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Title: Urge to Herbal
Fandom: DC Animated Universe: Young Justice
Characters: Wally West, Roy Harper (hinted Roy/Wally)
Rating: PG
Summary: Wally wakes up in a strange apartment, the shampoo is amazing.
A/N: [livejournal.com profile] yj_anon_meme fill, "I'm not sure whose apartment I'm in, but I just showed here and there shampoo is phenomenal."

Speedsters couldn't get drunk. His uncle had a long talk with Wally when Wally first found out, about the sort of things he could expect and some of the things he would find out and be disappointed about. Wally figured that not being able to get drunk would be one of the things that, later in life, he would be disappointed with, but he also figured 'hey, no hangovers!' so he was okay with it.

That was before he woke up one morning with his mouth tasting like the rear end of a skunk and his head ringing.

At least he knew he hadn't been drinking or anything.

Wally was lying half naked on someone's messy futon. It took him a few tries but he managed to flip over from his front to his back.

There was a ceiling fan spinning lazily, sending gusts of cool air down on Wally's body.

Wherever he was… it was warm. That was… that was news, right? It was warm but not hot but not cool. So, not Gotham, not that Wally figured he would be in Gotham. If somehow in last night (and now that he was waking up fuzzy parts of last night were coming back, there had been someone… Psycho Pirate, Psycho Pirate had been there and someone else, another telepath?) he had run to Gotham he was sure that Batman would probably send him right back to Keystone instead of putting him up on a futon.

Would Batman even own a futon? It seemed so… middle class college kid.

Wally rubbed a hand over his face and sat up. He wasn't wearing his cowl and the top part of his costume had been stripped off, leaving him in just the skin-tight leggings. No boots though, Wally wiggled his bare toes against the soft cotton sheets his legs were tangled in.

Batman probably slept on silk, or hanging upside down. Robin probably slept curled up in a pile of hacked motion sensors.

Snickering at that mental image Wally carefully propped himself onto his elbows and then sat up. He felt like his head was a goldfish bowl that someone had swished around and his brain was the goldfish swirling helplessly inside. It took a few seconds of careful breathing and sitting still for the world to stop spinning but eventually Wally was able to pull the sheet away and make sure he was dressed as he had assumed.

Leggings but barefoot, just like he thought.

Wally glanced around the room and spotted his boots by the door and his top and cowl hanging on the door knob. Standing up caused the same fishbowl sensation and walking only made it worse, by the time Wally made it to the door he was ready to barf. He grabbed his top and opened the door, glad to find that the bathroom door was open and the bathroom was right next to his room.

Vomiting actually helped so Wally was wondering if, in one of those blank portions of last night's fight he couldn't remember, he had eaten or drunk something he shouldn't have. He would have to check with Uncle Barry after…

That shower looked really inviting, and Wally felt really crusty underneath his suit. Whoever had taken him in had obviously seen him without the cowl and well, if they were going to do anything untoward to his sexy teenage body surely they'd have done it last night. It would be safe to shower, right?

It took seconds, moving normal time, for Wally to close the bathroom door and strip off his leggings; it took even longer for the water to heat up. The pipes squeaked and rattled within the walls as Wally turned on the hot water, but the cold water that smacked into his face and his feet when he jumped back helped wake him up a little more. He was starting to wonder just whose apartment he had decided to crash. It didn't look like the place of anyone that he knew… not like he knew many people with apartments.

Water finally heated up Wally ducked his head underneath and let the water pound away at his back. Once the steam begun to fill up the shower and his hair was decently wet Wally grabbed the shampoo. No one had started angrily knocking at the door, so they didn't mind, right? Probably not. Whoever had taken him in anyway.

His head was starting to feel a little less sloshy and Wally was beginning to feel a little more himself, he felt even better as he poured some of the shampoo (Herbal Essences, really?) into his hands and lathered up his hair.

"Oh god." Wally exclaimed, massaging the shampoo into his scalp. "Oh man, I totally get all those commercials now." It felt amazing and it smelled great. It was like dunking his head in a cup of cool, refreshing chamomile tea. Wally heard himself humming the jingle under his breath as he lathered up. 'Herbal in the shower,' he hummed, rinsing the shampoo out of his hair and grabbing the shower gel, 'For another half an hour…' Wally poured the shower gel into his hands and rubbed it all over his body, feeling nice and soapy and clean. 'I've got the uuuuuuuuurge to Herbal!'

Finished Wally flipped the shower off and speed dried himself, vibrating in place at a fast pace so that all the water flew off of him and landed on the shower walls and shower curtain. Then he hopped out and pulled on his costume, realizing belatedly that he had his cellphone tucked into the inner pocket of his leggings. (Don't ask how that worked, because bulges in speedster uniforms were bad ideas, Wally had a lot of padding to hide things like communicators or emergency rations in, he still didn't wear underwear underneath his costume. Just to cut down on wind resistance.)

'I'm not sure whose apartment I'm in,' Wally sent in a quick text to Robin, 'but I just showered here and the shampoo is phenomenal.' Then Wally texted his Uncle Barry. 'I'm fine, in case you were worrying, will call in a bit.'

Then he opened the door and stepped into the hallway. It was short work finding the only other occupant in the apartment; he was sitting in the kitchen about three doors down from the bathroom with a cup of coffee in his hands.

"The next time you get dosed on loopy drugs and need somewhere to crash, go home." Roy stated grumpily. "You ruined my whole night."

Wally grinned, unafraid of his friend's grumpiness. He'd always found Roy's grumpiness to be relatively adorable and only now and then frightening. It hadn't changed now that Roy was Red Arrow instead of Speedy, he knew that underneath the new costume was the same freckled pale faced brat who used to trade bad jokes with Wally when they were sure their mentors weren't paying attention. "I like your shampoo."

Roy grunted in reply.
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