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Watching the meet-up of Japan's best tennis players was always like watching a pissing contest. The dicks came out and people started wagging them. Yanagi, being Yanagi Renji, had no need to suppress a smile simply because he was, well, Yanagi Renji. Getting him to smile was like ice fishing, you had to crack the ice and then get blue balls before you got a prize.

"Do you ever feel like we're watching a pair of flatworms?" Yanagi questioned Sanada, who stood beside him watching Tezuka and Yukimura face off. Since Tezuka had Oishi and Fuji right behind him Yanagi wondered if perhaps they should step up as Yukimura's seconds but their captain seemed to be handling the confrontation well enough.

Sanada turned his head just enough to give Yanagi a look. Yanagi tilted his head forward slightly, just enough for his hair to slip from behind his ears.

"Macaqua, then?"

"…" Sanada adjusted his cap and used the shadow of his arm to hide his mouth as he spoke. "I do not believe that Tezuka is capable of orgasm."

Yanagi scuffed the toe of his shoe on the sidewalk, his silent sign for laughter, and watched Yukimura flip his hair with a simple toss of his head. "Ah, such a shame, I'm sure that Yukimura would have enjoyed attacking him then."

"Mm." Both fell silent when Yukimura turned on his heel and walked their way, neither was surprised when their captain took Sanada's cap off of his head and smacked them lightly with it.

"We're playing street tennis. Genichirou, you're doubles with Niou, Renji, you're playing with me."
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