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Shouichi had gotten used to seeing black suited men appear in his peripheral vision. his birthday is in a few days and I was hit by inspiration )
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reborn - byakuran/shouichi - set during the new timeline! let's pretend shouichi visits him on that beach. . . for [livejournal.com profile] sunday.


Shouichi held a hand to his face to shade it from the glare of the dying sun. pg-13 )
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He liked to walk on the beach because it gave him the illusion of freedom. spoilers!!! )
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Byakuran watched from the second floor of the underground gambling casino. cry me a river )
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Title: One Look
Author: [livejournal.com profile] kat8cha
Pairing: 10051 (Byakuran/Shouichi)
Summary: Set 5YL, Shouichi sees Byakuran for the first time.
A/N: Written for this request at the Multi Fandom Comment Fic Fest

Twenty year olds are stupid, don't deny it )
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Some days Shouichi wonders why his parents named Byakuran after a flower. BYAKURAN IS A DELICATE FLOWER... and so am I )
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There are people in the past who need to know about the future. SHH I DIDN'T FORGET THE CUT )
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'Irie Shouichi's Crush is…' haru/shouichi )
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Byakuran had always resisted cheesy shows of power. superheroes! )
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There's a distinctive sound to the jangle and swish of a pair of dress pants when they are unzipped and hanging loosely around jerking hips. depressing porn why )
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Title: Blood Red Orchid
Author: K8
Pairing: Byakuran/Shouichi
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: Not mine to own or rent or really to do anything with.
Summary: Irie Shouichi mixes magic and metal, Byakuran Gesso is a vampire who is more than he appears.
A/N: This was SUPPOSED to be a drabble.

Shouichi felt nauseous as they traversed the bumpy streets of whatever city they were traveling through. they're in Cleveland )
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Reposted from my 3,333rd post.

Shouichi shaded his eyes from the bright midday light, wishing once again that he had worn a hat. Byakuran is brighter than the sun )
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The thing about repressed memories is that they're only repressed.fuzzy dream logic! )


Byakuran dreams a dream of a locked door that is really a metaphor for a million locked doors.more fuzzy dreams and bs psych )
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"Two lovers destined solely for each other are already dead: they die of ennui, of the slow agony of a love that feeds on itself." - Simone de Beauvoir (via Lin's AIM status)

Each beat of Shouichi's heart drew him closer to death. let's dedicate this to... Lin. )
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Hibari could care less about the Millefiore and their plan to take over the world, or this silly little plot to save the world. I HAVE NOT READ THIS WEEKS SPOILS. I KIND OF REFUSE. )
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Byakuran's laughter was cut short when he noticed the relatively small metallic object being rolled into the area. I swear, Shouichi's either evil, or off fetching the ultimate weapon )
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Title: White Paint
Author: Me
Fandom: KHR
Pairing: Mukuro/Shouichi hints of others
Rating: PG/PG-13
Summary: Mukuro does not quite fit in the real world, but he can fit himself anywhere in the land of dreams

Mukuro does not have the memories of a future ten years in the making. Mukuro alone was left behind when the Vongola travelled to the future )


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