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Drop me a line if you want~~~ ^^ fic archive )
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5 AM and the alarm blares once, a harsh buzz, before an uncoordinated hand slams down on the snooze button.

5:15 the radio starts up. Talk radio, the news. Clint rolls out the opposite side of the bed and hits the floor with a thump.Read more... )
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Dick's words (more angry rebuttals) blah blah )
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5 times someone mentioned Wally's flirting was out of line and 1 time he caught on
(No, I don't support calling Wally a sexual harrasser, I just wrote this fill)

"Dude." Robin pulled Kid flash aside by his elbow. Kid Flash looked longingly at the redhead )
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Clint's never felt more vulnerable than he does right now. I wrote MARVEL porn?! O_o )
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Connor walked on silent feet across the rooftop before he carefully climbed over the side and dropped onto a window ledge.assassin connor piece I never posted for Rasha )
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He had a thing for red.film noir enough? )
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Tim's lips are tingling. tingle tingle! )
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Some days Dinah had to wonder what costume designers actually thought about superheroes, porn? )
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Steph stared into the mirror as the final touches were put on her outfit and the Two's stepped back. alice like dystopia for my au bingo! )
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The crew Roy ran with hadn't been born privileged, but then again neither had he. more of weird villainverse )
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Connor crouched, hidden, on the fire escape at the end of the alleyway. talking to Rasha LEADS to things )
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Even though they were the Justice League International there were enough Americans on the team that Thanksgiving just had to be celebrated. I give thanks for... Boostle! )


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