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The strikes came out of nowhere.
 not from nowhere )
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Watching the meet-up of Japan's best tennis players was always like watching a pissing contest. The dicks came out and people started wagging them. )
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Yukimura placed his hand over Sanada’s, la la la la )
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Kirihara stretched when he left the interrogation room. okay, so, basically it's the next day )
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Yukimura picks up a photo off of Yanagi's desk. set in tank AU, no really. )
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Niou stretched out on Sanada's bed, watching the other teenager study. finishing larbs requestion finally )
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Niou tugged at Sanada's hair, pulling the taller man down into a heated kiss. gay penguins )
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Niou had primarily managed to get through the day without any of the girls offering him presents bursting into tears. happy birthdaaaaay Niou )
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"So?" Yukimura looked at Yanagi and Sanada from his position on the couch. to get to threesome or kitsuki I need more plot... damn that plot )
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Kirihara had been skittish most of the day. For one thing, it was his birthday, and Niou had made sure to leak the information to his fan clubs and so all these girls had been mobbing him. BIRTHDAY LAPS )
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Dressed in a comfortable pair of nice pants and a loose slightly unbuttoned white dress shirt, Kirihara dresses for the office! )
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The smoke from Yanagi's incense made Yukimura feel sleepy. a little Yuki backstory! )
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"Hmmmm." Yanagi and Sanada rubbed against each other, the soft cloth of their Rikkai jersey's making a faint slightly zippery sound, or maybe faintly snake-like rustling. ...mwuhah- dammit Yuki's not evil enough. )
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When Niou broke out his needle and thread, it was generally assumed he was up to no good. if this doesn't work I'll be pissed )
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"What's that?" Kirihara peeked over Marui's shoulder. Happy birthday big guy... and LJ )


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