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tenipuri, niou/marui "I can't get enough of you" for [livejournal.com profile] drrrtypop

...wait a minute, Rika that's another RP journal. :| RIKA THIS IS CALLED TRICKING ME. /is trying to be nice. Ah well. Already wrote it.

Kisses, soft and wet, tasting like apple bubblegum, cinnamon, rice, soy sauce. Harsh and biting kisses that taste like bright copper pennies. Warm wet bites to the side of his neck, the sensation of his nails puncturing skin.

Whispered exclamations and stuttered stifled moans, danger and adventure, dark corners and abandoned hallways, locker rooms that smell of sweat and rubber tennis shoes, the drip drip drip of a shower not quite turned on off all the way.

Calls to deities, suction, friction, thrusts, sweat dripping down between crevasses, over skin, tears and murmured pleas. Chaffed lips brushing against soft chins, pressed against rough calloused fingers. Long hair white hair, short pink hair, it sticks to the back of a neck, is tangled between fingers, is gripped roughly and jerked, comes loose.

“I just can’t get enough of you.”

Soft words spoken in the dead of night when both of them should be sleeping.

And neither are.

Dried semen crusting on stomachs, filling condoms tied and tossed into the trash, glistening over joined hands or wet, bruised mouths.

“Me either.”


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