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Irei liked them small, he liked them big, he liked them muscular, or skinny, or with just enough baby fat that their cheeks were just utterly pinchable. yuh huh. JUU THIS SUCKS )
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Shirota probably should have expected the phone call, though he was still surprised when it came. just some random shiroai )
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Kotani slammed his hands on the wall behind Hiroya, pressing the shorter man up against it.
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Title: Unthinkable
Author: Kat8Cha
Pairing: Shirota/Aiba (a few other pairings)
Rating: PG
Summary: Aiba and Shirota meet up while shopping, and Shirota confesses he will be attending the Rikkai Second Match preformance later that night.
A/n: Dedicated to [profile] nikihiiragizawa, done with a little help from my sister, and of course, help from Aiba's blog pic
Nikki I hope you enjoy. I'm not quite as happy with this fic as I want to be, I haven't written the boys in anything other then drabbles for so long...
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"Do you know how many calories are in that?"


Kaji!Face: :o
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The rain had made Adachi's eyeliner run, was the first thing Zukki thought as he stood in the door to his apartment.
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Zukki had a habit of singing in the shower, as long as he knew he was alone of course.


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Title: Condom Boxes
Author: K8
Pairing: Endo/Yanagi
Rating: R
Summary: Endo steps into a messy apartment while Yanagi is showering
Disclaimer: You can't OWN real people people. -_- However, Yanagi apparently never closes the bathroom door.

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Title: Hot Pants
Author: Ore-sama
Pairing: ShirotaAiba
Rating: R
Summary: Aiba was wearing something under his pants in one of his recent photo shoots, and Shirota likes the short shorts look on him.

Tadaima! )
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Title: Selfishness
Author: K8
Pairing: Shirota/Aiba, Irei/Aiba, Shirota/Aiba/Irei
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Shirota kisses like a dork, Irei kisses like a professional, and Aiba ends up  caught in between, in love with one and committed to the other.
A/N - this started out as a drabble to [profile] nikihiiragizawa who urged me to finish it. Dedicated to her and Juu-chan.

Under Cut )
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Title: Love Doctor
Author: Me
Pairing: Zukki/Adachi
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Adachi comes to Zukki (Dr. Love) for a talk


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Title: Why Pretty Boys Shouldn't Be Smart
Author: K8
Pairing: Saitou/Shirota/Katou/Kotani/Aiba (in no particular order)
Rating: PG-13
Summary: No one's sure how it all started, but they're pretty sure they should blame Saitou or Aiba.
For [profile] juudenkanryoube glad I love you.

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Did I mention to anyone my Irei photosets from Rokkakkumyu today? WAaaaaaaaaaaa. ~cuddles them~ <333  

Title: Bargain Bin Shopping
Pairing: Shirota/Aiba, squint hard for IreiAiba
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Aiba's hunting for clothes with Shirota, who stumbles on Aiba and his partner in crime.

NIIIIIIIKKI? Am I still missing one for the 12 days?  
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Title: Christmas Present
Pairing: ShiroAi
Rating: PG
Summary: Shirota makes plans to spend Christmas Eve in a special way

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Title: Phone Calls
Pairing: Shirota/Aiba
Rating: PG
Summary: Shirota gets a little upset over a blog pic and nearly misses Aiba-chii Amazing Phone Call Rabu Rabu Love Talk Time!

Clicky )
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Title: Christmas Colors
Author: K8
Pairing: Shirota/Aiba
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Shirota goes a little overboard with his decorations, but he does do somethings right.


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