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PoT - Yukimura/Fuji for [livejournal.com profile] bleufleur, prompt 'evil tea party' from [livejournal.com profile] na_kabai_usu. Sadly, only a smidge of Yuki/Fui, and lots of Mizuki. >> And no pr0n. DAMN YOU BRAIN PRONTOBER DOESN'T END FOR ANOTHER FEW DAYS.

"For the last time," eeeeeeh, my mojoooooo )
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"Is that what I think it is?" Aragaki leaned close to the shining ball. I STILL DUNNO WHAT'S HAPPENING )
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Kirihara was pretty sure that he was getting to Hiyoshi. fun to drink fun to say )
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The bridge was awash with tension, the anxiety and anger almost visible. i have no idea if any of this makes sense )
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The funny thing about time, Niou reflected, was that you really couldn't stop it. a bit depressing )
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Fuji and Oshitari were well known, separately, for being flirtatious. for ann81903! )
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"Why are we here again?" Kai grumbled, not quite low enough to be sotto voce. rock show )
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"That one's mine." Kirihara stated loudly, pointing at the largest present in the room. b/c it's largest, obviously it's best. )
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Atobe stared at the brightly colored and decorated store fronts in frustration. not a lot of shopping. BUT HAPPY HOLIDAYS )
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After the debacle of his birthday last year, and the party two years ago, Hiyoshi was actually looking forward to a nice quiet birthday this year. happy birthday Hiyoshi. )
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"The clairvoyant and his pet shifter were involving themselves again." zomg this series still lives in my brain )
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Chinen held a hand to his ear while Kite spoke to him. piddle twiddle and resolve )
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Kaidoh was mentally reviewing the training schedule for that week when he stepped out of Seigaku.Hiyoshi's had one too many red bulls. )
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Kirihara was pretty used to having pretty girls confess to him at this point. b/c everyone needs a little cross dressing on their b-days )


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