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Osaka was where the revolutionary new eye clinic was. kind of lame. )
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Chitose had been very careful with Tachibana's birthday brownies. happy b-day bananananana san )
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"So," Chitose lay on top of Tachibana, sweaty chest to sweaty back. banananana? )
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"…didn't you quit tennis?" Tachibana asked, nonchalantly sidling up to Chitose. really don't have a good cut text for this. )
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"Have you ever noticed that captain's have unusual relationships with their geniuses?" b/c it's totes true )
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Tachibana fought to maintain a stoic face while he ripped open one of the muffin packages with his teeth. where Tori's txts get to be Chitose for once! )
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Chitose lazily poked through his selection of chocolates, fudges, caramels, and the occasional chocolate covered insect.to Shroud, who I have tortured again and again and yet she still puts up with me )
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"Your legs," Shiraishi starts off, which is always a bad sign. hairy legs + yukata? XD all yours )
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“…” Chitose lazily scratched his lower leg.
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“Bubblegum.” Chitose warily raised his head from where it had been resting quite comfortably in the crook of his arm. nomnomnom )
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Shiraishi adjusted his computer so it was at the perfect level.getting back into their swing )
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Shiraishi watched Tachibana shoo the doe-eyed younger boy away.
awkward! )
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Shiraishi was sitting down in one of the chairs lining the university halfway when his pocket vibrated.
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Chitose frowned down at the white stick thing. It kind of looked like a thermometer. .
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Caller ID was a funny thing, Chitose thought as he stared down at his ringing phone.


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