Feb. 19th, 2011

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I found the comic book shop!

AND the used bookstore/cafe place.

And a little Sicilian bakery which had arancini.

Which were delicious.

Unfortunately I found the Sicilian place before I found the used bookstore/cafe place so I was in the middle of eating my arancini and was like 'eh, I'll stop by there some other time'.

It was really good arancini. Rice and ragu and mozzarella all in one fried rice ball package.

Tonight is my meetup with the Card and Games people and I don't want to go. /hides her shy face
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So, I attended this meet-up for a 'cards and conversation' group that was meeting up (heh) nearby. It wasn't that far away, and I was like 'okay, let's go!' especially since they were playing MahJong.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaalll oooooooooold people.

Okay, not necessarily old, but older than me. I'm generally uncomfortable in a group where I'm the youngest around. And I'm always uncomfortable when I'm new to a group and don't know anyone.

But we all settled down to play MahJong and that was fun.

American MahJong is weird. Weird. I like Chinese MahJong better, even if I play it badly.

IDK if I really feel like going to another meeting with these people. I'll see.


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