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Akane's not a stupid girl. In fact, she's really, really, really smart for her age. She knows that her family, her real family, aren't her only family. She met Shizuo-nii-chan and thought he was the best type of big brother you could get. Better than Shiki. And certainly more of a big brother than Izaya-san. Izaya-san was a big fat LIAR.

Not good brother type at all.

And then there had been Doctor Shinra, who was like a kind but pervy uncle, and Aunty Celty who was a little scary because she didn't have a head but was really NICE and always smacked Doctor Shinra around when he said things that weren't appropriate for Akane's young ears.

And lately when Akane ran away from the Awakusu family and their bodyguards and their fences and cameras and bad yakuza business, she met up with pretty Vorona with Shizuo and Tom-san. And pretty Vorona was pretty. She was blond, and tall, and she had big breasts like the women that the Awakusu men would bring home for a night after Akane was supposed to be in bed. She was cool and she was dangerous.

She probably wouldn't even need a tazer to take down Shizuo-nii-chan.

Akane wanted to be EXACTLY like her when she grew up. Especially if she could marry Shizuo-nii-chan.

Even if that WAS a little incestuous.


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