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For [livejournal.com profile] melohneee. I did my best, sweetheart!

It's both harder and easier to meet up in senior high than it was in junior high. Read more... )
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After the debacle of his birthday last year, and the party two years ago, Hiyoshi was actually looking forward to a nice quiet birthday this year. happy birthday Hiyoshi. )
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Title: It's My Party
Author: Kat8cha
Pairing: Various/Hiyoshi
Rating: R (fairly PG up until the end XD)
Summary: It's Hiyoshi's birthday, and he's not really into the whole 'celebrating' thing. Unfortunately for him, everyone else is.Half and hour to spare! )
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Zaizen made a face as Kenya slurped up his chow main.
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Title: ________ Horribly lazy and don't feel like finding out
School: Shitenhouji
Rating: PG
Summary: Shitenhouji cuteness
Downloads: MF

Read more... )
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No matter how tempting it was to sigh in resignation Zaizen refused to do it. It was tough keeping from sighing as he approached the crouched form of his former captain. "Senpai." Zaizen addressed Shiriashi, waiting for a signal that the other had heard him. Receiving none Zaizen tried again, a little louder, in the hope that Shiraishi would hear him through the headphones this time. Shiraishi apparently did because he tugged the headphones down to hang around his neck and glanced up at Zaizen with an exasperated expression.

"Senpai, what are you doing?" Zaizen couldn't help the small pissy edge that crept into his tone of voice. Shiriashi was after all crouching down in the tennis clubroom, which was no longer *Shiraishi's* clubroom, with some sort of electronic device and headphones. Zaizen had to lock up, and he wanted to get started on his math homework because algebra was kicking his ass.

"Hunting." Shiriashi replied, like the answer was so obvious. Zaizen felt his eye twitch. This must be why Baniara-senpai kept his mouth shut. Feeling that he had fulfilled his obligation to answer Zaizen Shiraishi reached for his headphones again.

Zaizen curled his hands into fists. He wasn't about to grab his former captain, even if Shiraishi was freakishly irritating. "Hunting what senpai?" Zaizen refused to glance at the handheld electronic Shiraishi was apparently using to hunt… whatever or whoever he was looking for.

"Wabbits." Shiraishi stated with a smirk.

Zaizen blinked. Was that English? Wabbits… rabbits? Zaizen's frustration grew when Shiriashi laughed and waved his bandage wrapped hand in the air. "Don't you watch any American cartoons Zaizen?"

"No." Zaizen stayed away from all things American. He knew Chitose-senpai read a lot of English books about overthrowing the government. At least Kenya-senpai said he did. Besides English had obviously warped Shiraishi-senpai, and that was reason enough to stay away.

"It's a Bugs Bunny reference, look him up sometime." Shiriashi tucked the greenish black box into his satchel, which Zaizen did not almost think of as a man purse. Standing Shiraishi clapped Zaizen on the shoulder. "If Koharu and Yuuji ever show up tell them I'm looking for them okay?"

Zaizen grimaced. If Shiraishi was looking for the stupid doubles pair and couldn't find them it was obvious to anyone with half a brain that Konjiki-senpai and Hitouji-senpai had found a new 'hiding spot' to do perverted things to eachother.

"Awww!" Konjiki-senpai leered from the doorway, Zaizen spun and knew from the look in Konjiki-senpai's eyes that he'd been standing there for a while. Zaizen was surprised he hadn't noticed though, he usually picked up on when Konjiki-senpai was leering at him. "Did you call us rabbits because we fuck like bunnies?" Konjiki questioned in English.

Zaizen wrinkled his nose. He was sure Konjiki-senpai had just said something perverted, but it was in English and Zaizen didn't know many English words. Shiraishi-senpai was grinning widely though so Zaizen felt assured whatever Konjiki-senpai had said was gross.

"Ew, senpai."
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Title: the inhumanity of love
Author: K8
Pairings: Koharu/Hitouji, Chitose/Shiraishi, Kenya/Zaizen
Rating: PG
Summary: Koharu and Hitouji are fighting again, Chitose and Shiraishi are cute, and Kenya likes Zaizen despite the bitchiness. AKA - an average day in the lives of Shitenhouji's high schoolers.
Disclaimer: I didn't do it officer. Nope. This is not my pot.
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Title: Rose Garden
Author: K8
Pairing: Errrrrrrrrrrrr Konjiki/Hitouji, Kenya/Zaizen, Shiraishi/Chitose if you squint really hard
Disclaimer: All I own of PoT are the figments of my imagination. They're annoying.
Rating: PG-13 for my being unable to censor myself (though honestly he could be worse. He's just, you know, an assman)
Summary: Zaizen has something to hide, and everyone on Shitenhouji wants to know what.

still don't think this needs a title )
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Title: Similar Tastes
Author: K8
Pairing: Kenya/Hiyoshi & Kenya/Zaizen
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Kenya has a cute grumpy second year at home, and a cute grumpy second year when he visits Yuushi

Kenya's not sure when he becomes a bigger pervert then Yuushi. Well, actually, he's pretty sure Yuushi's a bigger pervert still, but what Kenya has become is a tried and true player. more development of this idea needed, threesome hotness possibly )
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“I,” Oshitari Kenya proclaimed, licking the last remnants of his midnight snack from his fingers, “love chocolate.”


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