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Title: Delicacies
Fandom: Young Justice
Rating: G
Summary: Superboy finds out how delicious fast food can be.
A/N: Written for this prompt: After breaking out of Cadmus, Superboy gets to taste food for the first time.
Also, Big Belly Burger, O'Shaugnassy's, soder, and zesti are all made up restaurants and drinks in the DC universe.

It's late, the moon is high and round in the night sky, and all of the side- teenage heroes should be at home tucked into the beds of their secret identities. Luckily for them their guardians are busy taking care of Cadmus and they have been asked (aka told) to sit on the sidelines and not cause trouble. Kid Flash is twiddling his thumbs while he leans against a lamp pole, Superboy sits on the curb and stares down at his feet looking depressed, Robin is walking up and down the sidewalk on his hands, and Kaldur stands with his arms crossed watching the heroes take care of business. It rankles at all of them (except maybe Superboy who is just brooding) that they're still being treated like sidekicks even though they've totally proven themselves and after they've been given their own team.

"I'm hungry." Kid Flash says, breaking the group's silence.

Robin easily turns his hand walking into a somersault and then straightens his cape. "It is late," Robin checks his little mini-computer and whistles, "man, I should have had dinner hours ago." As if on cue Wally and Dick's stomachs growl. Aqualad smiled slightly and let his hands drop to his sides.

"Why don't we go grab dinner?"

Kid Flash, and Robin exchange glances, then grin at him, Aqualad smiles back before he claps a hand on Superboy's shoulder. "Do you have anything you'd like to eat, Superboy?"

Superboy furrows his eyebrows. "…I… I don't know." His stomach too gives a growl and Superboy glances down at it in surprise. "I've never eaten before, I don't think. I'm pretty sure it was all intravenous at Cadmus…"

Robin tsks and shakes his head. "We'll start something basic then."

"Yeah!" Kid Flash pumps his fist in the air. "A cheeseburger."

Kid Flash scouts out the closest big Belly Burger and they all follow him to it. Superboy asks a few questions about fast food and Big Belly Burger, he knows of it, as it seems Cadmus thought he should have at least the most basic of pop culture references, but he doesn't know what's on the menu. They've convinced Superboy they'll order for him when they enter the restaurant.

It's late, but they have another hour or so until closing time (and Robin gives another thank you to whatever corporate deity decided to keep fast food places open late a Taco Whizz burrito after a hard night of patrol was gold, though Alfred hated that he ate those things) so the BBB is lightly staffed and there is only a handful of people in the restaurant. There are two off-duty police officers and three college students, as well as the counter workers. Kid Flash pushes Robin forward towards the cash registers with a grin. "You're paying."

"One of these days you'll have pockets in your uniform." Robin says as he pulls out a slim wad of bills from his utility belt. "AL, what did you want?"

"I'll pay next time," Aqualad assures Robin while looking at the menu. "I think I'll have my usual." And he nods at the number 1 on the menu. "Medium fries, and a medium regular Soder."

"Oh god, I forgot, no Zesti here." Robin pouts. "Are you guys sure you don't want to go to O'Shaugnassy's?"

"You're the only one who likes Zesti, east coast boy." Kid Flash says, elbowing Robin in the side. "I want…" Kid Flash's stomach gave another growl and he pondered.

"I guess I could get like, ten burgers from the value menu, right?" It was Robin's turn to elbow Kid Flash in the side.

"He wants two number twos, a three, two fives, and then two 8's with barbeque sauce, large fries and large Cherry Soder with all of them." The wide-eyed woman behind the counter plugged that order in and cleared her throat, looking over their shoulders at Superboy who was hovering around a food behind them. "SB? Whatcha want?"

Superboy adjusted his ripped S symbol nervously and everyone who had been staring sucked in another breath. Aqualad gave it two hours before the blogosphere knew all about Superboy's appearance with Kid Flash, Robin, and Aqualad. He gave it until tomorrow morning for the newspapers to catch up however. It'd probably be Lois Lane who pinned Superboy down for a story.

Kaldur shivered. Lois Lane was scary. Even Aquaman had a healthy fear of the woman.

"I…" Superboy fidgeted again. "I'm not really sure."

If Robin hadn't been wearing a mask his eyeroll would have been obvious. "He'll have the number one, and then a number 8. Can I get barbeque and honey mustard with that? And a medium drink. I'm having the number 5, hold the onions. Thanks." Their orders arrived fairly promptly and when they took their seats Kaldur could already see the college students hurriedly texting on their phones. Ah, he'd forgotten about the free wifi, it would probably hit the blogosphere immediately, complete with pictures.

Kid Flash dug into his meal, making sure to slow down so it didn't all disappear at once, and Robin sedately unwrapped his burger. Superboy stared at the chicken pieces and wrapped sandwich in front of him before taking note how everyone else was eating. Echoing Robin and Aqualad he carefully unwrapped his burger…

And took a bite.

"…" Kid Flash, Aqualad, and Robin slowed their own eating as a funny expression came over Superboy's face. At first it looked like his typical confusion, then he was surprised, then he was suspicious, and finally he ended on elated. "Oh my goodness." Superboy took another bite, paused only to chew and swallow, and then another. "This stuff is great!"

Halfway through the burger he set it down and picked up one of the chicken pieces. He paused between deciding which sauce to dip it in before going with Barbeque. He made another moan once the food entered his mouth. "And you guys eat this every day?" Superboy looked up at Aqualad then over at Robin and Kid Flash (who had finished his meals).

"Not every day." Robin stated diplomatically as he took another bite of his own burger. A bit of ketchup fell on his tunic and he wiped it off easily with a napkin. "I mean, this stuff might taste great and it's nice now and then but it's full of oils and fat. Plus Batman would freak at me."

Aqualad watched as Superboy dipped a fry in some ketchup and then stuck it in his mouth with a groan. "In Atlantis I have a fine diet of kelp and plankton, it's only on the surface world that I eat meat." Everyone at the table turned to stare and Aqualad shrunk slightly in his chair. "I can only process meat because my liege and I are both half-Atlantean. Most of our kind are complete vegetarians."

"…that is so sad." Kid Flash says while offering Aqualad a fry he had just stolen from Robin. "I think we should go out for burgers every day, that's how sad it is."

Superboy finished off half of his chicken pieces and then stared forlornly down at his meal, rubbing his stomach. "I think… I think I'm full?"

"You're not used to eating." Robin supposed while Kid Flash stole Superboy's mostly full thing of fries. "Don't feel bad about it," Then Kid Flash stole the last of Superboy's chicken pieces, "we'll train you up and soon you'll eat as much as KF here."

"Oh man," Wally spoke with a mouth half full of chicken and honey mustard, "guys, I just realized. He's never had cookies before."

Robin's face was overly (probably playfully) serious. "A travesty we definitely have to fix."
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