, but Hibari Kyouya really has an eye for this kind of thing. cough naked cough )
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The tattoo wasn't just on Dino's arm. I wanted to write licking.... )
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There's a distinctive sound to the jangle and swish of a pair of dress pants when they are unzipped and hanging loosely around jerking hips. depressing porn why )
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Lin wanted D1869. I asked her for a prompt. She went to Seventh Sanctum and brought me this: In this story, an opinionated murderer attends a religious event and meets a conjurer with non-human ancestry. What starts as loathing quickly becomes love. Yet, how can a discovery tear them apart?

I... totally ignored most of that. Also, I love round numbers. 500 words exactly!

It wouldn't have been so bad if Dino had learned to stay away from the dangerous type. pr0n )
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Hibari could care less about the Millefiore and their plan to take over the world, or this silly little plot to save the world. I HAVE NOT READ THIS WEEKS SPOILS. I KIND OF REFUSE. )
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It really wasn't a surprise that Romario carried photos of his boss around in his wallet. After all, Romario was almost a stereotype. b/c you know Romario has a wallet full of pics, and Hibari is secretly a pedo. )
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Genkishi knew that his day was shot straight to hell when he noticed the repeat offender sitting in the back of the room. ...au! )
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"Kyouya, you have to-" Dino dodged Hibari's tonfa smash (and did that remind anyone but him of the Hulk?) and blocked the next one with his whip. gets NSFW! )
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Title: Locked Doors
Author: ohgodnotactuallyme kat8cha
Fandom: Reborn
Pairing: Byakuran/Everyone (no, I'm not joking)
Rating: PG-13 (for, well, sexual slavery, non/dub-con, possible implied drug use, and bdsm)
Summary: Byakuran wins. Byakuran has a harem. Enough said. There is no plot.
A/N: ...oh god I'm never going to admit to writing this again. Also, if you want me to write a short snippet of 'that night' with whoever you want it to be with, comment with the name.

Byakuran found opening the doors to his seraglio consistently refreshing. ...I did enjoy writing the outfits )
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Dino Cavallone had often found himself facing down Hibari Kyouya's tonfa and steely eyes. ...well with all the preggo hibird fic out there )
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Hibari is three-quarters starved by the time they drag him out of the hole Mukuro was keeping him in. ...yaaaaaaaaay )
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Strangely enough when a student put 'mafia boss' down on a form asking for future career choices made most teachers pause. I wonder what chibi Hibari wanted to be when he grew up... )


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