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Otoya/Fujimaru - "If I take the first step, will you push me away?" for [livejournal.com profile] redmoonmurder

Sometimes it seems like the rift between them grows with each passing moment. Pg-13 )
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Meme I saw while... wandering around looking for pr0nfic at 3:30 in the morning.

No, I'm not secretly a man dammit

When you see this, post an excerpt from as many random works-in-progress as you can find lying around. Who knows? Maybe inspiration will burst forth and do something, um, inspiration-y.

wherein kadota and shizuo do not discuss their relationship )

AU take on how the fight between the dollars and the Y. scarves could go down )

where everyone is living in sin but no one minds - still drrr )

khr 10018 and 8018 that I was gonna write for the kink meme... )

Star Trek - I should watch Casablanca again so I can finish this AU )

Dino as a Girl AU... where eventually there would have been garter snapping )

It's actually surprisingly... texty. I obviously hadn't gotten bored with it before I... got bored and stopped writing.

some random detective au, shut up I like my Fuji's in drag )

ancient Shimon family tradition, he who beats 'the cloud' marries her. poor dino didn't realize this... )
OBVIOUSLY written before the latest chapters.

D18... mystery guest fic that hasn't progressed sadly. )

You have to admit the idea of Dino giving Hibari sex ed talks is laugh out loud hilarious.

fantasy au where shouichi is cursed with the good fortune to be doomed to fall in love with a man who is powerful enough to destroy the world (are you lost yet?) )

kamen rider decade/bloody monday crossover, aka kamen rider falcon )

as I doubt any of you have read corambis... )

That reminds me, I should totally see if Corambis is in soft cover now so I can order it and OWN it and thus HAVE it... so I can re-read it and actually finish. XD The hard thing about writing fic for books is that I feel the need to try for the right TONE... and my tone does not match the exquisite tone of the Doctrine of the Labyrinth series.

ohtori/hiyoshi/kirihara angel/devil AU )

future fic where taka is married with children and fuji is the... gay uncle who kind of hangs around )

Yuuta has kids too in that AU but he's... you know, Yuuta. He feels like Fuji undermines his authority as a parent.

I... I still want to write this, I just dk where it would go )

It should be noted that for every WIP I posted there's at least 1 more that I didn't... and about 5 different ideas in my head of how this story or that could have gone. And let's not even get started on the random original fic snippets...
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So I watched Bloody Monday 1-4 with subs today. I have the raw of 5, but I want to wait. Subs have been pretty fast so far!

Anyway... So Falcon's whiny, and Otoya's manning up, and Aoi's been killed, and god knows what's going on with Kanou-san and Third-I. I STILL don't like their new fearless leader. Srsly. He's all smiles and slime, but then I spent half of the first season thinking that Kirishima or Kanou was going to betray Third-I and turn bad.

There is so much Otoya bad touch this season. ORZ.

spoils for up till 4 )
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Title: Trick of It
Author: Kat8cha
Fandom: Bloody Monday
Pairing: J/Otoya/Fujimaru
Word Count: 1,234 (:D)
Rating: PG
Summary: Otoya has learned to pretend not to be looking, but when a man like J reappears, it's hard to pretend.
A/N: [livejournal.com profile] shinigami39, I know it's been over a month since you requested... I AM SLOW. This is also kind of lame. XD

Otoya has learned the trick of it. the trick is... )
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Title: Kamen Rider Falcon (Part 1)
Author: K8
Fandom: Kamen Rider Decade/Bloody Monday
Rating: PG
Pairings: Implied Natsumi/Tsukasa/Yuusuke, implied Fujimaru/Otoya
Summary: Fujimaru is Kamen Rider Falcon, Otoya works for Third I, and J has created the X creatures who attack the city. Tsukasa lands in this universe and sets off to do his thing.

posting what is done so far )
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The hotel room they'd booked was small, with only one bed to share between them. on the inside, J's really not as sexy as he is on the outside )
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He sat with his back to the wall, his knees drawn up to his chest and his arms holding them tightly against his chest. manga verse, what if one of the kidnappings had succeeded? )
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If Otoya had been raised in his place, he would have been the dutiful perfect son. yeah, yeah, yeah. )
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"My head hurts," Otoya excused himself from the party. teases Rikapi )
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Otoya bit down on the white gag in his mouth, squirming uncomfortably. I wanted tied up inteh back of the car sex. )
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To J, this was the ultimate power trip. WARNING. BADTOUCH. )
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When it comes down to it, Aoi can't help but try to insert herself between Takagi and Kujo. Aoi's not jealous, b/c Kujo isn't someone to be jealous of. )


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