Mar. 6th, 2011

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"So," Steph leaned casually against the chimney grate, fail steph ahoy! )
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My dream.

So, last night I had a dream that may or may not have been a continuation of another dream. IDK, halfway through it apparently I was thinking to myself 'this is what happens to my original fic, I half finish it and then it comes back in dreams' but I swear to you I don't recognize the plot of the dream at ALL.

There were two girls, girl A and girl B. We'll call Girl A Anna and girl B Bea.

Bea was younger than Anna and as far as I could tell she was some kind of noble. She had been travelling and adventuring with Anna and the group Anna travelled with but in the dream Anna had returned Bea to her family. Bea's parents were pretty nice, talking with Anna about her adventuring and chatting about how Bea couldn't seem to sleep on her comfy bed anymore but slept on 'two bolts of cloth on the floor'.

And IDK how it came up but Bea was talking about how some courting rituals in the lands they had travelled through were 'stranger and more time consuming than engaging two nobles'. And she was thinking of this bizarre land where likeā€¦ there weren't enough men? Or not enough women? And like, in order for a couple to get together it had to be approved by the village council or something like that. It was weird.

And then Bea was like 'and Anna would know, because she used to be a noble'.

And I don't even KNOW. There was more to the dream, but it's been HOURS since I officially rolled out of bed and even longer since I actually had the dream.


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