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Title: Dropping Eaves
Author: Kat8cha
Fandom: Young Justice Animated Universe
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: Not mine.
Summary: Dick is an eavesdropper, Wally is along for the ride. Roy and Ollie fight like an old married couple.
A/N: YJ Anon meme prompt: I want a fic where Ollie and Roy are acting like they really did break up. Ollie keeps trying to get him back. Roy's mad because Ollie's still "cheating on him" with other partners.

Normal people consider eavesdropping to be a bad manners, but Robin eavesdrops like he breathes. Except it's rare that he gets to drop from actual eaves, generally it's a matter of planting bugs and waiting some safe distance while the bad guys spill their guts. This time though it's got nothing to do with bad guys, and not much to do with bugs either. Well besides the spider in the corner above Kid Flash's head that Robin is not going to tell Kid Flash about because he'd freak out and give away their location and no way in hell is Robin going to risk intel like this.

They came to Star City to talk to Sp-Red Arrow, and maybe to dig up some information on Artemis. She was, after all, a mystery, and while Batman had told him not to look into it Batman had told him before to always seek the truth. Whenever what Batman said and what Batman did conflicted Dick chose whichever option he liked better.

So, he was seeking the truth.

"I didn't see you last night." Green Arrow wasn't supposed to be there, he was supposed to be out, dealing with League business. Which was probably why the second half of the conversation had shown up in Green Arrow's 'Arrow cave' as well.

"Of course you didn't see me last night." There was the sound of things rattling, being thrown around. Wally opened his mouth to say something, or to breathe even louder than he already was, and Dick pressed his hand over it and glared. Kid Flash wilted a bit under the force of his glare. "You ditched me. Did you actually think I was going to show up for our anniversary?!"

Wally's eyes widened comically wide and Dick knew that he was mirroring the expression. Anniversary? Well. He supposed that 'Roy' and Green Arrow did fight like a couple gone south. But wasn't Red Arrow a little young for that? Dick was pretty sure that the former sidekick was only just 18.

"Roy…" Another clatter. Arrows inside of a quiver, Dick discerned. Were they setting their quivers down or picking them up? "Artemis isn't a replacement for you."

"Oh no, that's right." Roy laughed harshly and both teens inside of the closet winced to hear it. "She's your niece. Right. So is it just Batman and you that know what's going on or are you lying to the rest of the League like you're lying to Young Justice."

This was a really interesting conversation. Robin was glad he had triggered the recording devices in his gloves the second he'd dragged Kid Flash into the closet. And there was a certain irony to hiding in a closet with his best friend while Roy and Green Arrow apparently aired the skeletons in their closet.

Oooh, mixed metaphors.

"We're not lying to-"

"Shove it, GA. We both know she's not your niece. I know you. Don't try to lie to me because I'll walk right out of here."

Robin held his breath. Don't leave, Roy! Things were getting interesting! Wally was making muffled noises behind Dick's hand and looking a little panicked, so Dick pulled his hand back and let Wally get in a few good breaths.

"We should leave this sounds personal." Wally hissed.

"Which is exactly why we should stay! Think of how much we could help S-Red Arrow if we knew what was going on!" The idea that Speedy and Green Arrow had been involved did explain some of the anger. After all if your boyfriend promised to take you up to his satellite and then reneged because of some other guy, well, Dick would be pissed too.

"If you didn't come here to talk why did you come here, Roy?" Dick pressed his ear to the door and tried really hard to listen. It was hard to tell between ambient noises and the thud of his own heartbeat and the sound of his and KF's mingled breathing… but he was pretty sure that Red Arrow and Green Arrow were circling each other. Or at least moving. Those were definitely the scuffing sounds of boots on stone.

"There are still a few things of mine that I haven't picked up." A defensive tone that quickly transformed into anger. "Don't TOUCH me!"

"Roy…" GA definitely sounded pained.

"No. We're over, Ollie, and I'm taking my equipment and leaving." Rustles, a couple of thunks, and then sound of angry stomping that grew louder, passed the closet door, and then began to grow softer. Roy was moving towards the cave mouth.

"Roy!" Dick was pretty sure that he and Kid Flash were being way too loud with their breathing. Now even Wally had his ear pressed against the door and they were both listening so attentively it was like a soap opera. Dick needed to know more, he needed to know how this ended. The stomping stopped.

"What?!" Roy's voice was so gruff and angry, it sounded physically painful. Dick winced. It almost sounded like Red Arrow was suppressing tears. Maybe he was.

"You look…" Green Arrow paused, and it was a flashback to the moment in Mount Justice when Roy had seen Artemis for everyone. "You look good. I'm proud of you, son."

"…have fun with your niece." And then the stomping was back until it was gone again. Dick stayed with his ear pressed to the closet door listening to the sounds of Green Arrow going about his business. Eventually, around maybe a half hour after Roy had left and ten minutes after Wally had settled down on the floor of the closet and started napping, Green Arrow left and Robin was able to, finally, open up the closet door and tumble out into the Arrowcave.

"Whoa! Wha-" Wally rubbed at his eyes through the mask and looked around. "Then we can finally leave?"

"In a minute." Dick scoped out the cave, but didn't find any clues as to whether Green Arrow and Roy might have had a relationship. He supposed he shouldn't have expected a calendar marked with X's and a circle. "Yeah, c'mon, let's go."

(Far away from the Arrow Cave Ollie stared at a picture of Roy's first time out on the streets as Speedy. It was a surveillance shot, and hazy, but Roy was grinning in a manner that Ollie doubted he would ever see again.)


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