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*whine* focusing on fic is hard :(

For [livejournal.com profile] youkoyuri DCU: Jason/Kyle, Maybe Donna wasn't the one they were jealous over. Might need another ficlet for Kyles PoV of this. When I can focus.

Jason can’t help but want to butt in whenever Kyle and Donna start flirting. It’s not that he cares a lot about Donna, naw, she’s got great breasts and a great ass and hell she used to be Wonder Girl (is she even going by a codename now) but Jason’s not really interested in being there and doing that. She’s too high and mighty and is acting a bit too much like a mom for Jason’s tastes. Jason likes a bit of a bite in his ladies but he doesn’t like that much bitch.

They’re on Earth… something. Earth Boring, and Jason’s a little too tired to even care. The last earth had been wild if by ‘wild’ you meant ‘filled with crazy assholes trying to keep them from finding Ray Palmer’ and why the fuck had Jason even signed on this magical mystery tour? Oh right, Donna’s tits which had looked great at the time, and a chance to make a heroic name for Red Hood.

Thank god most of the heroes were clueless and Batman kept things, especially family matters, close to the belt. Donna and Kyle knew next to nothing about him.

Kyle didn’t even realize that he’d had sex with Jason.

Jason ran a finger around the outline of the little red domino. It didn’t cover much of his face but it covered enough. There was also the possibility that Kyle didn’t remember that night at all.

It was a good thing Jason could.

Jason flopped back down on the uncomfortably starchy motel bed and stared at the stucco covered ceiling, one hand easily undoing the buckle of his belt and the zip of his pants. He needed to take the edge off, just a little, while Kyle and Donna were off securing food (or getting into trouble somewhere and like fuck Jason cared) and Bob was off doing his monitor thing. Just a little jerk off session before he ended up exploding in the next fight.

He’d been casing the gay club because of drug deals, but that wasn’t why he was in it that night. He’d seen the three men walk in earlier that night. Two of them were similar enough to be brothers, maybe twins, but the younger blond who looked way too young to be in that kind of bar was what caught his attention. He’d seen the kid Terry’s face on the news lately, doing his best to spread the word about homosexuality and gay bashing. In itself that wouldn’t have been enough to trigger Jason’s interest.

But then he caught sight of the ass on one of the brunets, tight and squeezed into a pair of leather pants. That was what got Jay to hop down from the rooftop and squeeze himself into civvies. Bypassing the line was easy, a fake I.D. and a lot of cash would put you on any list you wanted.

The club was booming on the inside, lit by a rainbow stream of different spotlights, the bass thudded heavy in the ears and the men bounced against each other. It didn’t take Jason long to spot his prey. It took longer to find the right way to approach that ass though, the man stuck to the bar while his two friends eventually joined the dance floor.

A few drinks later and Jason slid right up to Kyle at the bar. He couldn’t remember the conversation, but it didn’t take much.

Kyle Rayner, artist, recently dumped by a beautiful woman named Jen. Jason didn’t bother asking why his friends hadn’t taken him to a normal club; he spent his time hitting on Kyle. It didn’t take long, or much, to coax a ‘yes’ and a ‘sure’ and then when Kyle had admitted he was crashing on the two friend’s couch at the moment an agreement to come back to Jason’s place. It didn’t take much for Jason to lead Kyle out of the club and pull him up onto the back of his motorbike.

Kyle had laughed in his hair, murmured something about how he loved motorcycles and then slid the helmet on, arms wrapped tight around Jason’s waist when they revved the motor and lit off down the street. New York wasn’t hard to maneuver through once you knew where you were going and Jason had learned the streets from his bike, from the rooftops, and on foot. It’d been hell the first few days, and a lesser hell the first few weeks, but Jason’d managed. Nowhere could be more complicated than Gotham.

Getting Kyle up the stairs to his rundown apartment hadn’t been hard, and he’d laughed once he hit the bed.

“Sorry, just…” His hands had been on the collar of Jason’s jacket, “It’s pretty rare that I get to see the gay biker look on someone else.” And after a statement like that how could Jason not bang Kyle into the mattress so hard he had a limp the next morning?

Jason finished himself off remembering the pained but pleasured expression on Kyle’s face when he’d pushed himself all the way in.
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