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Yukimura placed his hand over Sanada’s, la la la la )
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Mizuki curled his arms tight around his chest, mizuki is kind of snippy )
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Marui doesn't like the thought of facing down Atobe Keigo on his own. splodey! )

I wonder if you people have a 'Kat Free' filter, just so you don't get spammed by this.
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Minami had to fight not to chew his fingernails. pointless buildup )

Prepare for possible spam flist, IDK.
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It was obvious from the medical reports what was going on. dear god wtf me )
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Jirou knew he was weird. He'd known for a long time, since he was a child. ...uh... he's a little creepy bad touch this time around... damn my Hiyoshi muse )
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Yanagi isn't surprised to see Sengoku Kiyosumi step into the conference room. He could sense the other's loud thoughts the minute Sengoku had stepped into Rikkai's headquarters. ...okay, so Jack had it right. )
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Sengoku wondered if he should call back to the ship or at least check on his comm for a news update. la de da... I still have no idea what I'm planning on doing! )
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"They don't look happy to see you." dead men tell no tales )
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Hiyoshi hadn't been sure what to think of it when Rikkai started to play nice. one day, Hiyoshi will come to life and murder me in my sleep )
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Marui pops a bubble when the St. Rudolph cultists step off their ship. DUN DUN DUN time! )
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Itsuki looks up when Kite walks into the bookstore.I like my bad shoujo pair TT_TT )
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Kirihara stretched when he left the interrogation room. okay, so, basically it's the next day )
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Title: Psychic
Author: [livejournal.com profile] kat8cha
Pairing: Kite/Itsuki, Akutsu/Chinen, hints of others
Rating: R
Warnings: Dub-con (it's actually pretty much non-con but...), kidnapping, character death
Summary: In the future, far far away, Ojii is the leader of a Psychic Organization named Rokkaku. He is killed by a team of assassins, and Rokkaku must battle shady psychics (Hyotei) in order to find the truth.

Part 1 and Part 2.

Just compiled Psychic (the first season SHUT UP THERE ARE NO SEASONS) and posted it at [livejournal.com profile] canonicalamity.

Do you realize that in it's ENTIRETY that first season (NOT A SEASON SHUT UP) is OVER 13 THOUSAND WORDS? I don't write big things. Except for the fact that apparently I do.

Gonna go. Cry now.
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"Is that what I think it is?" Aragaki leaned close to the shining ball. I STILL DUNNO WHAT'S HAPPENING )


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