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Shouichi had gotten used to seeing black suited men appear in his peripheral vision. his birthday is in a few days and I was hit by inspiration )
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Byakuran watched from the second floor of the underground gambling casino. cry me a river )
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Byakuran had always resisted cheesy shows of power. superheroes! )
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There's a distinctive sound to the jangle and swish of a pair of dress pants when they are unzipped and hanging loosely around jerking hips. depressing porn why )
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The thing about repressed memories is that they're only repressed.fuzzy dream logic! )


Byakuran dreams a dream of a locked door that is really a metaphor for a million locked doors.more fuzzy dreams and bs psych )
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Hibari could care less about the Millefiore and their plan to take over the world, or this silly little plot to save the world. I HAVE NOT READ THIS WEEKS SPOILS. I KIND OF REFUSE. )
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"Ah." Byakuran smiled when the white haired man entered the room. for kedi_kedi )
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Byakuran's laughter was cut short when he noticed the relatively small metallic object being rolled into the area. I swear, Shouichi's either evil, or off fetching the ultimate weapon )
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Title: White Paint
Author: Me
Fandom: KHR
Pairing: Mukuro/Shouichi hints of others
Rating: PG/PG-13
Summary: Mukuro does not quite fit in the real world, but he can fit himself anywhere in the land of dreams

Mukuro does not have the memories of a future ten years in the making. Mukuro alone was left behind when the Vongola travelled to the future )
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Genkishi knew that his day was shot straight to hell when he noticed the repeat offender sitting in the back of the room. ...au! )
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"No, Byakuran-san," Shouichi took a step back from the doorway. does that sound ominous? ...it's not. :D )
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Title: Birthday Surprise
Author: Kat8Cha
Pairing: 10051
Rating: PG (...shocker)
Summary: Shouichi's at college, and good friends with a weird, touchy Italian who likes to give expensive presents. Surely he knows better than to think his birthday will pass unnoticed.

Shouichi hadn't been expecting much for his birthday. okay, maybe he doesn't know better )
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Wings of sky flame scorch Byakuran's shoulders and singe the leaves off low hanging branches. still working through all this )
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The voices had been panicked. Panicked, and crazy, and painful. teenkuran! )


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