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For [livejournal.com profile] na_kabaji_usu - Sam/Kurt! Hot make out session, Finn walks in

With Finn back on as the quarter back and Sam sidelined for the season (his shoulder twinged if he moved it wrong) it should have been okay for him to join Glee club. At least, that was what Sam had thought until that first double slushy to the face (because it couldn’t have just been one slushy). And then of course the whole ‘accidental almost kiss okay it was a total make out session’ with Quinn, who he was pretty sure had only been interested in him because he seemed like Finn 2.0.

But there were a few perks to being on Glee club. Even if the perks did come with more insults about his lips, how many balls he could fit in his mouth, his hair cut, and his vocal range.

Slim, soft fingers slipped underneath Sam’s American Eagle hoodie (which Kurt still turned up his nose at even if it A.E. counted as designer) and ghosted across the sensitive skin just above the waistband of his tight low rise Abercrombie jeans. Sam pulled back enough to get his hands between the two of them, because the nickel plated buttons on Kurt’s vest were starting to dig uncomfortably into his chest.

“I never thought-” Kurt’s lips were puffy, puffier than usual, and his cheeks were holding that Red Delicious right on his cheekbones flush. Sam thought he looked like a perverted Precious Moments figurine. “-that you would want to make out with me.”

Sam wasn’t sure what to say to that. He could be like ‘if I wasn’t interested I wouldn’t have asked you to stay after Glee club to help me out’ or maybe ‘I have been eyefucking you secretly since I transferred’, there’s also ‘I’ve been jerking off to you for the past month’ or then again ‘when I saw you almost hook up with Blaine I got so jealous’.

Instead what comes out is “Oh, fuck!” except totally not from Sam’s mouth.

Sam falls off of Kurt’s chest onto the hard, cold tiled floor. Kurt sits up so suddenly that if Sam hadn’t fallen off Kurt could have broken his jaw. Finn stands in the door to the Glee room, one hand frozen on the doorknob the other frozen on the light switch.

“I just…” Finn’s mouth flops up and down like a fish. Sam makes a few unkind comments in his head about a fish’s intelligence level being higher than Finn’s and also ‘lol fish and Finn’. “I forgot my backpack.”

Sam tries not to feel hurt when Kurt hurriedly buttons his vest and rushes out of the room. It leaves Sam with a cold ass, a twinging shoulder, aching elbows, and Fish!Finn gaping at him. Thankfully it doesn’t leave Sam with blue balls, they hadn’t gone that far yet.


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