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The glitter of the stars barely filtered through the dense foliage of the forest and certainly did not reach the ground below. because it's not my fic unless Rokkaku shows up :| )
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The truth was he had never been a very good occultist. stolen dreams and hearts )
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Itsuki looks up when Kite walks into the bookstore.I like my bad shoujo pair TT_TT )
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Title: Hair Today
Pairing/Characters: Davide, Bane, Ryou, Itsuki (pairings if you squint)
Rating: PG-13 (for naked boys)
Warnings: (if any) ...none.
Disclaimer: Not mine! And if Konomi ever writes a scene like this I think we'll all nosebleed to death.
Summary: Davide reveals a beauty secret when he showers.
A/N: Written for Miundel @ Rokkaku Chu

Rokkaku's school showers had very little water pressure, Had no idea what I was doing )
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Itsuki had a panic button, he did, it wasn't wired to anything impressive, but it would instantly alert Davide and Aoi. SH-SH-SHUT UP I LIKE M BAD SHOUJO COUPLE CRY. )
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When it came down to it, Itsuki was really greatful that Ojii had hidden away all of his assets. ITTCHAN )
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Kite chuckled and wrapped his arms around Itsuki's chest, trapping Itsuki against him.short! but I was pressed for time )


Jan. 8th, 2009 03:47 pm
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Dragging Hiyoshi through Hyotei's building had been a pain in the ass. 2 for the price of 1 )

Aoi and Davide had been the closest when he heard Itsuki's shout, it's been a while )
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Two figures move inside the apartment, masculine silhouettes against the backlit window. Ihappy birthday kite! )
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Ittchan is squirming and Saeki can't help but find it cute.
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Itsuki stretched, bending down to touch his toes. :D really, Itsuki's a ninja. No, seriously. )
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Kite did not bother to look up when Kai entered the room.
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Kite stroked a hand through Itsuki’s hair, enjoying the way Itsuki shifted into the touch before Itsuki shifted away.
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“By the power of the beach…”
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Kite stood on the wrong side of the door, his hand curled around the door knob behind his back.
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Title: Kite-sensei
Author: [personal profile] kat8cha
Rating: R
Pairing: Kite/Itsuki
Disclaimer: I own nothing, I know nothing, I am lower than the dirt on Konomi-sensei's pant's cuff.
Summary: People change. Though often not as much as you would think.

The physical changes since middle school were minimal.
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“…it’s a baby.” Kite stared at the lump of pink and drool in Itsuki’s arms.
kite could so be pwned by a baby )


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