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He knows better than to approach Kida Masaomi on his own. No, with a boy that age? With a crowd around him of primarily teenage males? No, the way to go about it is with a girl. A girl is the best way to catch a boy like that. Luckily Izaya has a surplus of sweet girls lying around willing to do just about anything to get into his favor. He thinks though, about what he has heard of Kida Masaomi, and what he has seen. He is careful with his choice. The wrong choice could end all of his plans for Kida, the right choice could make all of his plans come to fruition.

He goes with Saki, sweet Saki. She's fragile in body, but not in mind, and her heart has been strengthened by Izaya's 'love'. She's perfect, the perfect princess in a castle to lead the little white knight astray. There's a resemblance between them as well, a tie. It's perfect, the perfect stepping stone.

It takes a while. Kida does not trust adults and Izaya is old enough to earn this distrust. More than that Kida Masaomi, general of the yellow turbans, is such a smart little brat. Izaya finds himself liking Kida more and more as time goes on. Kida senses something from him, something dangerous, but eventually he's forced to turn to Izaya for help.

It tastes so sweet, almost like victory, and Izaya smiles.

Izaya smiles wider when Kida slowly begins to trust him, to rely on him, to confide in him. It's so easy to twist a little boy around your finger when he wants to be a man. He eases Kida into it, gentle whispers, secrets about Blue Square, plots, and soft touches.

It takes a while but anticipation makes such things better and the effort he puts into it will show in the outcome.

He sleeps with Kida the night before Saki's kidnapping.

Izaya wishes he could have seen Kida's face the minute he realized no help would come. Perhaps next time he should bug Kida's room. Because as sure as Izaya is sure of anything, he is sure he will play with Kida sometime in the future. A sword can be broken.

But it can also be reforged.


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