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DCU, Steph/Tim, purple duct tape bondage for [livejournal.com profile] shiny_glor_chan

He had bought the duct tape as a gag gift. Her first birthday since she’d… well, not come back from the dead, but rejoined them, Tim had not been able to figure out what he wanted to get her. In the end he had settled on three things, a shirt for day-to-day Steph, custom made batarangs for Batgirl, and purple duct tape for the Spoiler Tim had known when they were both younger.

He hadn’t really expected it to be as strong as it was, when it was ripped off the hair on his wrists was going to come off too. For right now his hands weren’t going anywhere.

Or the rest of him, since he had been stripped of his suit and his ankles had been taped to the mattress. “Steph.”

A strip of purple duct tape went over his mouth, a length of tape long enough to span from one side of his chin to the other.

“You did promise I’d get to do everything I wanted, Tim.”

Steph set the chilly metal bowl on his chest and picked up a melting icecube. She slid it down the bridge of Tim’s nose and then place it in her mouth before she slipped down to lie between his spread legs. A chilly wet mouth wrapped around Tim’s semi-hard penis and made him groan behind his duct-tape gag.

It was obviously the best present he could have gotten her.


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