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The strikes came out of nowhere.
 not from nowhere )
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"So?" Yukimura looked at Yanagi and Sanada from his position on the couch. to get to threesome or kitsuki I need more plot... damn that plot )
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"Hmmmm." Yanagi and Sanada rubbed against each other, the soft cloth of their Rikkai jersey's making a faint slightly zippery sound, or maybe faintly snake-like rustling. ...mwuhah- dammit Yuki's not evil enough. )
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Title: Rock, Paper, Scissors
Author: kat8cha
Rating: PG
Other Characters/Pairings: Sanada, Yukimura
Disclaimer: Not mine, not mine, oh holy gods of trademarking, not mine. All rights go to Konomi Takeshi.
Warnings: The title is a very bad pun.
Summary: The summer is warm, the dojo is breezy, and Renji pays too much attention to the way his friend sit.
Notes: Thx to all who listened to me, and especially to T and M who read this over. Written for [livejournal.com profile] mlina a la [livejournal.com profile] willow_lotus .

Yanagi stroked Sanada's pet )
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Yukimura was trying hard not to laugh.
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It is difficult to be the one who watches. goooooooooo away Yanagi muse! )
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“Renji.” Yanagi looked up from his math book. Meeting Yukimura’s eyes Yanagi lifted one eyebrow questioningly.
...Eep )
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Yukimura sighed, his arm flopping next to the fan, turning it on it’s highest setting.  It was so hot… Ever since the summer had started Yukimura had been stuck in a rut, indulging in a month long torpor, only leaving his room to practice tennis or get a drink from the kitchen. Sanada would be coming back from vacation in Okinawa in a day, and the promise of his best friend’s return was tantalizingly close. Renji would not be returning till they were bound to start at Rikkai’s high school, but he would be back early enough that they could set up plans to traumatize their upper class men into obedience.

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Yanagi moved to their neighborhood in the last year of elementary school. Sanada and Yukimura had become close friends at this point and rarely allowed others to play with them. Sanada was at heart very shy, but covered it up by appearing very tough. Yukimura was very possessive, and counted Sanada as ‘his’ friend and so Sanada could not be friends with anyone else. Yanagi was never one to let such trivial things stand in his way.


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