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After the debacle of his birthday last year, and the party two years ago, Hiyoshi was actually looking forward to a nice quiet birthday this year. happy birthday Hiyoshi. )
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It was hard to top Koharu's gift of the life sized naked cut-out of Momoshirou....what, it was! )
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Osaka was where the revolutionary new eye clinic was. kind of lame. )
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Yuuji wasn't really expecting much for his birthday. well, it's not Koharu jumping out of a cake )
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Chitose had been very careful with Tachibana's birthday brownies. happy b-day bananananana san )
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"So," Chitose lay on top of Tachibana, sweaty chest to sweaty back. banananana? )
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"…didn't you quit tennis?" Tachibana asked, nonchalantly sidling up to Chitose. really don't have a good cut text for this. )
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"…" Shiraishi looked around. ...oh c'mon, that's totally Koharu's Hyotei Chant. )
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Yuuji might be the one who was emotionally invested (some would say obsessed), but it was Koharu who always initiated things.As much as the anime just portrayed him as 'the man'... )
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"Have you ever noticed that captain's have unusual relationships with their geniuses?" b/c it's totes true )
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Tachibana fought to maintain a stoic face while he ripped open one of the muffin packages with his teeth. where Tori's txts get to be Chitose for once! )
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Title: Letters to my Lover (part 1?)
Author: Kat8cha
Fandom: PoT
Pairing: Koharu/Hitouji
Rating: PG-13 for Koharu
Summary: Koharu writes Yuuji a letter from camp, detailing just what's been going on

hello modder, hello fadder, here I am at... camp grenader )
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Chitose lazily poked through his selection of chocolates, fudges, caramels, and the occasional chocolate covered insect.to Shroud, who I have tortured again and again and yet she still puts up with me )
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Title: The Super Ugly Duckling
Author: K8
Pairing: Koharu/Yuuji
Rating: PG
Summary: Koharu was never the PRETTIEST guy around, so he developed a defense mechanism
A/N: In honor of Koharu's b-day and Mellybean's persistence.

"Koharu-kun, it's not because you're ugly." mmph )
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"Your legs," Shiraishi starts off, which is always a bad sign. hairy legs + yukata? XD all yours )


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