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Title: medieval!AU currently title less
Pairing: C/C/N
Been writing this up on tumblr, just want to compile it here for right now, unfinished

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Title: The Egg is a Metaphor (1-5/?)
Author: me
Rating: PG
Pairing: Clint/Coulson (currently pre-slash)
Summary: Noir!AU - Phil Coulson is a hard working private detective with a past as bitter as the last dregs of coffee, Clint Barton is a mysterious US Marshall tied up in Coulson's latest case.
A/N: Inspired and being written for a prompt at the Avenger's Kink Meme currently stalled because I suck. Includes cameos by Loki, Jane Foster, Darcy Lewis, Janet Pym (nee van Dyne), and Maria Hill.

In any good film the woman would have come first. Read more... )
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Title: The Blood on our Hands
Author: me
Rating: R
Pairing: Clint/Coulson
Summary: Phil Coulson is a detective hard at work tracking down Clint Barton, a troubled young man on a killing spree. This is their story.
A/N:I blame Dahmer and Dizmo for this verse, one for inspiring it (partly) and one for encouraging it (always). I'd like to make note that I never considered Clint to be a sociopath or a psychopath in this verse, he is not mentally ill and he is fully cognizant of the consequences of his actions. He is however traumatized. Warnings for trauma, death, murder, and past abuse.
Cross-posted from AO3, written originally all on Tumblr.

Blood dripped off of his knuckles )
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Connor walked on silent feet across the rooftop before he carefully climbed over the side and dropped onto a window ledge.assassin connor piece I never posted for Rasha )
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He had a thing for red.film noir enough? )
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Hibari is three-quarters starved by the time they drag him out of the hole Mukuro was keeping him in. ...yaaaaaaaaay )
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Fuji twirled the glass around in his hands. just f*ing around... )
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Kite stroked his fingers through Mizuki's hair, uncurling Mizuki's carefully done curls. Mizuki yadda )
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Minami looked out the view port at the approaching moon base.what? what is this? A FAMILIAR UNIVERSE?! )
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The sea air was salty, the waves were brisk, and Tsuna had never been more glad that he had conquered sea sickness. WHY DO I WRITE PIRATES WHEN I HATE SAILING? )
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Tezuka frowned, zipping up his jumpsuit before turning around. Read more... )


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