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Chitose had been very careful with Tachibana's birthday brownies. happy b-day bananananana san )
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"So," Chitose lay on top of Tachibana, sweaty chest to sweaty back. banananana? )
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"…didn't you quit tennis?" Tachibana asked, nonchalantly sidling up to Chitose. really don't have a good cut text for this. )
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Tachibana fought to maintain a stoic face while he ripped open one of the muffin packages with his teeth. where Tori's txts get to be Chitose for once! )
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Caller ID was a funny thing, Chitose thought as he stared down at his ringing phone.
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Chitose spun around in his chair, the cord of his phone winding around the chair as he spun.
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Chitose calls this 'Ode to Fall'

I call this 'no more spiked apple tarts for you'.
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Chitose was making airplane noises as he maneuvered the spoonful of applesauce into his mouth.
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"I don't wanna know." Tachibana regarded the pictures stuck to the fridge. "I don't wanna know!"

Mandii's amazing picture
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Chitose eyed the black briefs peeking out from Tachibana's low hanging flannel pants. oh Chitose )
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Chitose's heart and chest seized up as he dragged himself into the land of the living.
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Guys. [profile] chiquita_rabu.

Go. You know you wanna.
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Title: Snapshot of a Self Portrait
Author: K8
Rating: PG
Pairing: Chitose/Tachibana
Summary: Tachibana knows it really isn't fair to let Fudomine beat up the street court kids, but they don't have anyone else to play... until a mysterious hippy arrives.
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So. I have been driven MAD without my laptop, as you all know. Yesterday I found myself contemplating arts and crafts. Yes, arts and crafts. And by that I mean making tee-shirts. *Tee-shirts*.

Actually, they're not a bad idea... I could make myself one or two and wear them to Ohayocon. :D Wouldn't have to dress up!
Read more... )
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Tachibana felt one hairy eyebrow twitch. If he heard a cry of 'Tachibana-san' one more time…


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