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It was obvious from the medical reports what was going on. dear god wtf me )
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Yanagi isn't surprised to see Sengoku Kiyosumi step into the conference room. He could sense the other's loud thoughts the minute Sengoku had stepped into Rikkai's headquarters. ...okay, so Jack had it right. )
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Sengoku wondered if he should call back to the ship or at least check on his comm for a news update. la de da... I still have no idea what I'm planning on doing! )
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Kirihara stretched when he left the interrogation room. okay, so, basically it's the next day )
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Kirihara was pretty sure that he was getting to Hiyoshi. fun to drink fun to say )
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"That one's mine." Kirihara stated loudly, pointing at the largest present in the room. b/c it's largest, obviously it's best. )
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After the debacle of his birthday last year, and the party two years ago, Hiyoshi was actually looking forward to a nice quiet birthday this year. happy birthday Hiyoshi. )
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Niou had primarily managed to get through the day without any of the girls offering him presents bursting into tears. happy birthdaaaaay Niou )
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Kirihara had been skittish most of the day. For one thing, it was his birthday, and Niou had made sure to leak the information to his fan clubs and so all these girls had been mobbing him. BIRTHDAY LAPS )
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Kirihara was pretty used to having pretty girls confess to him at this point. b/c everyone needs a little cross dressing on their b-days )
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Kirihara was one grumpy, sweaty, grumpy, pissy little first year. early birthday present )
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"NOM NOM NOM." Kirihara stated loudly,...COOKIE TIME )
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Hiyoshi was leaning against the Hyotei bus, waiting for Jirou and Kabaji's match to finish. I'm pretty sure Yanagi'll be the loser. )
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Dressed in a comfortable pair of nice pants and a loose slightly unbuttoned white dress shirt, Kirihara dresses for the office! )
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Kirihara wriggles around, trying to get out of the duct tape Niou has used to tape him against the wall. oooh, ooh, oh baby. )


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