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Sengoku wondered if he should call back to the ship or at least check on his comm for a news update. He wasn't sure. For one thing, doing so might alert the Rikkai psychics that something was up. Rikkai generally ran a pretty tight ship; they monitored not only psychic waves but also the types of waves that normal non-psychics (or psychics with limited or specialized abilities) used to communicate. The Rikkai moon bases' base looked like a stirred up bee-hive however. Maybe not the type of bee-hive prepping for a hornet invasion or something but a bee-hive after the beekeeper had opened the…

What were those things called? That they kept bees in? …Sengoku had no idea.

Anyway, that's what Rikkai looked like right now. Stirred up busy bees buzzing around and too busy to notice Sengoku leisurely strolling through their midst. Although it's not like they would have noticed Sengoku anyway, while he might be a LOUD thinker he could be qu- okay maybe not quiet but sne- alright possibly not sneaky but…

Well, he had a long term visitors pass issued to him by Kirihara and that was really all that mattered.

Having been directed around by several nice pretty receptionists (all of whom looked frightfully similar) Sengoku finally ended up at the rest room where Kirihara was napping. His favorite feisty curly haired smart ass was laid out with nothing but some coworkers coat to cover his arms. Sengoku walked over to the couch and tsked. He knew Kirihara was a freeze baby! The boy was probably cold.

"You think…" Kirihara whined, his eyes fluttering slightly, "So louuuuuuuuuud…"

"Only of love~" Sengoku dropped onto his knees and kissed Kirihara quickly… then slowly… then deeply. He might not get the chance to do that after what was about to happen.

"Buh?" Kirihara pulled back and stared cross-eyed at Sengoku. "What is going to happen?"

"U-" At any other time Sengoku would have attempted to dither his way out of things. However, conveniently, they were interrupted by a knock on the doorframe of the resting room.

"Kirihara, Yukimura w- Sengoku."

Eeeeeeeeeeeeeep. Sengoku turned his head slowly and smiled at Yagyuu Hiroshi, one of the scariest Rikkai psychics in his opinion. It was the eyes, or the lack there of. Though you could say that for Yanagi too but Yanagi could be so congen- actually, no. He was scary too. And of course there was Sanada, who Sengoku kind of liked if only because he was the honest type, an-

"Yukimura says he would like to see you as well."
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