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Mizuki curled his arms tight around his chest, mizuki is kind of snippy )
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Atobe has changed since his match with Tezuka. yadda yadda! )
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Jirou knew he was weird. He'd known for a long time, since he was a child. ...uh... he's a little creepy bad touch this time around... damn my Hiyoshi muse )
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Title: Mensural Notation
Fandom: Prince of Tennis
Pairings: Pretty gen, some Kaidoh/Momo, Tomoka/Sakuno, Akutsu/Chinen, Atobe/Kite/Mizuki
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: Not mine!
Summary: AU The Orchestra makes it into the Japan National Symphonic Orchestra Competition, members of the orchestra go about their own lives. (More... exciting than it sounds?)

The orchestra room was an example of symphonic dissonance. srsly, more exciting than it sounds )
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Hiyoshi hadn't been sure what to think of it when Rikkai started to play nice. one day, Hiyoshi will come to life and murder me in my sleep )
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Kirihara was pretty sure that he was getting to Hiyoshi. fun to drink fun to say )
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Fuji and Oshitari were well known, separately, for being flirtatious. for ann81903! )
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Atobe stared at the brightly colored and decorated store fronts in frustration. not a lot of shopping. BUT HAPPY HOLIDAYS )
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So, there's this AWESOME WEBSITE filled with AWESOME WORDS.

And I've decided to use them to try to inspire me.

Shishido's pretty sure that no other kid in his high school class know the hell what an obbligato is. ...what is an Obbligato you ask )
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"The clairvoyant and his pet shifter were involving themselves again." zomg this series still lives in my brain )
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Kirihara was pretty used to having pretty girls confess to him at this point. b/c everyone needs a little cross dressing on their b-days )
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The whole group of fasting teens, young adults, some old people… it was all really weird. prompts stolen from Tan: mushy, soup, fasting. )
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Hiyoshi was leaning against the Hyotei bus, waiting for Jirou and Kabaji's match to finish. I'm pretty sure Yanagi'll be the loser. )
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If there was anything in Japan for tennis boys to bond over, besides tennis, it was their deep seated issues with Rikkai. I love how Fuji founds all these weird clubs... )
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There was something fundamentally… cute about Atobe's body. got distracted, was supposed to be about shota!tobe )
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Gakuto stared up at the clouds passing by, the metal bench pinched between his shoulder blades and did nothing to cool Gakuto off. Yuushi's a BIG FAT OLD JERK )
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Yesterday had been fun, in fact, yesterday had been cool but today was another story. Chibi! )


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