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The strikes came out of nowhere.
No, not from nowhere, not really, Sanada breathed heavily and leaned forward, his chains catching him and holding him up. Another strike, liquid fast, and it took considerable willpower not to scream. The room had been dark before the blindfold was wrapped around his eyes, now it was liquid night and the sensations of each strike were intensified. Sanada felt every cool draft over his skin, he heard the whistle of the flogger and felt each drop of sweat that slid down his back.
"How many was that?"
Sanada licked his lips but managed not to answer. He had not been given permission to speak yet. Not to speak, or scream, or moan.
"Twenty-seven." Renji was to his right and closer than Sanada had guessed. That was Renji, though, able to stand so close and be so silent.
"Two to grow on." Yukimura laughed and stroke a cruel finger over the striped skin of Sanada's back. "Oh my, that looks painful doesn't it." A thin arm wrapped around his waist, the front of Yukimura's buttoned shirt pressed against his back and a hand wrapped around Sanada's dick.
"Renji, take care of this, will you?"
Renji did not respond verbally, instead stepping up to Sanada and dropping to his knees silently. Cool finger ghosted over his knees, his thighs, over the grip Yukimura had on his penis and then once Yanagi had steadied himself a hot mouth descended.
Yukimura stepped back as Renji set about licking and sucking Sanada, there was a snapping noise and then two wet fingers slipped easily between Sanada's legs, probing at his already prepared hole. The buttons of Yukimura's shirt continued to torture Sanada when his master leaned close to whisper in his ear.
"You can make noise now, Genichirou, but no screaming, okay?"

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