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Author/Artist: [livejournal.com profile] kat8cha
For: [livejournal.com profile] crystalusagi
Title: L'élégance du hérisson
Characters: Yagyuu, Niou, brief Yanagi and Marui
Rating: PG-13 for referenced violence mentioned sex at the end
Summary: Yagyuu is alone after the war and he finds Niou is likewise
Warnings: Violence, vampires, steam punk, limb loss (apparently I didn't warn for that and I should have.)
Disclaimer: Not mine, totally Konomi’s, the titles is stolen from Maurice Baurby.
A/N: Written for the [livejournal.com profile] switching_it_up exchange, for [livejournal.com profile] crystalusagi

Yagyuu was in many ways not a clockwork man. Every Morning... )
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tenipuri, niou/marui "I can't get enough of you" for [livejournal.com profile] drrrtypop

...wait a minute, Rika that's another RP journal. :| RIKA THIS IS CALLED TRICKING ME. /is trying to be nice. Ah well. Already wrote it.

Kisses, soft and wet, tasting like apple bubblegum, cinnamon, rice, soy sauce. R ...also, the kisses don't taste like that all at once )
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Yukimura placed his hand over Sanada’s, la la la la )
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"Ah." Byakuran smiled when the white haired man entered the room. for kedi_kedi )
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Niou stretched out on Sanada's bed, watching the other teenager study. finishing larbs requestion finally )
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The funny thing about time, Niou reflected, was that you really couldn't stop it. a bit depressing )
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Niou tugged at Sanada's hair, pulling the taller man down into a heated kiss. gay penguins )
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“Cold.” Niou stuttered, stuffing his regulation Rikkai gloved hands into his Rikkai winter jacket. happy holidays iceshade! )
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It did not take a lot to convince Yagyuu it would be a good idea to put on a nativity play with the Rikkai hand puppets. Jackal plays a Camel )
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Niou had primarily managed to get through the day without any of the girls offering him presents bursting into tears. happy birthdaaaaay Niou )
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Niou lay on his stomach in the Sanada family dojo, his tank top rucked up and his stomach pressed against the cool wood floor.toadstone )
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Niou tapped at the glass separating the Hyotei psychic from their viewing room. Yagyuu says NO! )
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Kirihara was one grumpy, sweaty, grumpy, pissy little first year. early birthday present )
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The bane to any teenager with a hot sister or a naughty streak they don't want future employees to see is facebook. Read more... )
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Marui flopped down next to Niou on the bus, waiting for them to start up on their ride home. MY WRITING IS SO GENERIC. )
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Dressed in a comfortable pair of nice pants and a loose slightly unbuttoned white dress shirt, Kirihara dresses for the office! )
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Yanagi ground the southernwood up in the mortar and pestle. shananana )


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