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For [livejournal.com profile] lyuna.

"Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiizuo-kun!" Nothing good could ever come of his name being shouted like that. A vein throbbed in Shizuo's head and he ripped a street sign out of the ground before he turned to face that flea.oh god did you think I'd actually write porn? )
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In order to support his life with Saki, Rika's reward for finishing her fic )
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They aren't the type of people to talk about their relationship.tease tease tease )
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It's not true that Kasuka is emotionless. ruri and kasuka fun times )
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The emotional spectrum is such a difficult concept to understand. anri masturbation )
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Kururi's breasts are so soft and so warm. yes, yes, I suck at lesbian porn )
Izaya's cock is hot and heavy on Kadota's tongue. dedicated to... IDK )
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They don't sleep together often. In fact, they sleep together rarely. WHY DO YOU NOT WANT THIS TO POST LJ )
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Meme I saw while... wandering around looking for pr0nfic at 3:30 in the morning.

No, I'm not secretly a man dammit

When you see this, post an excerpt from as many random works-in-progress as you can find lying around. Who knows? Maybe inspiration will burst forth and do something, um, inspiration-y.

wherein kadota and shizuo do not discuss their relationship )

AU take on how the fight between the dollars and the Y. scarves could go down )

where everyone is living in sin but no one minds - still drrr )

khr 10018 and 8018 that I was gonna write for the kink meme... )

Star Trek - I should watch Casablanca again so I can finish this AU )

Dino as a Girl AU... where eventually there would have been garter snapping )

It's actually surprisingly... texty. I obviously hadn't gotten bored with it before I... got bored and stopped writing.

some random detective au, shut up I like my Fuji's in drag )

ancient Shimon family tradition, he who beats 'the cloud' marries her. poor dino didn't realize this... )
OBVIOUSLY written before the latest chapters.

D18... mystery guest fic that hasn't progressed sadly. )

You have to admit the idea of Dino giving Hibari sex ed talks is laugh out loud hilarious.

fantasy au where shouichi is cursed with the good fortune to be doomed to fall in love with a man who is powerful enough to destroy the world (are you lost yet?) )

kamen rider decade/bloody monday crossover, aka kamen rider falcon )

as I doubt any of you have read corambis... )

That reminds me, I should totally see if Corambis is in soft cover now so I can order it and OWN it and thus HAVE it... so I can re-read it and actually finish. XD The hard thing about writing fic for books is that I feel the need to try for the right TONE... and my tone does not match the exquisite tone of the Doctrine of the Labyrinth series.

ohtori/hiyoshi/kirihara angel/devil AU )

future fic where taka is married with children and fuji is the... gay uncle who kind of hangs around )

Yuuta has kids too in that AU but he's... you know, Yuuta. He feels like Fuji undermines his authority as a parent.

I... I still want to write this, I just dk where it would go )

It should be noted that for every WIP I posted there's at least 1 more that I didn't... and about 5 different ideas in my head of how this story or that could have gone. And let's not even get started on the random original fic snippets...
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Kida likes to protest, it's one of those things he does. protests too much )
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Title: Shadowy Dealings
Author: K8
Rating: M for Mature
Fandom: DRRR!
Pairings: Celty/Shizuo, Celty/Shinra, Celty/Mika, Celty/Anri
Summary: It's different with each of them, but for Celty it's often the same.
A/N: Kink meme fill, PWP.

warning, shadowy sexytimes ahead )
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25 Things Yumasaki And Karisawa Are Not Allowed To Do

feel free to add to the list in the comments! )
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He knows better than to approach Kida Masaomi on his own. I will now think of Kida as Narsil. )
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Yagiri Namie / Kida Masaomi / coffee and cigarettes

They both have their vices. cigarettes = only cool in fiction )
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Thank you DRRR! Prompt generator!

Kadota Kyohei / Orihara Izaya / hard to say i love you

It wasn't true that they never said 'I love you'. I love you~ I really love you~ )
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It wasn't every day that Kadota was called by a frantic Yumasaki and pleaded with to come over to the rathole apartment that he shared with Karisawa. I wish I had a Dotachin. )
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Title: Motto Motto Moe!
Author: ...duh
Fandom: DRRR!!!
Pairing: hints of Shizuo/Dotachin, Izaya/Dotachin, Otaku Van
Rating: PG
Summary: Kadota gets glasses and suddenly it's megane fever!
A/N: Kink Meme Fill. I actually still want to write Chikage/Dotachin but I know NOTHING ABOUT HIS CHARACTER. (Cry.) I also didn't really want to write Shizuo/Dotachin but that was the way the people on the meme were leaning so... In my head I was going to write Everyone/Dotachin and have all these entertaining scenes even with Celty and Kida...

When he was younger his mother had always told him that reading in the dark would make him go blind. didn't your mother? )


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