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Minami had to fight not to chew his fingernails. pointless buildup )

Prepare for possible spam flist, IDK.
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Title: Mensural Notation
Fandom: Prince of Tennis
Pairings: Pretty gen, some Kaidoh/Momo, Tomoka/Sakuno, Akutsu/Chinen, Atobe/Kite/Mizuki
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: Not mine!
Summary: AU The Orchestra makes it into the Japan National Symphonic Orchestra Competition, members of the orchestra go about their own lives. (More... exciting than it sounds?)

The orchestra room was an example of symphonic dissonance. srsly, more exciting than it sounds )
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It was tough getting the body to autopsy but the medical examiners were a little better about not puking their guts up at the sight of the mutilated body. I shall call this podkult )
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Dan wasn't the only officer who had lost his lunch (breakfast, dinner from last night, and stomach bile) at the crime scene. futuristic AU! )
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"Is that what I think it is?" Aragaki leaned close to the shining ball. I STILL DUNNO WHAT'S HAPPENING )
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The bridge was awash with tension, the anxiety and anger almost visible. i have no idea if any of this makes sense )
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"Why are we here again?" Kai grumbled, not quite low enough to be sotto voce. rock show )
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Chinen held a hand to his ear while Kite spoke to him. piddle twiddle and resolve )
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The ship was sparkling, *sparkling*, when Sengoku made his way back to it. millions of peaches, peaches for me )
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Hiyoshi twisted away from Akutsu, his stomach aching and his ribs feeling like they were beginning to bruise. ...you know, statistically, I think Piyoshi gets beaten more than any other of my chars )
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Yanagi was waiting in the waiting room (appropriately named) when he saw Yamabuki's cast and crew walk in. YANAGI SENSES SOMETHING UP! )
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Dan had been sitting at a News Café, watching streaming tickets of reports from around the galaxy, when he heard it. YAY! )


Muromachi was used to noise, the noise of Yamabuki's ship had been replaced with the noise of Rikkai's moon base, and Muromachi's repair shop was never silent. i love Muromachi. Even if he's blind. )
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Sengoku lifted his arms in the air, then bent them so that his hands rested on the back of his neck, his elbows flapping in the air like fleshy antennae. blah, Kirihara seems wildly OOC )
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The first thing Akutsu did once his baby was docked and locked was tell Dan to do the run down.aaaaaaah, Akutsu, your cursing makes me feel like a better person. )
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Minami looked out the view port at the approaching moon base.what? what is this? A FAMILIAR UNIVERSE?! )
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"I'm drink…" Minami paused, his eyes crossing slightly as he looked down at the half empty beer can in his hand. drunken snuggly Minami for Mel. )


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