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For [livejournal.com profile] lyuna.

"Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiizuo-kun!" Nothing good could ever come of his name being shouted like that. A vein throbbed in Shizuo's head and he ripped a street sign out of the ground before he turned to face that flea.oh god did you think I'd actually write porn? )
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They aren't the type of people to talk about their relationship.tease tease tease )
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Title: Shadowy Dealings
Author: K8
Rating: M for Mature
Fandom: DRRR!
Pairings: Celty/Shizuo, Celty/Shinra, Celty/Mika, Celty/Anri
Summary: It's different with each of them, but for Celty it's often the same.
A/N: Kink meme fill, PWP.

warning, shadowy sexytimes ahead )
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There are a few people that Kadota Kyohei would never want to face head on in a fight. I hope everyone realizes that I often just write to write and not to make sense )
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They say that idiots don’t catch colds; Shinra supposes that such a thing might be true. so basically I should not be allowed near word ever )
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Title: Eggs on the Sidewalk
Fandom: Durarara!
Pairing: Izaya/Shizuo
Rating: R
Summary: ...PWP, rough sex between the two. Izaya loves humans, but not Shizuo.
A/N: Why are kink memes the only way I get into new fandoms?

let the punishment fit the crime )


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