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The funny thing about this verse is it will NEVER MAKE ANY SENSE TO ANYONE WHO HAS NOT READ THE KUSHIEL NOVELS.

Because I will never bother to actually write out a WHOLE VERSE.

He'd been conceived on a night of magic and sorcery.so yeah, superheroes again )
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Title: Friendly Instructs in the Art of Self Pleasure
Author: Kat8
Pairing: Robin/Superboy, Superboy/Kaldur
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Poor Superboy has never masturbated. Or had an erection. Clearly this must be fixed.
A/N: [livejournal.com profile] yj_anon_meme prompt. The boys, particularly Wally and Dick, but Kaldur should be there too, have to teach Superboy about masturbation.

"You mean you've never-?" supey supey supey )
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Title: Delicacies
Fandom: Young Justice
Rating: G
Summary: Superboy finds out how delicious fast food can be.
A/N: Written for this prompt: After breaking out of Cadmus, Superboy gets to taste food for the first time.
Also, Big Belly Burger, O'Shaugnassy's, soder, and zesti are all made up restaurants and drinks in the DC universe.

It's late, the moon is high and round in the night sky, and all of the side-kicks... )
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Tim's lips are tingling. tingle tingle! )
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Title: have to be carefully taught
Author: Kat8
Fandom: DCAU Young Justice
Pairing: Aqualad/Superboy
Rating: T for Teen
Summary: Superboy thinks about Aqualad and touches himself.
Warnings: PWP, underage? (since he's like, 3 months old...)

The GeGnomes had taught Superboy a lot about the world, but they hadn't prepared him for the real world at all. I like the word GeGnome, also GeTroll )
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Damian is skulking in the background, and gen bat hanging occurs )


He doesn't like Drake. tim sucks! obviously )


Ever since that incident with his grandfather, I totally ship Kon/Damian brofort and they have NEVER MET IN CANON )


It's come to Kon's attentions that Bat's have a tendency to need people. let me be your superman )


Guy simply stares at the plate in front of them. is it food or an alien sex toy? )
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It's come to Kon's attentions that Bat's have a tendency to need people. I'll be the Super to your Bat )
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There were times, rare as they were, that Superboy and Robin weren't fighting. before they realized they were gay for each other... they really did fight a LOT )


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