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There's a distinctive sound to the jangle and swish of a pair of dress pants when they are unzipped and hanging loosely around jerking hips. depressing porn why )
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adj. – trashy

Gokudera didn't have anything against the Shimon folk. that is the most awesome word EVER )
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Hibari could care less about the Millefiore and their plan to take over the world, or this silly little plot to save the world. I HAVE NOT READ THIS WEEKS SPOILS. I KIND OF REFUSE. )
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Title: White Paint
Author: Me
Fandom: KHR
Pairing: Mukuro/Shouichi hints of others
Rating: PG/PG-13
Summary: Mukuro does not quite fit in the real world, but he can fit himself anywhere in the land of dreams

Mukuro does not have the memories of a future ten years in the making. Mukuro alone was left behind when the Vongola travelled to the future )
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Genkishi knew that his day was shot straight to hell when he noticed the repeat offender sitting in the back of the room. ...au! )
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"Kyouya, you have to-" Dino dodged Hibari's tonfa smash (and did that remind anyone but him of the Hulk?) and blocked the next one with his whip. gets NSFW! )
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Tsuna sighed. He rested his hands on the long cool conference room table. well, it's true )
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The voices had been panicked. Panicked, and crazy, and painful. teenkuran! )
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Title: Gingerbread Men
Author: Kat8Cha
Fandom: Reborn
Rating: PG-13?
Summary: Police!AU that never was finished. The Vongola are a crack team of serial killer hunting police, Mukuro is a serial killer feeding them information... and Byakuran is on the loose.
A/N: I doubt this will ever finish...

Tsuna always felt... strange when he went to speak to Mukuro. through several inches of plexiglass )
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Hibari is three-quarters starved by the time they drag him out of the hole Mukuro was keeping him in. ...yaaaaaaaaay )
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Strangely enough when a student put 'mafia boss' down on a form asking for future career choices made most teachers pause. I wonder what chibi Hibari wanted to be when he grew up... )
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So... I never posted my KHR Mini Bang....

Title: A Chance of Showers
Pairing/Characters: Tsuna, hinted other pairings, Tsuna/Haru/Kyoko
Rating: PG
Summary: Tsuna has a routine to his life, and while there are variations, everything stays pretty much the same.

Tsuna has a routine, a schedule.He's set in it now, and there's no changing it )
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Dino Calvallone belonged to the daylight. He was the tenth generation of the Calvallone hunters, just like Tsuna was the tenth Vongola. My plot! It thickens! Like pudding! )
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Tsuna shuddered, listening to the howls of the infected burning in the house. see? This universe. It's a good one. )
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In all the years that Mukuro had been an immortal, he had seen any number of things. FINALLY figured out the universe I want this set in )
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Title: Spicy Tsuna Rolls are Delicious
Author: [livejournal.com profile] kat8cha
Rating: PG (PG-13 at most)
Disclaimer: IN NO WAY IS THIS MINE dear god...
Summary: In Namimori you learn to pay up and shut up... and when that fails, you end up as an indentured servant of one Hibari Kyouya. Stripper!AU
A/N: This was originally written over at plurk, so there might be a few missing periods. I should have gotten everything but... also, Nikki's fault. '

it should be noted this is 6,666 words long. )


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