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Title:Over Here
Fandom: Young Justice
Pairing: Ollie/Roy Dick/Wally
Rating: PG-13
Summary: The closet is smaller, Dick is a sneaky scheming snooper and Wally is along for another ride.
A/N: Title is a purposeful pun alright? Written for this prompt and a sequel to Dropping Eaves

The next time Robin asked him for a favor Wally was going to say no. Especially if that favor was 'hey, Wally, would you mind running over to Gotham-' (already a bad idea, because really, Gotham?!) '-and pick me up and then run me to Star City for an investigation?' And really, the mention of 'Star City' should have clued Wally in because there was only one thing in Star City Robin would want to investigate and wouldn't want Batman to know about it and that one thing would be the two people currently arguing outside of the tiny, tiny, tiny closet he and Robin were now crushed together in.

Roy's closet was about the size of a matchbox which made sense since the apartment was barely the size of a shoebox. Whoever had rented Roy the place must have cackled with glee because Wally doubted it was as clean as it was now when Roy signed the lease. And it wasn't that clean now, there were clothes lying over the place, half taken apart locks and boxes, half built arrows and explosives, a kitchen filled with detritus that was obviously from chemistry experiments and not cooking, and a mattress on the floor covered in scrunched up blankets and pillows.

Roy had next to no furniture and what personal items he had were all in boxes shoved in various parts of the apartment, six of the boxes were stacked, unopened, by the bedroom, three of them were filled with equipment, two of the others had held clothes, and one had held books and knickknacks. No pictures, however, no diary or personal journal for Robin to rifle through and glean facts from. For all that Roy's apartment was a sloppy mess there wasn't much in it to tell them anything about Roy.

"I thought you said he wouldn't be back." Wally hissed into Robin's ear. They were pressed up against each other in this closet with barely enough room for the two of them standing. Jeans and sweatshirts lay ankle deep on the floor and they didn't smell so Wally thought they were clean and he felt a little guilty standing on them.

Robin hushed Wally and pressed his ear against the closet door. Wally rolled his eyes because with the noise Roy and Ollie were making you hardly needed to listen hard.

"What kind of CRAZY stunt do you think you're pulling?!" Green Arrow roared, Wally figured his goatee probably shook with rage when he shouted like that. "DiNozzo's gang? Were you seriously infiltrating-"

"Oh sure, ask a question you already know the answer to!" Roy snapped, there was a thud, Wally wasn't a genius or the greatest detective or a genius teenager trained by the world's greatest detective, but he can recognize a thump when he hears one. If Wally was to venture a guess he'd say it was probably Roy throwing something, maybe the heavy book Roy'd had by his bedside (the Science of Synthesis Houben-weyl Methods of Molecular Transformations Category 5 Compounds With One Carbon-heteroatom Bonds: Organophosphorus Compounds which was probably why Roy had all the cool arrows). It was a pretty heavy thunk. "Why don't you ask me if the sky is blue or the grass is green next?"

"ROY!" And wow, Green Arrow could roar, Wally felt his teeth rattle that time and he bounced against Robin who bounced against the door and then glared at him. "Don't try to derail me! You can't just go undercover without backup in an organization like that!"

"Sure, I can!" Roy shouted back and Wally wondered if any of the neighbors were home. They'd probably be hearing this if they were. Hell, people ten floors down would probably be able to hear the argument. "Look at that! I just did!"

"I'm not going to let you risk your life-"

"It's my life to risk-"

"-because you're too prideful and cocksure-"
"-and it's not your place to- oh sure, bring up my cock why don't you?"

Wally blinked.

Dick blinked too.

"-to ask for- Stop trying to derail this conversation, Roy!"

Wally frowned and scooted a little closer to the door to try and discern the small sounds that… were really overpowered by the sounds of Roy and Ollie shouting. He could hear… shuffling? Maybe. And breathing, except no, that was just Robin.

"It's not a conversation, it's a pissing match, Oliver! And hell, if you decided to come here and piss all over me you might have asked if I was into watersports first!"

Ewwwwwwww. Wally made a face and Robin stifled a snicker. Seriously? He thought the whole Roy and Green Arrow thing was weird before but did they do, like, kinky stuff?

"Roy!" A few muffled thumps, then louder ones, cursing and the sounds of a fight. Oh, wait, they were totally fighting now weren't they. Wally glanced at Robin who shook his head, they weren't to intercede, but it sounded bad. There were kicks being thrown, the thud of fists on flesh, feet on wood, bodies being thrown into things… the whump of a body hitting a mattress, then the wet sounds of…

"Are they kissing?!" Wally hissed angrily at Robin, who quieted him quickly with a hand over Wally's mouth.

"Did you hear something?" Roy's voice was strained.

"Don't try to distract me now." Green Arrow's voice was husky. Wally made a face and licked the palm of Robin's glove which did nothing but make his mouth taste of Kevlar. "Roy…"

More soft thumps, other sounds, heavy breathing and wet, messy kisses. God, they had to really be loud because if you could hear the kissing through the door…

Or, wait.

"Ollie, fuck, Ollie!" Roy's voice was raspy, way too loud, and extremely close to a moan. "Don't, uhn, don't tease you… you old g-… g-god, faster, c'mon, suck me faster!"


Green Arrow's laughter was loud enough that Wally heard it and he flushed, hot and red and extremely uncomfortable, when Roy shouted. How would it feel if someone… Wally had watched a lot of porn, or, well, not a lot, but about as much porn as a normal 15 year old watched, and he was pretty sure no one had laughed during a blowjob. Hummed, maybe, and that had always looked like it would feel really good… Wally had tried vibrating his hand while stroking his dick but he never managed to use enough lube and it always ended up chafing. Which, well, super-speed healing, sure, but it was still really uncomfortable.

"I was right." Robin looked victorious (or at least Wally assumed it was kind of dark and hard to make out faces) and ready to whip out the BatCam and take pictures for evidence. Which, well, wow, kinky but also, an extremely bad idea.

"Yeah, so, you were right, can we cover our ears now and wait till they're done?" Wally hissed at Robin.

"Nnn, nnn! Fuck, Ollie! Fuck!"

God, Roy was noisy!

"Can't have you coming too soon, this is supposed to be punishment."

And Green Arrow was sleazy.

"This is interesting." Robin protested his voice low and his shoulder brushing uncomfortably near Wally's chest. Wally held his breath and leaned backwards but he couldn't go very far before his shoulders bumped into the closet wall. "And it's not like we can leave, they'd see us."

"Oliver, what are you-" Another loud groan from Roy. "Nn, nnn, don't you… don't you dare, oh… fuck,fuck. Ollie, please…" That didn't sound… well, it didn't sound bad. Roy sounded like he was enjoying whatever was going on. Wally almost wanted to see because what he was imagining… Carefully, Wally squirmed around so he could sit down on the floor. It was cramped, Wally braced his feet against the opposite wall and pulled his knees up to his chin, but it meant that Robin wasn't going to notice any unusual bulges in his jock.

Except now that Wally was down on the ground he could feel the thumps with his body.

"F-fuck, uhn. OH!"

Wally covered his ears and tried not to listen, he also shut his eyes because, well, there wasn't a lot of light anyway…

Robin kicked at his knees and then pulled them away before dropping to sit on Wally's lap.

"Jesus!" Wally almost, almost, forgot to whisper. His eyelids flew open and he had to focus hard on glaring at Robin because his eyes had crossed when Robin's ass had brushed against his… well, his…. His…

His erection.

"Is that why you're getting all weird?" Robin shifted which, wow, totally didn't help at all. Wally squirmed which also, unsurprisingly, didn't help. "Dude, it's just an erection. It's totally natural under these circumstances."

"What, the circumstances where I'm stuck in a tiny little closet," Thump, thump, a groan from Roy, a moan from Green Arrow, wet slick sounds, "with my best friend listening to another friend have sex with his ex-mentor?!" Hissing really didn't cover it, Wally wished he could yell.

"The circumstances where you're stuck in a tiny closet with a hot best friend listening to another hot friend have hot sex with his… ex-mentor." Robin smirked and Wally leaned forward to bang his head against Robin's shoulder. It wasn't terribly satisfying; there was a remarkable amount of give to Robin's body armor.

"Dude, not helping." Neither was the hand rubbing up and down his chest, or the hand sliding over his shoulders to wrap around his neck.

"Dude." Robin said before kissing him. "Not trying."

And okay, maybe a tiny little closet on top of your friend's laundry wasn't the best place to get to second base but, well, Wally didn't have a lot of options and Robin certainly didn't seem to mind.


"C'mon, c'mon," Green Arrow is panting repeatedly, he came probably ten minutes ago with a roar that shook paint from the ceiling. "C'mon, Speedy."

Wally isn't paying a whole lot of attention to the sex going on outside because whenever Robin's mouth hits his, or their tongues wrestle, or he gets to touch skin he pretty much loses focus of everything that isn't Mr. 'If we're going to stick tongues down each other's throats call me Dick'.

"Not… Speedy!" Roy grunts. "And I never was in the bedroom. I outlasted you, did-didn't I?" It's obvious that Roy's not going to last much longer, despite how coherent he is. Wally's pretty impressed, he doesn't think he'd be able to say 'yes, please' and all he's doing is kissing.

"Then come already Red Arrow."

Wally hits his head against the closet wall, he's so shocked by the sound of Roy's shout when he comes, Dick buries his face in Wally's neck and giggles which, oh, oh man that's kind of awesome feeling. Then Robin started sucking on his neck, leaving some more hickies, and Wally was biting his bottom lip while petting the strangely soft skin on Robin's back just above Robin's leggings. There's arguing now from outside the closet now but Wally's kind of busy, he's got both hands underneath the back of Robin's shirt and it is a tight fit because the armor doesn't have any give at all. Wally isn't even sure he can get his hands out now that they're in there.

"Don't come back!" The door to the apartment slams shut hard enough to shake the plaster that Green Arrow's roar had left behind off the ceiling. Wally splutters a little and dusts bits of white out of his hair while Roy stomps angrily through his apartment.

"Shhh." Robin hisses against Wally's neck. Wally rolls his eyes and gasps when Robin bites him.

Bites him!

"If you want me to be quiet," Wally tried to keep his voice to a whisper, "don't bite me!"

"So biting makes you noisy?" Dick teased and bit Wally's neck again, Wally smacked the back of Dick's head.

And then the door to the closet opened.

Roy was covered in bright red hickey marks and his pants hung low on his hips, low enough for Wally to see (if he wanted to) that Roy wasn't wearing any underwear and that he was a natural redhead. He also wasn't wearing a mask and his face was… "Oh crap" Wally exclaimed when the door to the closet slammed shut. He pushed Robin off of him.

Robin scrambled to pull his suit back into place which was made difficult by the armor folding awkwardly over his stomach. Wally should have been faster, with super-speed and all, but all of the sudden he couldn't find his mask and his collar was all pulled out of shape.

The door of the closet opened again and there was a serious of flashes, while Dick and Wally were stunned by the flashes he slammed the closet door again.

"Come out when you're decent, and don't spy on me again or I send the pictures to Batman!"


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