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Shiraishi adjusted his computer so it was at the perfect level.getting back into their swing )
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Shiraishi was sitting down in one of the chairs lining the university halfway when his pocket vibrated.
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Kenya didn’t understand why he and Yuushi had to go to the same stupid school.
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Zaizen made a face as Kenya slurped up his chow main.
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Title: ________ Horribly lazy and don't feel like finding out
School: Shitenhouji
Rating: PG
Summary: Shitenhouji cuteness
Downloads: MF

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Kenya twisted his cookie halves apart.
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Shishido snorted. This was… really far too fucking funny.
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Chitose eyed the object being held in front of him.

mwahaha )


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Chitose eyed the black briefs peeking out from Tachibana's low hanging flannel pants. oh Chitose )
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Ryoma wasn't sure how this became his issue. totally Mandii's fault )
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Title: Snapshot of a Self Portrait
Author: K8
Rating: PG
Pairing: Chitose/Tachibana
Summary: Tachibana knows it really isn't fair to let Fudomine beat up the street court kids, but they don't have anyone else to play... until a mysterious hippy arrives.
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So. I have been driven MAD without my laptop, as you all know. Yesterday I found myself contemplating arts and crafts. Yes, arts and crafts. And by that I mean making tee-shirts. *Tee-shirts*.

Actually, they're not a bad idea... I could make myself one or two and wear them to Ohayocon. :D Wouldn't have to dress up!
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Kenya's head hit the mound of fluffy goose feather pillows that littered the headboard of Yuushi's bed. hot smutty oshitaricest? )
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Sonya's Prompts: sprinkler, scraped knee, hose and ending in sex...
Tan wanted Chiquita with Tachibana drugged, and sex.
Well, I skimped on the sex. :P And it's kinda loose and random and stuff but. Whatever.

Title: Take the Blue Pill
Author: K8
Pairing: Chitose/Tachibana
Rating: R for use of illegal substances and a little sex
Summary: Tachibana is a horrible gardener, and Chitose should learn to label things in his medicine cabinet
Disclaimer: Officers you can have the shirt off my back, but this fic is not mine.

It was all an accident, Chitose would tell everyone later.


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