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The wall was the logical choice.

Tim slammed Kon up against the wall and sunk to his knees. Superboy's fly was child's play and Tim peeled the jeans down to Kon's thighs before bracing himself with his hands on either side of Kon's hips and staring. Both of them were panting hard, from the fight, from both of them holding back and then giving in. Tim's lips are bruised, the bite marks and bruises and scratches on Kon's skin are fading fast, but this, this Tim can make an impact on.

He wraps one gauntleted hand around Kon's dick.

"Geeze." Kon hissed and arched his back. The rough stucco would have scratched anyone else; points were ground to dust under the movement of Kon's shoulders leaving a fine dust over his black t-shirt and bare ass. "Man, Tim, geeze." He cut himself off with a groan when Tim rubbed the rough pad of his thumb over the tip of his erection.

"Don't you ever take your gloves off?"

Tim glanced up at Kon and smirked. "Be glad I took off the cowl."

Then he licked a stripe down the side of Kon's cock and planted a kiss on his balls while continuing to fondle the tip. The string of swear words that tumbled from Kon's lips would have been difficult for someone who had that human vulnerability of needing to breathe, the words kept tumbling as Tim fondled Kon's balls and breathed over them, his lips occasionally brushing cock or balls but never staying for longer than a brief touch while his hands played Kon like a violin.

"C'mon, c'mon, c'mon, please, Tim, is that what you want?" Tim stopped fondling Kon which prompted another string of swear words and looked up at his best friend, the guy he loved, someone who he would die for.

Who he might even kill for, if it ever came to that. It was a scary thought but Tim had come to terms with it.

"I do like the sound of you begging." Tim licked his lips before he placed the lightest of kisses on Kon's erection.



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