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For [livejournal.com profile] melohneee. I did my best, sweetheart!

It's both harder and easier to meet up in senior high than it was in junior high. The last year of junior high, when their relationship began to bloom, Zaizen was the captain of a tennis team with dreams of winning and the most laid back coach that An had ever seen. Swinging 'training trips' to Tokyo was easy since the schools there were top notch and had built a camaraderie with Shitenhouji in the previous year, plus Fudomine would be the school that would be the hardest to beat having kept almost their entire team from the previous year. At the beginning of the year An had been the manager/coach for the team while Zaizen had been competition. Competition that liked to call her on the weekend and ask about her week or talk about his latest music obsession. Juggling the team (she was only a stand-in for her brother and everyone knew it but she was a damn good manager as well), Kamio and Momoshirou's competition over her that strangely excluded her, and schoolwork she had hung up more often than not.

At the beginning anyway.

"Harder." She hissed at him, her hips pressed flush against his and wedged up against the bookshelf. The library was dusty and smelled of old books and faintly of mold. The air was full of the sounds of pages turning, books thunking against wood, and the gentle murmur of people talking while keeping their voices down. An clawed at Zaizen's shoulders when he obeyed her, hips slamming into her again and again and again, his belt and earrings jangled musically on each thrust. An let her head fall back to rest on another shelf, the top of her head bounced against a handful of books, pushed them back far enough that one on the opposite aisle fell over.

Zaizen stuck around for some crazy reason An can't even begin to contemplate. She figures it's the tennis. She has yet to meet a tennis player on the Japan circuit who isn't completely nuts. Hours of hot sun and hitting a bouncing yellow ball and running back and forth on a white lined court… it does something to people. He comes to Tokyo, engages An in conversation, plays against her team. At the end of the year it's Shitenhouji vs. Fudomine and Zaizen, covered in sweat and bleeding from a cut on his cheek, kisses her after Fudomine wins. Kamio goes crazy but An throws her arms around Zaizen's neck and kisses back.

Their first year of senior year it's difficult to get together. They drift apart.

Halfway through the year Oshitari Kenya decides that he needs to take a trip to Tokyo twice a month and to bring Zaizen along. That's the year they discover sex, touching each other under shirts and through pants and skirts. Zaizen slips his hand under the elastic band of An's tennis skirt and fondles her warm sex, An pushes Zaizen's pants down so they hang around his knees and strokes his dick.

It's exciting and dangerous and if they're caught both are aware they'll be in trouble. They keep it quiet.

Quiet becomes a turn on.

An gasps out her orgasm into Zaizen's mouth, clenching around his dick. Zaizen shakes, his shoulders twitching under the bite of her nails, it takes him half a minute to orgasm and he bites her bottom lip when he does. They separate slowly, shakily, she adjusts her clothes, ties and buttons and pulls her panties back into place, he fixes his pants and attempts to get his shirt to look less rucked and wrinkled. The condom is dropped into the trashcan by the stairs and they trade another kiss before heading to the bathroom for quick clean-ups so that when they rejoin their respective study partners no one will ask too many questions.

No one ever wants to mention that they smell like sex.


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