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5 AM and the alarm blares once, a harsh buzz, before an uncoordinated hand slams down on the snooze button.

5:15 the radio starts up. Talk radio, the news. Clint rolls out the opposite side of the bed and hits the floor with a thump.

5:25 and he drags himself onto his hands and knees, bad mouthing the invisible talking heads. He keeps up a running disparagement as he collects his clothes for the day and falls into his bathroom. The shower is quick, efficient, barely long enough for the water to turn from lukewarm to temperate before he turns it off and grabs his toothbrush.

5:45 he’s showered, shaved, brushed his teeth, gelled his hair and put on his clothes. He turns off the radio (not without one more run-on sentence about what he thinks of today’s news) before he walks into the kitchen. His coffee maker sits unused, the clock on it blinking a useless 12:00, and last night’s dinner dishes sit in the sink. He grabs pre-prepped breakfast from the fridge and eats it in a few bites on his way to the elevator.

6:00 he’s on the road on his way to S.H.I.E.L.D.’s headquarters. Early morning traffic buzzes and honks around him and he ignores it, the hum of the bike between his legs the only noise he cares about.

6:30 Clint greets with a smile. Maria Hill tosses a look over her shoulder at him as he passes her haranguing a junior agent. He tosses a rude gesture over his own shoulder at her. It’s how they work, she thinks he needs to shape up (but secretly she has a soft spot for him, really) and he thinks she needs to defrost (but would risk life and limb for her anyway).

7:00 he’s on the archery range.

9:00 and Clint is chatting amiably with Natasha while they spar.

9:15 he makes a comment about her ass.

9:16 he’s on the mat gasping for air.

10:05 Clint gets started on paperwork. The Avengers Initiative does not run on good press alone and Clint fumbles his way through a few ridiculously convoluted forms before he stuffs them into a folder and seeks help.

10:15 finds him curled up with his back pressed to Coulson’s desk. The office is missing one Philip Coulson but Clint judges from the recently depleted coffee cup in the trash (still faintly warm) that he only just missed the man.

11:00 his paperwork lies in an arc around his position, the wall in front of him is dotted with uncurled paperclips and several pried out staples.

11:23 several junior S.H.I.E.L.D. agents run screaming after an unprovoked rubber band attack originating from the ceiling in front of Coulson’s office.

11:32 Natasha has joined him.

12:50 they abandon their post in the ceiling to search for edibles in the cafeteria. They take the elevator shaft down three floors. Clint nods at Ursala from R&D on the way down.

1:30 they abandon their half-eaten lunches to ‘assemble’.

4:08 he leans his forehead against S.H.I.E.L.D.’s shower facilities and attempts to wash plaster out of his hair. He forgoes the gel afterwards.

5:00 he knocks on the door to Coulson’s office.

5:02 Coulson hands him a file folder full of his paperwork.

5:05 Clint has backed Coulson into his office, hands in Coulson’s hair, lips pressed firmly against Coulson’s own.

5:06 the back of Coulson’s knees hit his desk.

5:08 Clint’s knees hit the floor.

5:34 Clint leaves Coulson’s office with his hair mussed, his paperwork tucked under one arm. Coulson follows a few minutes after him.

5:50 they make out like teenagers in the back of Coulson’s Acura.

6:15 Clint changes into sweats and a t-shirt, eyes glued to the scars on Coulson’s back.

6:23 he starts dinner.

7:00 they curl up on the couch to watch a movie. Clint keeps an ear out for the timer, he rests his head against Coulson’s shoulder, Coulson wraps a loose arm around his waist.

7:10 they tuck into a late dinner. Clint leaves the dishes to soak in the sink.

9:40 they finish the movie. Clint and Coulson begin to clean up.

9:43 Coulson teases Clint about yesterday’s dirty dishes.

9:50 Clint whips Coulson in the ass with a rolled towel.

9:51 a splash war begins.

10:01 they make out on the slicked up floor of Clint’s kitchen.

10:03 complaining about back aches they move it to the bedroom.

10:05 Coulson’s tie hits the ceiling fan thanks to Clint’s perfect aim.


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