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DCU - Older!Damian/Colin - Birthday for [livejournal.com profile] red_confession

It was the fourth birthday since they had begun living together and Damian could see the signs. Colin would begin to be sneaky, to hide things, avoid Damian’s eyes when they did meet up. He would leave earlier than usual (Damian was always asleep when Colin began the day anyhow) and arriving home later. There would be glitter littered here and there and partly opened closet doors that Colin would dive towards and slam shut.

The apartment was dark when Colin returned, which would normally have meant that Damian was out working on cleaning up the streets of Gotham. Damian made a mental note to have Colin run through some more training simulations because the Colin only realized there was someone sitting on the couch after Damian turned the lamp on behind him.

“Geez!” Colin jumped and clutched at his chest. He was taller than he had been when they first met. Puberty had made Damian shoot up close to three feet but hadn’t really filled him out. It had taken years of physical exercises to do that and even then Colin was skinny all over. People made jokes when they stood next to each other, Damian slightly shorter and stockier, Colin tall and skinny, and the light to Damain’s dark.

That was, unless Colin was bulked out as Abuse. Then people didn’t really have time to comment before someone’s fist was breaking their teeth. Either Damian’s or Colin’s.

“Damian you scared me half to death, is tonight your night off?”

Dick of course insisted on nights off, for himself and for Damian and even for Drake (though Damian was positive Drake never took his). “I asked for tonight off.” Damian unfolded himself from his perch on the couch and held up a folded red card. “We need to talk.”

“Um.” Colin cleared his throat and tried to make his way past the couch while hiding his overstuffed bag behind his back. “Look, Damain, can we.”

Damian grabbed Colin by the arm and tugged him down onto the couch then jerked his bag off of his shoulder and pinned him there. “I said no surprise parties after last year.”

“You said no surprise parties the first year.” Colin wriggled a bit until Damian increased the pressure on his shoulder. “They wouldn’t need to be a surprise if you just let me throw you a regular party!”

“Colin.” Damian tossed the invitation onto the coffee table next to the stuffed bag (which Damian knew was filled with ingredients for cake). “No surprise party.”

“But I already sent out the invitations!” Colin’s bottom lip wobbled.

“Cancel them.” Damian’s eyebrows drew together.

The lip wobbled a little more, and Damian’s eyebrows formed one dark thundercloud on his forehead before Colin sighed and rolled his eyes. “Fine, but I’ll need to give them a reason.”

Damian closed the distance between them so that his mouth hovered over Colin’s. “Just don’t tell them to truth.” And then he kissed his roommate/best friend/boyfriend possessively. If he needed to spend the rest of the weekend wearing Colin out so that the redhead slept through Damian’s birthday than Damian was going to do it.

To: [censored email addresses]
Subject: Damian’s B-day

Don’t come over to the apartment. Damian’s locked all the doors and booby trapped the windows. And really wants to spend this birthday alone. Leave presents in the hallway! They’ll be fine.


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