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Sep. 22nd, 2004 08:40 pm
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Title: Darkness in their Hearts

Author: Kitti-Chan

Pairing: Xander/Angelus/Wesley, implied Wes/Xander,

Spoilers: Angel season one up to "Eternity", Buffy season four

Summary: Spike and Drusilla ‘woo’ the boys, they eat dinner with the family and then find themselves ‘devoured’ by a certain special vamp.

Feedback: First BtVS/Angel fic, would be welcome. I've got BIG plans
for it!

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Website: Soon!

Distribution: Bigbadzeppo, Xanderslash, Vampyr_Slayerette_Passions,
DarkSlash, I Need a Parrot

Notes: Initiative never existed. Drug never wore off on Angel, or it was real bliss even if chemically induced or something along those lines. My Angelus might be a little ooc, but I think he’s perfect. Okay, so he’s fluffy Angelus but he’s kinda based off the Angelus from the Ep. When Spike and Angel visit Rome.

Disclaimer: I do not own anyone here! I make no cash! No suing!
Suing of the Kitti-chan is bad! Majorly not of the good! I would
love to own Xan, Angelus, and my poor Wes but sadly I don't (sigh).
~ I'd take better care of them then Joss did! Imagine making my Xan
into a goofy sidekick and giving Angelus back that pussy soul and
killing of my Wesley! I'm still mad about that one. ~


As the month progressed Spike and Drusilla focused on lulling the two men into letting their masks and walls fall. Practically forcing them to reveal more of themselves then they had ever revealed to their friends. Xander stopped with the bad jokes and instead released the real verbal attacks, making the mortals he unleashed his wit on to stumble back from him. Spike took him out and let him get the scorn out of his system and it usually got the vampire a bar fight or two. When he fought Xander watched and the young man’s eyes had reveled in the blood and pain filling with a blood lust that the bleached blond vampire knew he would lose out against eventually.

Picking up his beer he watches Xander and Wesley both try desperately not to get drunk too early tonight. Spike’s got getting them good and snookered down to an art, Wes’ a social drinker. He hates for someone else to feel lonely while they get drunk. Xander on the other hand usually holds back from any type of alcohol, but he has almost no tolerance and he’ll drink if there’s a challenge involved. So they end up getting drunk whenever they go out with Spike and bit by bit he’s helping dragging their inhibitions away.

Tonight they are at a rowdier bar Spike had a terrible thirst for a good bar fight more then a good beer, though the fact that this place had half-decent American piss was a plus. The brunet and sandy-haired men were glancing around evaluating the trouble they could possibly end up in, even though Angelus would take it out of Spike’s hide if they were hurt. “How ‘bout some pool Xanpet?” Spike asks, seeing a pool table become free. Xander was a better pool player then Wesley though he was by far no match for Spike’s prowess. The young man smiled and shrugged, finishing off the beer and standing from their table.

“Sure thing bleach-boy but I am not playing against anyone else. The brawl w-you started spanned half a block!” Making his way over to the table Spike notes the change from the ‘we’ to ‘you’. Smirking he racks up the balls and waits for something interesting to happen. It did not take long, pretty soon some idiot tried to move in on the table and Spike had to warn him off.

“Not done wit’ it yet am I?” He asked lighting a cigarette as he watched his opponent with narrowed gold-flecked eyes.

“Yeah well maybe you should find another table. This one’s our usual.” The burly man, breath already stinking of whisky and cheap beer, entered Spike’s personal space trying to use his size to intimidate the compact bleach-blond. Spike merely puffed up a cloud of smoke straight in his face forcing him to take a step back. “Why you-” His fist began its descent but was stopped halfway to Spike by Xander’s hand. Gripping the angry man’s hand the brunet looked at Spike, eyes gleaming green in the lighting of the bar as a feral look flashed across his face.

“May I step in?” He asked casually and the smirking vampire swept himself into a bow and stepped back to enjoy the show. Releasing the older mans fist he quickly plowed one of his own into his stomach. “Ever hear,” uppercut to the face, kicking the feet out from under him, “of picking on someone your own size?” The stink on the mans breath, his dilated eyes, the imposing presence; even the mans complexion, had all reminded him of his encounters with his drunken father and even though Spike was in no danger Xander felt the crazy urge to pound this man into hamburger meat.

Wesley’s lids were at half-mast as he stepped between Xander pulverizing one man and that man’s friends. They held assorted weapons in their hands and a minute ago had seemed ready to rip Xan off their friend and beat him into a bloody pulp. However, watching the easy way Wesley twirled a pool cue around, they weren’t too sure anymore. “He’s been a little jumpy lately so I’m afraid I can’t let you interrupt their fight. Xander might end up doing something he might regret.” His voice soft, and the accent seemed to assure these bar regulars that he was not a threat. As they moved forward with new determination Wes brought up his pool cue to crack one of their heads. “I won’t regret it.”

Spike leaned against the bar and sipped another beer watching his sire’s pets play. Bloody hell they were gorgeous! Xander had moved from where he had been extracting revenge on his father through the other man to helping Wesley take care of the other inhabitants in the bar. Trashing the place good and proper they were. When it looked like the fight had well and truly begun and he had better get the Pets out of there before they got hurt Spike quickly grabbed hold of Xander and Wesley’s arm and led them to the door clearing a path. “C’mon young ones, Angelus won’t like you getting hurt.” Wes and Xan traded identical looks but followed their keeper out the door.

“Was glorious Angelus! I know where Xanpet got his anger but I never knew Wes needed blood as an outlet. Can see why you picked him now.” Spike had just finished recounting the evening adventures to his sire and was watching Drusilla giggle herself into a fit while burying her face in Willow’s neck, playing her hands up and down her newest childe’s arm. Angelus leaned back against one of his new leather chairs and smiled at the familial, well to a vampire, scene.

“All that suppressed anger was just waiting to get out. Part of it was his father, used to lock him under the stairs, some from the way the Watcher’s Council treated him, and then just the fact that the world wanted him to react in a certain way and he didn’t want to. Before he joined up with Soulboy he was ‘Wesley Rogue Demon Hunter’. I heard stories about how vicious he was if you had not gotten them out of there I have no doubt he would have killed someone, and then regretted it later silly boy that he is.” Angelus shook his head in mock sadness. “We’ll get around to fixing that eventually.” Spike smirked at him and then went back to petting Drusilla’s hair.

Drusilla and Xander were rolling on the floor playing with a puppy while Wesley watched from the couch. Hearing Xander suddenly start giggling uncontrollably he looked up from his book to watch the crazy vampiress tickling a wriggling human while he writhed with a puppy romping around on the floor with him. “Stop! … Dru…” Xander gasped in between laughs but the vampiress continued until he was too tired to laugh anymore. Then she moved on to tickling the puppy who barked and bared its stomach to her. Wes had not been sure about letting Xander get attached to the puppy when Drusilla had brought it in a week ago because it could be here one day and gone the other but he had pouted and eventually the ex-watcher/ex-demon hunter had relented and no longer frowned upon his enjoying play time with the puppy. Drusilla did not appear to be about to get rid of it either, though she was insane her shifts between ‘okay’ and ‘murderously destructive’ seemed to happen less frequently then the Watchers diaries entailed.

“I love puppies; they’re so cute and wiggly. Don’t you agree Daddy?” Looking up Drusilla turned towards the doorway and met her sire’s eyes. The Irish vampire was lounging next to the doorway and watching with amused whiskey colored eyes. Wesley turned and met his eyes too, caught in their laughter. Xander was still trying to breathe properly and the puppy had begun licking his face anyways so he was fairly distracted.

“Puppy’s are nice Dru. So cute and those eyes; they get me every time.” His eyes drifted from Wesley’s unto Xander’s face as he spoke and the other man froze as he realized that the demon was referring as much to his young companion as to the actual dog. Xander looked up at the sudden tenseness in the air and put the dog down. Realizing its pet human did not want to play anymore the little brown creature ambled over to Angelus, who picked it up and petted it a bit before catching Xander’s eyes. “I like lots of animals. Mice are nice, not rats though. Remind me of bad times.” Xander froze thinking of how Drusilla had referred to Wesley when she attacked him and Buffy. A ‘doormouse’. Suppressing a growl the two young men glared at Angelus who merely smirked and put the puppy down.

“I’d like to invite you two to dinner with me and the family. I’m sure you’d like a good meal and company.” Not giving the two time to refuse he left the room. He had a meal to plan. Xander and Wesley glanced at each other but were immediately interrupted by a giggling Drusilla.

“Oh Daddy has a wicked plan he does, he’s such a smart boy; gonna plan a party and get himself two party favors he will.” Giggling Drusilla scooped up the puppy and waltzed out the door leaving it to be locked by the minions guarding it.

Once they had been left alone the two humans situated themselves so they could talk. Xander blushed fiddling with the sleeves of his shirt thinking back to what Angelus had said about ‘mice’. What had he been hinting at? That he knew Xander had a crush on his hot- er- nicely proportioned British roommate? Wesley was wondering the same things but instead of looking away he was studying the younger man in front of him. He was worried that Angelus had something in store for Xander, sure he was worried about himself but he was not the one suffering from the Hellmouth’s version of multiple personality disorder.

“Why do you think he wants us to come to dinner with him?” Xander asked finally finishing the contemplation of his sleeves and looking into Wesley’s cool gray eyes. He blushed as he remembered what they looked like burning with passion after the fight in the bar. Looking away again he did not completely miss the contemplation on Wesleys face before it was quickly shook away.

“I do not know, but it is undoubtedly a trap. We must be on our guard.” Xander merely nodded.

The meal was a delicately flavored whole chicken, which Angelus took great joy in carving, various vegetables, and a fresh-baked loaf of bread. It was all served with a good red wine for the two humans and blood for the vampires. Wesley found the wine to be good, if a bit dry like the rest of the meal, but Xander did not touch it. Unable to hold against such good smelling food he did eat though and both men studied their dinner companions.

All of the vampires were eating, a fact that had surprised them both, Spike had always made it clear that he ate for the entertainment value but neither man had ever seen another vampire eat. Spike had delicately drizzled all his food with the blood and was continuing a conversation with Angelus about some novel or another while he ate. If Wesley focused he could make out it was on a new book on Victorian poetry. Drusilla drank her blood and nibbled off of Spike’s plate making the occasional insane comment to her childe. Willow, sitting across from Dru, had drenched all her food in blood but ate with impeccable manners not allowing a drop to spill or hit her shirt. All the blood would have made either of the two men nauseous before their forced cohabitation but now seemed not to bother either.

Xander was beginning to get thirsty and really did not want to call Angelus’ attention to himself by requesting anything other then the wine. Taking a sip he found himself drawn by the dry flavor accompanied by the coppery aftertaste. Suddenly unable to get enough he failed to notice that Angelus had stopped in his conversation after all and was watching him and Wesley with eager eyes.

Wesley had reached for his wine glass at the same time as Xan and his original thirst for the drink seemed to multiply after another sip of it. Unable to stop himself he could not identify this strange thirst until he had finished his glass and everything made a connection in the wine-hazed vision of his brain and the feral gleam in Xander’s eye.

Xan felt his other selves overwhelming him and he knew. Knew that Angelus had spiked his wine with blood and having accepted it he was going to merge with his demons. Feeling himself begin to give out the youth collapsed into the arms of his former best friend as his body tried frantically to adjust.

Wesley felt his own demon come to the forefront as he realized that Angelus had spiked his wine with magic. Running a single finger along the rim the dangerous British man met his keeper’s glance. Fire sparked between them and Wes was flying across the table having snatched the carving knife from the chicken and was soon rolling around on the ground wrestling with Angleus. After the demon had wrung the knife from his hands and pinned him to the floor he found himself being soundly kissed. Faith had always said that violence and sex scratched the same itch hadn’t she? Oh yes, note to self; kill the bitch. Wrapping his legs around his former mortal enemy he opened his lips allowing the spiky haired vampire access to his mouth.

Drawing back Angelus smiled down at the younger man. “Gonna claim you.” He nipped at the jaw line distantly hearing his grand-childe begin the chanting that would bind this incredible man to him forever. “Gonna make you mine.” Wesley growled back at him and leaped up to meet his lips.

Xander felt funny, standing he shook off Willow’s cold dead hands, not different just funny. More him possibly... Watching the display between Wesley and Angelus he growled low in his throat wanting to join in on the fun. He also knew that Angelus had yet to prove his dominance and that Wes was His! Leaping across the table, much the way Wesley had, he pulled the other man away from the vampire and tried to bash said vampires face in.

Angelus rolled Xan over onto his back grasping his wrists together and holding them above the boy’s head squeezing until he could feel the bones grind together. Xander bucked against his eyes brimming with passion. The boy bucked against him and he pushed down bringing his weight, dead weight, into the equation keeping the boy still and shaking him when he did not immediately bare his neck. That would be the completion to Xander constantly fighting him, it would still be a struggle the boy would attack at any sign of weakness trying to prove himself Alpha and that was half the fun but for now Angelus needed Xander to behave.

Whining the brunet bared his neck and whimpered in pleasure when Angelus bit down with blunt human teeth. Then Angelus was grabbing him and Wesley and hauling them off the completion of Willow’s spell ringing in his ears. He needed to claim the two boys during the night in order to tie them to his life force. It would preserve the two men at their present age and give them a taste of his demon making the already dark men darker. It would keep them alive as long as he was and make them respond to his orders. Wes would have to come first; he was still the more resilient of the two and Xander would obey the command to sit and behave.

Throwing Wes on the bed he turned and grabbed the brunet by the back of his neck bringing him forward into a passionate kiss; snaking his tongue inside the responsive boys mouth he ran it over Xander’s teeth and palette teasing his tongue until the young man began to fight for breath. Pulling back he smirked at the flushed boy and pointed to a plush chair next to the bed. “Sit there, no touching, no coming and you had better stay hard.” He added with a growl the young boy nodded and took a seat shifting so his erection was not too much trouble.

Rounding on Wesley he pounced easily covering the smaller man, his hands moved to pull Wesley’s shirt out of his pants while his tongue preformed tonsil hockey with Wes’. Wesley shivered under the assault letting the vampire break away to pull both their shirts away and already fiddling with the other mans belt buckle. As the brunet demon bent to run his tongue over the British man’s chest he caught sight of Xander sitting beside the bed panting as he watched the coupling. The sight of the flushed youth only made his struggles with Angelus’ pants more frantic. Pulling the belt away he took Angelus’ erection into his hand and began to pet it; watching the pale column get hard. Angelus growled and focused more intently on Wes’ cock and balls then in the exploration of his chest. The feeling of hot, rough but soft, hands stroking him would undo him quickly. It was too long since he had had a hot body ready and willing for exploration.

Flipping the young man over he ripped the khakis off throwing them across the room. Biting into his wrist he let the blood slip into the crack of Wesley’s ass and onto his two fingers. He needed to prepare Wesley quickly and could only use a natural lube, a prerequisite of the claiming. Moving carefully he pressed one bloody finger to the man’s rosebud watching as the hot body under him stilled before beginning its seductive writhing again. Carefully, humans were so breakable, he pressed inside Wesley’s hole moving his finger slowly around. “So tight Wes, still a virgin?” He murmured as he lightly pressed against the sandy haired man’s prostate. Whimpering Wes began to move back against his finger. “Shh, I’ll make it feel good.” Pressing the other finger quickly inside he pumped the two in and out scissoring them as he waited for Wes’ reaction to them. It was not long before the ex-watcher began pressing back against him. Pumping himself on the two invading fingers he moaned at the sensation since even the burn was pleasing and he found himself only wanting more.

Angelus removed the two digits, enjoying Wesley’s groan at their loss, and quickly slicked himself with his blood before burying himself balls deep in the warm body under him. Wesley arched up into the feeling giving a shout. Allowing the mortal to adjust the sight Angelus heard Xander whimper and glanced over at the youth whose eyes were glued to the sight of their union. Angling himself to hit Wesley’s prostate and give Xander the best view he slid out of Wes slowly before thrusting himself in. Another slow pull out, almost completely, and then a series of short shallow thrusts that drive Wes insane.

Clenching tightly on the cock inside of him Wes worked himself on the invading object groaning as his own cock seemed to get harder. “Please, more, please,” He murmured in an endless mantra. “Please” Angelus smirked reaching around to tug and fondle him. Moaning loudly at the touch he felt his orgasm approaching and pushed back and forth into the dual sensation faster. “Gonna-gonna cum!” He pleaded in his tone, begging for permission to come. Angelus chuckled giving a few more tugs before biting down on his earlobe and hissing; “Cum now.”

Wesley came with a shout of “Angeluuuuus!” Clamping his internal walls tightly around the cool stick inside of him. Behind him the vampire let his control loose and filled the man with his icy seed before ripping his wrist open and holding it in front of Wesley biting into the man’s neck he silently commanded him to drink. Wesley brought his mouth down on the bloody wrist applying suction mindlessly. Xander growled, thrusting into the air and getting no friction. He watched the mating with franticness.

Angelus shook off the lethargy and pulled himself away from the dozing Wesley. Locking eyes with the boy who contained such power and darkness he growled pulling out of his favorite Brit. Standing he noticed the sub-vocal growl emanating from Xander’s chest and smiled. The wild look in the boys eyes was all the encouragement he needed before he pulled him up from his shirt. Ripping the shirt from the boy he growled when Xan tried to help. “Stand. Still.” He growled as he ripped the pants away too before turning him around and bending him over. With Xander it was about dominance so he did not bother to prepare him before plunging into the boy. Howling Xander took the first step to being claimed.


Buffy looked up with wide eyes as a half-naked barefooted Xander pounded into the room where she hung limply from her chains. Turning wild brown eyes on her he grabbed the keys hanging on the other side of the room and hurried over. “Xan?” She croaked out, he only nodded as he pulled her weak body down from where she had hung tired out from the constant torture, no food and blood loss. Even with Slayer healing there was no way she could survive like that. Suddenly Angelus was in the room and the blonde tried to push Xander to safety. “Run!” Xander let her go but only smirked as he made his way over to their most hated enemy.

“Why would I run Buffy? Run from my Angelus?” He smirked as the vampire pulled him into his arms and kissed him deeply. Buffy collapsed to her knees her eyes pits of desolation at the realization she could not save even one of her friends. Smiling grimly Xander took a knife from Angelus and slit her throat. “Die bitch.” He spat as the life fled her eyes and she slumped to the floor. Smiling broadly Xander joined his lover in another kiss and waited for their other partner to return from killing him former slayer.
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Title: Darkness in their Hearts

Author: Kitti-Chan

Pairing: Xander/Angelus/Wesley, implied Wes/Xander,

Spoilers: Angel season one up to "Eternity", Buffy season four


Feedback: First BtVS/Angel fic, would be welcome. I've got BIG plans
for it!

Email: Flamespout@h...

Website: www.livejournal.com/users/kat8cha

Distribution: Bigbadzeppo, Xanderslash, Vampyr_Slayerette_Passions,
DarkSlash, I Need a Parrot

Notes: Initiative never existed. Drug never wore off on Angel, or it was real bliss even if chemically induced or something along those lines. My Angelus might be a little ooc, but I think he’s perfect. Kinda based off the Angelus from the Ep. When Spike and Angel visit Rome.

Disclaimer: I do not own anyone here! I make no cash! No suing!
Suing of the Kitti-chan is bad! Majorly not of the good! I would
love to own Xan, Angelus, and my poor Wes but sadly I don't (sigh).
~ I'd take better care of them then Joss did! Imagine making my Xan
into a goofy sidekick and giving Angelus back that pussy soul and
killing of my Wesley! I'm still mad about that one. ~


A pattern begins to develop Angelus stopping into taunt them in the morning, alternating between Wesley and Xander on alternate days occasionally focusing on one for two or three days in a row. The pattern continues for two months before Angelus gets tired of the game and switches to another one. He leaves them alone.

Xander paces the floor back and forth, the same thing he had been doing for the past half-hour. “What is he playing at? I mean, this is different. Not saying I don’t enjoy it or anything but it bugs me. What do you think Angelus is planning?” Wesley watches him wearily from where he is reading. Glancing up from the page Wesley sighs and marks it before setting it down on the floor. Standing from his spot on the wall Wesley stretches before walking over to the youth and stilling him. “Xan, listen. Angelus is a master of mind games. He made a habit of coming in the mornings, yesterday you were a little nervous today you’re jumpier then a…a… something really jumpy.” Wesley said feeling at a loss for words from the chaotic look in his friend’s eyes. Shushing him Wes pulls Xander into the couch. “What’s really wrong? You seem really upset about this.”

Xander dropped his head onto Wes’ shoulder hiding his face in the crook of neck and shoulder. Wes ignores the intimacy of the gesture and brings his hand up to pet the boys hair. If Angelus had spotted it he would have smiled, that type of relationship would make his job so much earlier. “It’s the Others.” That’s how Xander always referred to the beings inside of his head as the ‘Others’ with a capital ‘O’. “They’re restless, the Hyena feels abandoned, and he is setting off the soldier, Evil Me is just smirking.” Xander stilled and hummed slightly enjoying the feel of Wesley’s hand in his hair. Calming inside and out. “Well the Hyena isn’t restless now.” Xander murmured snuggling closer to the younger man. Wesley looks surprised for a brief moment before giving a sweet little smile and continuing with the petting.

Spike smiled slightly leaning outside the door and watching the minions who are supposed to be ‘guarding it’ impersonally. Harris fascinated him, not only had his scents been bloody intoxicating living in his basement had caused Spike to see a whole other side of the boy. He was not a spoiled brat like the Slayer, or an ignored, gifted child of upper-middle class parents like Red. He came from a group of people who were Sunnydale’s ‘white trash’, his mother was a sop for drink, and his father beat him and probably never held a job for very long. How Xander had turned out into the sweet and handsome, but insecure, youth fighting the good fight for Sunnydale’s nearest and dearest was beyond Spike.

The boy was gonna be his target, who he was supposed to work on. Drusilla was going to take the Watcher talking to him of the ancient arts and different types of demons. Eventually Spike and Drusilla would begin to switch off, becoming friends with both of the Pet’s. If this plan worked Angelus would gain what he wanted and Spike would enjoy the entertaining boy’s company for a while. Hearing the watcher get up from the couch he hopes he will leave the room, go to the bathroom or something, but he merely picks something up and heads back to the couch where he and Xander settle down for what looks like will be a long period of time. “Portrait in Death.” He heard the watcher intone and Spike gave a slight growl before settling down for a long wait. He would get a chance at the boy soon enough he just had to wait.

Wesley read the book until Xander fell into a restless slumber. Setting him down carefully on the couch Wesley moved a little to the watch Xander, smoothing a curl out of his face the watcher did what he did best; watch. Xander had not been sleeping well lately, Wes was blaming Angelus more then the creatures in Xan’s head, and this was the best thing he could do for the boy. He had noticed that his accent and the way he spoke when reciting things made Xander’s eyes droop, obviously a reflex from when he had to endure long speeches from Giles (and for a few months from him) about demons or their carelessness after a hard night of slaying. He had not really considered it a good thing before but it seemed to be a nice trick to keep in case Xander’s insomnia continued.

Realizing that his bodily functions had been too long ignored Wesley went in to use the toilet and wash his hands. Staring at the wall where the mirror would have been in a regular bathroom. There was no tub either just a shower but a full bath did not exactly decorate all bathrooms. Shaking off those thoughts Wesley reached for the door and stepping out of it wondered if there was a possibility that there was something stake worthy in the room that he and Xander had missed in their sweeps.

Standing over Xander with the most bemused expression on his face was William the Bloody. The bleached blond’s hands were stuck into his tight black jeans and he bounced on the balls of his feet as he ran his eyes up and down Xander for the last time before turning to Wesley. “Can I help you?” And wow, apparently his frosty voice was back; as Xan would say. Spike merely smirked before coming down from his bouncing and locking blue eyes with his.

“Well, wanted to play with Xander but you’ll do.” Spike said shrugging and Wesley froze up. Play? With Xander! Wesley began to growl eyes narrowing at Spike who appeared absolutely delighted at his loss of coherent speech. The blonde then went back to bouncing. “Nice growl! Anyway, Angelus said that we could take out his Pet’s for a walk if we wanted; just as long as you two don’t get ‘urt.” Wesley’s glare became harder at Spike’s terms he did not like being referred to as someone’s possession. Especially not as a pet. It had been a favored insult for demons that he and Angel had attacked though.

“And what exactly do you plan on doing with me? Since Xander is finally asleep and there is no way in hell I am allowing you to wake him.” Wesley glared at Spike who was still wearing that infuriating smirk. Spike looks at Wesley quirking an eyebrow.

“Figured; darts, or pool. Pretty good at ‘em, would be able to keep you close but give you some air.” Wesley looks at Xander but the temptation of getting out was too strong even for him. Staying in one room for so long was not something he had been born to do. Wesley nodded at him and the evil but seemingly friendly vampire led him out the door.

Spike laughed at one of Wesley’s horrible shots, the boy was pretty good at darts but stunk at pool especially with a few beers and a couple tequila shots under his belt. Wesley propped himself up on the edge of the pool table the room beginning to sway slightly. “Your turn Schpike.” He slurs and Spike smirks at the ex-watcher knowing that he had given the pet a good time. Good enough he might be coaxed out into more ‘male bonding’ might even let Xander out of his sight without much trouble. Clearing the table in three easy shots he escorts Wes out of the bad before he can manage to get himself hurt by merely toppling over. Plus Xander had been ‘all alone’ for so long! Snickering to himself he hopped into his car and drove back to the base of operations. On the way there he had kept Wes fairly distracted and now the watcher was too drunk to actually notice that scenery now.

When Wesley passed out halfway back to the townhouse they were all holed up in Spike smirked. Boy was gonna have a hell of a hangover, but he could hold his liquor better then Xanpet, and it hadn’t helped that Spike had drugged him just a little. Had permission for it to! Snickering the bleached blonde carried the sandy haired watcher to the room where he and Xander were incarcerated in. The boy would probably have been a little worried about Wesley’s sudden disappearance but would understand the man’s need for some time out of the room. It would also make it easier to get Xander out of the room. When he carried the ex-watcher into the room he came across Xander and Drusilla playing some a card game.

“Go Fish!” Xander exclaimed and Drusilla giggled as she drew a card from the dwindling pile between them. Spike smirked, the boy was beaming like a three year old with an ice-cream cone. Had he not noticed Watcher-boy gone or had he not cared? Then Xander finally spotted him and Wesley and his face, scent, and body language went from happy to angry and worried in three seconds flat. “What did you do to him?” Xander asked, standing and dropping his hand. Spike simply crossed the room and placed the other man down on the bed before turning to look at Xander. “Didn’t do nothing. Just let the watcher have some drinks.” Xander relaxed slightly but still looked worried. “He’ll be fine, can’t hurt one of me sire’s pets. The ex-watcher’ll have one hell of a hangover but nothing else.” Xander relaxed even more a relieved expression crossing his face before it was quickly followed by startled.

“Pets?! Since when are we Angelus’ pets?!?!?!” Spike snickered and the expression went back to angry. From behind him Drusilla tried to calm the angry mortal before he did something stupid.

“Kitten, you’ve always been Daddy’s pet. Just now Daddy finally saw the collar and decided that sunshine or not he was going to let you play with the butterflies.” Xander turned and stared at the crazy vampire.

“Hu?” Chuckling Spike threw an arm over Dru’s shoulders and began to lead her out of the room. “By-bye kitten! I will come back for another round of fishing!” Dru called out cheerily as she and Spike exited the room leaving both a very confused and a very drunk mortal behind.

Darkness 7

Sep. 7th, 2004 01:38 pm
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Title: Darkness in their Hearts

Author: Kitti-Chan

Pairing: Xander/Angelus/Wesley, implied Wes/Xander,

Spoilers: Angel season one up to "Eternity", Buffy season four

Summary: Xan and Wes talk, Buffy and Angelus talk, Angelus kisses Wes, Xander deals with his head problems.

Feedback: First BtVS/Angel fic, would be welcome. I've got BIG plans
for it!

Email: Flamespout@h...

Website: Soon!

Distribution: Bigbadzeppo, Xanderslash, Vampyr_Slayerette_Passions,
DarkSlash, I Need a Parrot

Notes: Initiative never existed. Drug never wore off on Angel, or it was real bliss even if chemically induced or something along those lines.

Disclaimer: I do not own anyone here! I make no cash! No suing!
Suing of the Kitti-chan is bad! Majorly not of the good! I would
love to own Xan, Angelus, and my poor Wes but sadly I don't (sigh).
~ I'd take better care of them then Joss did! Imagine making my Xan
into a goofy sidekick and giving Angelus back that pussy soul and
killing of my Wesley! I'm still mad about that one. ~


Xander looked around the room seeing nothing remarkable besides the fact it held no windows and barely anything other then the few pieces of furniture. Wesley sat on the couch watching him prowl around the room though he knew that the young man would find nothing. He had given the room a preliminary look over when first brought in there but he knew that Angelus would not put him anywhere where he had a chance to escape. Not until the vampire had gotten whatever it was he wanted. However he understood the young man’s need to do what he was doing. There was nothing much to do in the room and the boy had always been hyperactive however he was soon going to discover that pacing around was an exercise in futility.

Grumbling the teen cast an evil glance at the cool headed Englishman who was merely sitting there watching him. Obviously bored to tears and not willing to do what Xander was doing because he was intelligent enough to know how pointless it was. The bed was made of metal and welded together except for the mattress which was too hard for Xander to lift. The chairs and couches were also too heavy and the leather thoroughly covered the wood, hiding it under thick padding that would prove it impossible to get to any stake worthy material without making a great deal of noise. “Okay! So it’s useless! There’s nothing else to do!” Xander flopped back down into the chair opposite from Wesley and scowled at him.

“So I told you about the M’nut-A-min demon, and who was dead from the Sunnydale crew and you told me about working with Angel and the drug. We both know that there has to be something that Angelus wanted with us. However nothing you’ve told me tells me what he wants. Please tell me you’ve got a clue with all the thinking time you’ve had?” Xander begged looking beseechingly into Wesley’s face hoping that the smarter man would have a clue.

“I don’t. However I do know that if we wanted to try and figure out a way out of here we should observe the rotation schedules. When they bring in our new clothes, the times they bring dinner though we have no real way of recording time here. Still it’s the best we can do.” Wesley’s speech might have gone on but was quickly interrupted by Angelus opening the door to the room and stepping inside.

“All well and good in theory but like you said you have no way to tell the time.” Smirking the vampire ran his eyes up and down the fellow inmates. Xander was shifting uncomfortably on the couch not liking the way he was eying him whereas Wesley seemed to have gotten used to it. Either that or was pointedly ignoring it, whichever worked for the poor boy. Would not be able to pretend he did not exist for very long. “I’ve got a surprise for you two. Would you like to see?” Now both of the young men had stiffened, blood leaving their faces as they considered what the surprise might be. Not counting the already dead it could be anything from headless puppy’s to their parents. Ooo, their parents… that gave Angelus lovely ideas.

“Come on, I’m sure my surprise would like to see you! If he was living of course.” Snickering he threw the dead body of Rupert Giles slightly inside the room making sure it was face up. Xander and Wesley both surged to their feet Xander freezing and turning increasingly pale while Wesley seemed to glow with rage. Angelus knew that the Englishman had tried to remodel himself so he was slightly less like Quentin Traverse and slightly more like Rupert Giles managing to make himself into his own man on the way.

“You. Fucker.” Wesley gritted out looking at the body of the man he had unknowingly respected and believed would outlive them all writing everything down in his Watcher’s Diaries. Giles looked so terrible in life his face pasty from blood loss and a grotesque view of his neck from the chunk that had been ripped out by his killer. The older man looked so very old, the wrinkles showing and the bags under his eyes that Wesley had never noticed before standing out starkly against the man’s dry skin. He was angry so very, very angry and tired so tired. Loosing strength in his legs Wesley slumped unto the couch looking away from the arrogant vampire. He had just ripped away any hope he had had coming into here.

Xander was still standing, still staring at the dead body of his mentor. Inside his head the other voices were ricocheting back and forth about how to take this. The soldier said that the death of a commanding officer should not be taken lightly but he was in the field and could not grieve. The hyena was growling about the death of pack but was still confused with Angelus’ scent. The dark side was snickering that the old man had been in the way, had held him down. Angelus picked up the body again and left the two desolate men together.

Vampire Willow smiled dragging the knife over the screaming Slayer’s flesh again relishing her former friend’s shrieks of pain. Behind Willow her Sire and brother were both watching the entertainment sniggering at the slayer’s inability to contain her cries. “Oi Red, move it a little bit to the left.” Spike shouted out watching as the witch instantly changed the angle of her cut hitting a bunch of sensitive muscle. He and Dru shared a smile loving the way the former Scooby was able to go to town on the Slayer. Moving forward he wrapped his arms around Willow licking the Slayers blood off of her cheek. “Grr Red, make me so hard cutting into her like that.” The redhead giggled, grinding against the bulge in the blonde vampires pants only making him that much harder.

“C’mon poppet let’s leave the nasty Slayer. Spikey has so many games that are more interesting to play.” Drusilla joined in moving in on the other side of her childe pinching and playing with her body. Buffy closed her eyes silent tears sliding down her cheeks as she focused on not hearing what was going on behind her. As long as they didn’t touch her again…

“Hello Lover.” Angelus murmured from in front of her and the blonde snapped her eyes open her ears beginning to work at the same time alerting her to the moans and shuffling noises that Spike, Drusilla, and Willow were making. She focused on the brunette monster in front of her who was staring at her with cold calculating eyes.
“What do you want Angelus?” She rasped out painfully slow. Her ex-lover smirked at her a dangerous evil smirk. “Come to play with me again?” If only he knew how much even the smallest amount of attention of her enemy made her so much more cheerful.
Angelus stalked towards her stopping once he had invaded her personal space. “Nope. Just here to tell you my secrets.” Buffy’s hazel eyes widened at this then narrowed into a glare her bruised scraped up face barely having that amount of mobility. “That’s right Slayer, I’m gonna tell you my secret plans.”

“What the hell do you want Angelus?” Buffy ground out still more painfully then the first time.

“Told you, was going to tell you my plans. There was not any way for you to escape from here and I figure it will heighten the emotional turmoil.” Angelus pulled up a stool and sat down on it the look on his face eager like a schoolboy with a secret. The slayer glared hating the vampire more in that moment then she ever had before. “Since you aren’t busy I think I’ll start now.

“You see when I was here last I was driven crazy by the soul. Insane at being caged for so long, which was why I tried to end the world, and angry about having to sleep with my mortal enemy, which is why I tired to kill you; but not very hard. However that brief respite, being sent to hell, and then the fact Angel had been letting me influence him more frequently all lead to me being as sane now as I was before the soul.” Behind Buffy Spike moved away from licking Willow long enough to shout.

“Which isn’t much!” Chuckling Angelus gave him a mock glare before returning to Buffy.

“Now were was I? Oh yes, saner now. Well now that I was sane, even in the cage, I watched and saw what I wanted. Thinking back on it I realized there was someone else I wanted that I hadn’t taken. Angel wanted them too but would the sainted bastard move on them? Noooo… So when that nice little actress slipped him a mickey I was pleased as punch. Let my Wes and that bitch Cordelia think they had beaten me and then grabbed them up. Coming up here to get what else I wanted was not that difficult. You all ignore him you know, it made it so easy to just pick you off one by one because you didn’t know where I was coming from.” Buffy was glaring at him now her brain not able to figure out what he was saying. Focusing on something that caught her attention she realized that she had not seen Xander since a few nights before when they were captured.

“What did you do to Xander?” She growled not liking the way the man in front of her smiled sweetly a lustful look in his gold flaked eyes. “Nothing as of yet. He’s gonna be ready and willing when I take him Buff. I assure you of that.” Standing up and walking away he left a confused and desolate slayer in his wake, along with three rutting vampires.

After a few days Xander and Wes had fallen into a routine. Agreeing that it would be best if they kept in shape in case they had a chance to escape they started sparring in the morning after stretches and before their morning showers. After their mock fight Wes would shower first while Xander did cool downs. Then Wes would perform some relaxation exercises while Xander showered. Angelus had provided them with some books, realizing that they had far to much time on their hands while they waited for him to make his move. Angelus had picked out mostly classics though there were one or two science fiction novels stolen from Xander’s own book case and a couple of detective/spy novels that Wesley owned. The Englishman however had been greatly surprised when Xander picked up a dog eared copy of Les Miserables and began avidly reading it. He had never seemed like much of a reader to Wesley; something Xander had taken offense at when commented upon.

Going through their daily sparring session Xander realized that they were beginning to anticipate each other’s moves and threw a wild punch at Wesley just to shake things up. Pulling back to avoid being him Wes had gone to far and the chair around his ankle had jerked him up short causing the young man to fall backwards. Stretching out a hand he had scraped the palm against the rough wood of the floor before he had steadied himself. “Wes you okay?” Xander hurried over, helping his sandy haired friend to his feet. Noticing the hurt hand he held it up and realized that it was bleeding slightly. Wesley paled, knowing that the vampires would sense the blood and might decide to just come in and snack on them.

The door swung open but instead of a nameless minion Angelus strode in, smiling warmly at the Englishman he summoned two minions forward. They hurried in front of him and dodged Wesley’s attempts to ward them off instead grabbing Xander and dragging the struggling boy over to one of the heavily padded chairs. Revealing handcuffs they managed to get the boys wrists attached to two special rings at the side of the chair that Wes had never noticed before cuffing his ankles together with leather ankle cuffs. This left Wesley facing Angelus alone and realizing just how naked he felt without a shirt, since Xander and Wesley always practiced in their sleeping clothes they had decided that the shirts merely got in the way and had abandoned them in favor of shirtless-ness. Plus it gave them both a chance to ogle eachother.

Reaching forward Angelus smirked, gripping the wrist of the injured hand and bringing it to his lips. Unfolding the fingers he began to lick at it slowly, catlike, his vampiric saliva already speeding up the healing process. Wesley’s blood tasted fantastic, it tasted like he smelled; of tea, and old books, and youth and the slightest tinge of musk. Cleaning the blood off his captives hand Angelus began moving farther up the arm, licking at the pulse point in his wrist for a minute before slowly licking his way up the exposed vein.

Sitting on the ground Indian-style the vampire pulled the resisting Wesley into his lap. Reaching his shoulder Angelus flicked his tongue over his collarbone before moving up to gum Wesley’s adam’s apple. Moving farther up Angelus leaned in and kissed the frantically struggling man, licking his lips and darting his tongue into his prisoner’s mouth for a quick taste. Pulling back he frowned at the Englishman, the man should calm down otherwise Angelus would be fighting to make him accept this and it would take a lot of work. Not that he was indisposed to it but if he could make the job of getting Wesley slightly easier…

“Wes, take a look at Xander.” Wesley’s head turned and Angelus trained his eyes on the glazed eyed, silent boy. “Would you rather I be kissing him?” Wesley crumbled against him, giving way under this question. Turning back he allowed the older vampire to kiss him. Angelus ran his tongue over Wes’ teeth before slipping into the warm cavern of his mouth and exploring it. Finding the boys hot spots he soon had Wesley fighting not to moan into his mouth but also fighting to breathe. Pulling back he peppered the jaw line with kisses before catching sight, and scent, of Xander.

Xander was trapped behind glazed brown eyes, conned into a conversation deep within his mind. Four versions of him stood there, one the regular Xander looked exactly like he did on the outside except a little more like a kicked puppy dog. Circling around him was the Hyena version of himself, with green eyes, a feral expression, and wild unkempt hair. Across from him standing ramrod straight was the soldier Xander dressed in fatigues and looking dangerous with sharp deadly eyes. To the side, and the version of himself he was most worried about, lounged a version of Xander who looked almost identical to the regular version but darker, more seductive, more of a predator.
“He is pack. We should submit.” The Hyena growled at him, sniffing at his neck before whirling away. “He is stronger, you have given up your place as alpha.” Xander watched as Angelus made his way up to Wesley’s neck giving a mental shiver.

“Harris! You’re a POW, and everyone who knows is dead or gone. This sides stronger then your ‘Scoobies’ ever were. You have no means of escape and no one to go back to. Adapt.” The soldier said, his eyes never leaving Xander’s face. Xander flinched and watched as Angelus kissed Wesley.

“They’re both right you know. He is stronger but you’re unharmed. He wants you for something Xan, wants you to join him, wants you to be willing.” The dark version of Xander purred watching as his ‘clean twin’ as he thought of him flinched away and struggled to get out of this conversation to return to control of his body so he could close his eyes and distract himself from the voices in his head.

Angelus kisses Wesley again slow and deep noticing which scent took over Xander at that. “Wesley, do you know why I want Xander here? Besides the fact he’s cute?” Wesley merely shook his head trying to fight the trembling arousal Angelus caused in him. “It’s because he hears voices.” Nibbling on his earlobe the vampire chuckled. “He’s been possessed twice and the spirits are essentially a part of him. Also there’s part of him that is so very evil, or wants to be at least. His scents keep changing Wes, do you think watching us is making him loose control?” Light feathery kisses along the jaw line before pulling back and making Wes face Xander. “The scents and stories are so interesting!

“He was possessed by a Hyena before I was officially part of the Slayers groupies. I heard about it from Giles later, Angel thought it was something he should remain aware of since animal spirits tend to fight being thrown out of a body and if they can manage it will hide in the psyche of whoever they’re possessing. The Hyena smells utterly delicious.” Word accented by a hard kiss, bruising Wes’ lips. “Like lust and submission and hunger. It’s wilder, then Xander’s normal scent.; which is like chocolate and wood and earth.” A quick tweak to the Englishman’s nipples before he continues.

“Then there was a possession by a soldier Halloween the second year I was here. A green beret or something, he kept the memories and probably something a little more. When I was back before I had the Judge, and he stole a rocket launcher from the Sunnydale Army base to blow it up. That one,” Nips at the juncture of shoulder and neck, “smells metallic, with hints of gun polish over the usual Xander smells, he’s grieving; for Giles I believe, but its muted. There is still a healthy dose of lust.” Hand working its way over his chest playing. “Aw, but that pure darkness that every demon senses and wants especially with the façade of purity over it… It’s darker then Xander’s basic scent, and is now peppered with lust, hunger and rage, whereas Xander’s feeling grief, anger and helplessness. So sad really.” Giving Wes one last long kiss, he dropped him from his lap and smiled.
“I’ll be seeing you both real soon.”

Xander had been untied he thought idly as he came back to himself. Blinking he looked around to see if he could catch sight of the rope but when he saw it was gone figured that the minion’s had taken it. Hearing the water running the still bleary eyed young man makes his way over there. Knocking he opens it the door at the answering grunt.
Wesley stands over the sink one hand holding the toothbrush in a death grip as he frantically tries to wash the taste of Angelus out of his mouth. Glaring into the mirror he spots the now aware brunette and decides that the taste will wear off eventually. Spitting he rinsed before giving the other man his full attention.

“Xander, Angelus mentioned why he wanted you here.” Xander turned away only making a hand motion to communicate he wanted Wes to continue. Feeling a fluttering in his stomach that Xander already knew Wes went on. “It’s about the possessions.”

Banging his head against the doorway to the bathroom the Sunnydalian avoided Wesley’s eyes.

Angelus opened the door to his playthings room dressed in his black leather pants and a blood red shirt he held under his arm a white box. It was the day after his encounter with Wesley and he was looking forward to playing with Xander today. He figured that the young brunette would break first because of the multiple personalities. Heading towards the bed he smiled at the sight that greeted him. Xander and Wesley were wrapped around each other; Wesley’s legs clamped around Xander’s own while the bigger man seemed to curl into Wesley’s chest like a child. In sleep all of Wesley’s worries melted away leaving his face almost childish, despite the stubble. Xander’s facial hair seemed to grow very slowly, barely visible in the light from the doorway. His eyes were crinkled and his lips tightened the eyeballs flitting behind the eyelids as if in a very vivid dream. “Cute.” Angelus smirked.

Flicking the lights on from the outside Angelus signaled for the minions to grab Wesley while he was wavering between sleep and wakefulness and tie him to the same chair Xander had been tied to the day before. Wesley struggled sleepily before snapping to awareness as he realized that he was battling vampires and the memories caught up with him. Fighting against the minions he spotted Angelus hovering over Xander on the bed, who was less of a morning person then he was, and redoubled his attempts to help the young man. Punching backwards he forced one of the minions to release the grip on his arm and swung around ready to get rid of the other minion when Angelus gave a casual swat to the back of his head stunning him. Taking advantage of his dazed state the minions made quick work of tying him up before making a quick retreat out the door.

Xander remembered the warmth of being curled around Wesley and realized that the warm body was missing. Blinking he struggled out of the land of dreams where he had been battling his other selves again; spotting Angelus’ black leather pant he napped his eyes open and began to move away hitting the headboard before too long. Under Angelus’ arm he held a white box something that instantly set off warning bells in Xander’s mind. Nostrils flaring his awakening Hyena senses caught the scent of blood, a familiar scent; the scent of someone he had known. Running through his memories of the watcher’s diaries and what Angelus had done the last time he was here and what Angelus knew about him he struggled to get even farther away. “God no!” Xander tried to roll off the side of the bed but the vampire grabbed his ankle whiskey colored eyes sparking with triumph. Pulling the struggling boys towards him he smiled evilly.

“What Xan, don’t want your prezzie?” voice inquiring as he opened the box and picked up the squishy object that was held in a plastic bag inside the box. Pulling out a human heart he held it over Xander’s staring face letting the blood fall on his lips to be instinctively licked away. The brunet’s eyes shifted becoming more feral and dangerous. “C’mon Xander, you know you want it. Take a bite.” In his chair Wesley was struggling against the bonds knowing that Xander might not be able to resist Angelus. The young man had confided in Wesley his fears about the possessions, how the other beings were partly him and partly not and a great deal of malevolence resided in two while one was merely balancing on the line between black and white.

Inside his mind Xander found himself submitting to the seductive whispers of both Angelus and his evil self, the hunger of the hyena and the soldiers urge to follow orders. Sinking deeper into himself the other parts of his soul exchanged glances knowing that if Xander took a bit of the heart he would be bound to them and to Angelus and there would be no more running from the boy. Xander began to reach for the heart his eyes still slightly glazed but was held back by the last vestiges of his humanity. A humanity the tempting vampire wanted to quickly shuck. “Xander it’s getting cold.” Xander licked the blood, which tasted heavily of whiskey, from his lips and his hand closed around Angelus’ until his daze was snapped by Wesley’s voice.

“Xander don’t!” Wesley eventually cried slumping against the bonds and hoping that he would be able to reach the youth he had begun to consider friend. Xander’s eyes snapped fully opened and returned to their usual confused chocolate color. Releasing the vampires hand he began struggling against his grasp now. “No no nonononononono…” Xander breathed fighting against the knowledge of what he had almost done; what he had almost given into.

Angelus snarled and placed the heart back into the box. It was worthless if Xander did not take the blood willingly and now the youth was back to himself snapped out of the almost union by Wesley’s shout. Releasing his ankle Xander quickly pulled away from him rolling off the bed and scurrying away. “And after all the trouble I went through killing your bastard of a father. This is the thanks I get?” Xander’s eyes now were fearful. The vampire knew what the fear was about, the fear was that his secret had been discovered by his worst enemy.

“Oh yes, I know about you being hit. Angel saw how stiffly you moved sometimes even when nothing exciting had happened recently. How during a fight you would occasionally be pulled up short be a hidden wound. He even saw under those ugly garments once or twice to the pains underneath. Tell me did you wear those things because they were the only things you could afford or to distract everyone from the yellow and purple bruises on your skin? Willow knew, she told me he had stopped when you were ten. Lying to your best friend, for shame Xander.” Angelus now stood above Xander towering over his cowering form. He was angry about what that bastard of a father had been able to get away with for years, especially since Xander had been lying for him. Xander curled into a ball his eyes becoming haunted. Angelus hunkered down grasping the boys chin and making him meet his eyes. “Just want you to know I’m not gonna hurt you like that Xander. You’re gonna like everything I do to you, and you’re gonna be willing. No more bruises.” Then Angelus stood quickly untied Wes and left holding the ropes in one hand and the box in the other.

Wesley practically ran over to Xander, whose eyes were filled with tears but he quickly chocked them back down. Holding the shaking boy the Englishman began to croon softly to the young man. Angelus’ was an expert at manipulating people and seemed to know exactly what to say to both of them. Wes’ own parents had locked him in closets, and verbally abused him but the old man had never left a mark before. “Shh Xander. He’s gone, you’re safe.” Wesley crooned and began to rock the boy who had curled into a ball in his lap the emotional backlash overwhelming him.

Darkness 6

Sep. 7th, 2004 01:36 pm
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Title: Darkness in their Hearts

Author: Kitti-Chan

Pairing: very- very close Xander/Angelus/Wesley, implied Wes/Xander,

Spoilers: Angel season one up to "Eternity", Buffy season four

Summary: Dru taunts, Wesley talks, Giles receives tableaus

Feedback: First BtVS/Angel fic, would be welcome. I've got BIG plans
for it!

Email: Flamespout@h...

Website: Soon!

Distribution: Bigbadzeppo, Xanderslash, Vampyr_Slayerette_Passions,
DarkSlash, I Need a Parrot

Notes: Had insomnia last night so this thing got pumped out quick. Hope it’s good!

Disclaimer: I do not own anyone here! I make no cash! No suing!
Suing of the Kitti-chan is bad! Majorly not of the good! I would
love to own Xan, Angelus, and my poor Wes but sadly I don't (sigh).
~ I'd take better care of them then Joss did! Imagine making my Xan
into a goofy sidekick and giving Angelus back that pussy soul and
killing of my Wesley! I'm still mad about that one. ~


-“The Stars are giggling Slayer. They say they want to see blood.” And the minions lunged.-

Xander cursed as he ducked under one minions swipe allowing it to kill the minion behind him for him. Buffy was staking vampires stalking her way towards the giggling Drusilla who had yet to join the fighting. He did not think that behavior typical for Angel’s crazy childe. Distracted by this train of thought he was hit by one of the minions and thrown over a tombstone, the accompanying look on the minions face was not one of bloodlust but fear. What the hell was he afraid of, striking quickly he drove his wooden stake through the vampire’s heart. The look on his face as he disappeared was almost thankful. Buffy was almost upon Drusilla now who was backing away into a copse of trees just beyond their clearing. Ooo, a Giles’ word. He would be so proud.
“Come Slayer, let us have ourselves a race!” Drusilla giggled harder and gave a twirl still heading out the clearing and Xander’s line of sight. Buffy looked over at the dark-haired slayerette and seeing that he had only one vampire left to dust and it was barely keeping him away set off after Miss Looney Tunes. Even as Buffy advanced more purposefully the vampire continued to speak. “Then Alice will fall down the rabbit hole and the Dark Kitten will have tea with the Wicked little Dormouse who isn’t really much of a mouse at all.” Buffy shook her head and ran after the disappearing vampire.

Xander, left with only one helpless fledge quickly staked her and then turned to where Buffy and Dru had vanished to. It disturbed him that the vampiress had not fought Buffy in the clearing which meant that she had a plan about what to do with the Slayer. Meaning how to kill her. Patting himself down to make sure he had the requisite stake, holy water and cross he almost missed the faint, familiar laugh sounding from behind him. Turning slowly he saw a face he had been looking for earlier and was now devastated to see because he knew now. When he had not been able to see her he thought that she might just be dead, or kidnapped as a hostage, or possibly being tortured and while he did not like any of these possibilities they were a lot easier to stomach then the thought that she was turned. Now however even though she had not changed her clothes and was not in game face there was something distinctly un-Willowy about her.

“Oh. Oh God no.” Xander’s knees buckled before he brought out his stake and cross and this would be so much harder then staking Jesse because Willow and he were so much closer and had gone through so many problems together and she was His Willow, His Girl the white knight complex making it difficult to hurt her at all and his hyena was still screaming pack and he knew that Jesse had merely been a minion a mindless killer while Willow… He knew that Angelus would not have wasted all that potential, she was a Childe of Angelus. “I’m sorry Wills.” He gripped the stake and cross in his hands and stayed where he was knowing he couldn’t walk towards her.

“Sorry?” The vampiress formerly known as Willow laughed. “For what? For allowing me to become a vampire? Tut-tut Xander you should know that this isn’t your fault. All that low self-esteem has got to go.” She stalked forward intent on getting close to her former best friend, a being her demon told her either to kill or make him hers but Willow was not allowed and the reason was her Grand-Sire. A hand on her shoulder stopped her from getting within arms reach of Xander Angelus ‘tut-tutting’ her.
“Willow, he’d try to stake you if you got closer. And then you’d have to hurt him and I’d be mad.” The silken tone whispering through her veins touching her in a way that was completely different from her sire and brother. Telling her he did not care how much she was hurt as long as the ones he wanted were okay.

“You. Bastard.” Xander spat out and would have lunged for Angelus but realized he had the tactical disadvantage. “You turned her.” Angelus smirked stroking his hand over Willow’s silken red locks an absent minded sign of ownership.

“Actually Drusilla turned her, I’m just hear to reign her in while he sire has some fun.” A scream echoed from the copse and Xander flinched around before remembering the more immediate threat. “And while Spike has his fun with Mrs. Summers.” The blood drained from his soon-to-be pet’s face leaving the boy distinctly pale. A good look for him, and one he would be getting used to eventually.

“Sp-spike? Oh god, he’s gonna…” Xander trailed off and had to fight not to be sick the thoughts going through his head clearly reflected in Angelus’ eyes. Angelus smirked, still petting the redhead but realizing he’d have to comfort the brunette before he was sick.

“No not that, he’s merely saying his goodbye’s. Says she was a right lady to him and that she should be told about her daughter and then given a classy death.” Color returned to Xander’s face now he flushed with anger the blood rising to the skin as he thought about the implications of Spike having his chip out.

“You’ve been playing with us all along you made sure we knew you were up and about and sent us to L.A. God you bastard...” Willow moved out of the way as he lunged for the master vampire hitting the broad chest he pushed Angelus onto the ground and wrestled with him trying to plunge a stake into his heart strength coming from unnamed sources as the darkness also battled their cages knowing that the stake through the heart might allow them out or Angelus taking the clueless goody-two shoes under his wing could do the same. Xander may have succeeded in killing Angelus but was distracted by a painful shriek from the slayer. “XAAAAANNNDER!” Darkness overwhelmed him as Angelus smashed his head into a tombstone.

Wesley had been moved to a larger room this morning, or evening he could not tell since he had not seen a window or clock since Angelus’ reappearance. However he had wondered about the change in accommodation, it was not like this new room was much different from the old. There was a large king sized bed with silk sheets and elaborate headboards there were also two chairs and a couch. A bathroom to the side of the bed with full bath and shower and a mirror but nothing else special, there were two toothbrushes and two electric razors and that seemed strange. Or it did until the minions had brought in Xander Harris and chained him to the same ring Wesley was now attached to. In retrospect being chained to the floor seemed a lot more comfortable then being chained to the bed, maybe it was just the connotations of being chained to a bed that disturbed him. Before he allowed his mind to wander off on this tangent Wesley looked Xander over again wondering why Angelus had captured them both.

When the minions had brought him in they had laid him on the cough before chaining him up so the black of Xander’s hair nicely contrasted with the red leather couch. His clothes were not quite as luminescent and garish as Wes remembered but still pretty ugly. Underneath though he could tell that Xander had filled out some becoming more man and less boy, his hair was longer curling and falling slightly over his face. Leaning forward Wesley brushed one stray curl away a warmth trickling up his fingers from the brief contact with the young man. Flinching back he tried to rationalize it as being left alone for too long but he knew the truth. Even when he had been in Sunnydale Xander had fascinated him, part of the reason he had taken up with Cordelia actually, the non-stop babble making him seem so cute and worry free even as his eyes told you he wasn’t. If it had not been for that huge stick up Wesley’s ass he might have made a move on him, the ex-watcher thought with a grin.

On the couch Xander moaned and moved slightly bringing himself to wakefulness only to wish he had stayed asleep. The ache in his head reminded him of how he had achieved unconsciousness anyway and the leather under his cheek was not conducive to proper thinking. “Mr. Harris are you awake?” Came a startlingly proper Brit voice, a voice Xander had not heard in a while.

“Wesley?” Startled Xander shot up in his seat only to remember why moving was a bad idea. “Oh god my head, and Wes, are there two of you?” The formerly uptight man smiled slightly and shook his head.

“No Mr. Harris, one of me is enough for everyone I think. Are you quite all right?” Xander was staring at him oddly mouth flopping open like a dead fish. Finally he wheezed out, “You made a joke.” A statement that startled Wesley, oh he had not quite been in the habit of making jokes back in Sunnydale.

“You will hopefully find that I am a most amusing person. When not incarcerated by brooding sadists.” Shaking his ankle to illustrate the chain he watched as the young man noticed his own manacle. “Angelus seems to want something from us. I was hoping you could possibly shed some light on that Mr. Harris.” Groaning Xander once again laid back on the couch stretching this time and unknowingly giving Wesley a glimpse of his golden wash-board stomach.

“Please, call me Xander. Mr. Harris is my father and since we’re locked in the same room together we might as well be informal. Nope not got any idea what Angelus wants, except that I’m an evil, evil person who seems to be a demon magnet.” This last bit was said with complete and total sincerity something that Wesley marveled at since it was a joke, right?

“Mr.- Xander, maybe you could explain what you meant by that last statement.” Sighing Xander began to tell him about the M’nut-A-min demon, leaving out the part about his various possessions.


Giles sighed and washed the last of his dishes putting them away while he waited for any news from Buffy or Xander about last nights patrol. Neither had called him today but he figured that Buffy had continued to go to classes and did not know whether Xander was sleeping or hiding from him again. Walking to his study he passed the door of his bedroom and noticed roses. Red roses littered around the edge of his door and by the scent of it obviously inside. Throwing open his door he was not confronted with the scene of Buffy, Xander, Willow, or Joyce laying on his bed but of a box. A fairly plain slightly small box, but covered generously with petals so obviously Angelus had a message for him. Moving his way inside the room cautiously he wondered when Angelus had time to bring the box inside. Pulling out his cross he kept it in easy reach as he opened the potentially lethal box and was confronted with Jenny.

A picture of Jenny lying in death upon his bed, drawn skillfully by Angelus’ large hands brought back the memory as if it was yesterday and Giles might have been overcome if he had not realized that there were more pictures in the box then Jenny. Moving the top picture aside he was confronted with Cordelia’s mutilated corpse and realized why Xander had been looking so lost when he came back form L.A. He had never really liked the cheerleader but to see her so, literarily, torn up was sickening. Putting that one aside as well he was faced with a picture of a game faced Drusilla and then closely followed by a picture of Spike draining a victim. He could tell they were both new, meaning Spike had his chip deactivated and Drusilla had rejoined her Daddy. Becoming more hopeless he had to bite back a sob when confronted with a drawing of Willow feeding off some poor chap. The girl had become like a daughter to him, possibly closer to him then Buffy was with her high and mighty attitude and with Willow’s love for research and magic. Moving it he saw a picture of Willow, Drusilla and Spike all curled up in a bed in an obvious post-coital movement the sheet covering them managing to hide nothing from Angelus’ skillful fingers. A picture, obviously very new since it could not have been drawn before last night showed Buffy chained to a wall leaking blood from several puncture holes on her neck bruises decorating her skin and a dull lifeless look in her eyes.

Silent tears leaking down his face Giles set this one aside with the others as well and faced the bottom of the box. Angelus had turned over the last few sketches so the blank side was facing up, obviously knowing Giles would be anticipating this moment. Picking up the last picture he was faced with the sight of Wesley chained to a bed in a small room, quite obviously asleep. His eyelashes cast shadows across his cheeks and his mouth was slightly open as his fingers curled around the sheet. Angelus had Wesley captured? For what reason? His mind flashing to all the knowledge Wesley Windham-Pryce was sure to have learned as a Watcher and the magic he would be able to accomplish Giles turned his mind to the next picture in the box. Flipping it over Giles was faced with an unconscious Xander sprawled in a cemetery tombstones lying around him. He doubted Xander was dead there was no obvious sign of it and Angelus would have been sure to make it obvious.

Xander was alive too? And unharmed what was Angelus playing at?
Behind him he heard a noise, small barely noticeable but he whirled his cross coming up defensively only to be knocked out of his hand by Spike. “Little jumpy ain’t’cha watcher?” Spike commented before descending on dinner. Teach him to chain William the Bloody in a soddin’ bath tub.

Darkness 5

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Feedback: First BtVS/Angel fic, would be welcome. I’ve got BIG plans for it!

Email: Flamespout@hotmail.com

Website: Err… working on that

Distribution: Bigbadzeppo, Xanderslash, Vampyr_Slayerette_Passions, DarkSlash, I Need a Parrot

Notes: Um… Riley kinda disappeared… He’d technically still be in the infirmary and we’d technically be still dealing with Adam but I really don’t want to write around them so Poof! No more Iowa boy or Frankenstein!

Disclaimer: I do not own anyone here! I make no cash! No suing! Suing of the Kitti-chan is bad! Majorly not of the good! I would love to own Xan, Angelus, and my poor Wes but sadly I don’t (sigh). ~ I’d take better care of them then Joss did! Imagine making my Xan into a goofy sidekick and giving Angelus back that pussy soul and killing of my Wesley! I’m still mad about that one. ~


Xander gritted his teeth as he listened to Buffy blubber to Giles about her love life. Forcing a goofy Xander-grin he spoke calmly to Giles while ignoring Buffy. “Sorry G-man but I’m gonna head home.” If you could call that lousy damp basement a home. “It’s been a hard day, I’ll give you a call tomorrow alright?” Not waiting for an answer he strode to the door, yanking it open and then slamming it shut behind him. Growling he walked towards his house. “Oh, Angel’s gone evil again!” He whined in an imitation of the inconsiderate blonde slayer, kicking a can that had the misfortune to be in his way. “I’m gonna have to stake him! He’s gonna try to kill me again! Oh Giles, Giles make it all better!” Giving the can one final kick he entered his basement apartment only to stop when he spotted Anya standing there holding something in her hand.

“Ahn, much as I enjoy the sex now’s a really bad time.” Xander sighed his eyes catching a hardening in his fuck-buddy’s eyes. Walking down the dilapidated stares the single male slayerette slumped into his fold out couch. “Something you want to say, sorry for the pissy mood I’ve just seen the eviscerated body of my ex.” Closing his eyes he leaned his head back against the couch and tried to pay attention to whatever annoying brash comments Anya would make today.

“I’m leaving.” She stated simply, feeling sorry for the mortal as his eyes snapped open and his head whipped around. It had to hurt.

“Leaving-leaving or going away until Angelus is dead/souled leaving?” The question was quiet but Anya had no trouble hearing it, holding up her power center she watched Xander’s face as understanding flashed across it. “Oh, so leaving-leaving it is.” Slumping down again he looked anywhere but at Anya, deciding to focus on a water stain in the far corner of his ceiling.

“Xander, I understand that you have a lot on your mind but I have to say this and I want you to listen. Being human was hard but you, besides the money, were the best part of it. Thank you for letting me know you, and for interlocking parts with me on a regular basis.” Nodding Anya disappeared in a flash so that the poor boy would not see the faint glimmer of tears in the vengeance demons eyes. Xander slumped farther into his couch wondering just how she had gotten her power center. When Willow had tried to retrieve it… Shit! Willow! She had not been at Giles so obviously she either had not gotten his call or had ignored it. Picking up a phone he hurriedly dialed the number at the dorm.

“C’mon, c’mon!” He mumbled pacing frantically and slamming the receiver down when no-one answered. “Damn it!” Running up the steps he did not both locking much less closing the door as he left the house. Racing to Stevenson hall he practically flew up the steps to Willow’s room. Knocking he bounced as he waited for an answer before throwing it open when he got none.

He was confronted by a spell circle, pieces of a shattered glass ball lying around the room and Tara’s drained body tossed carelessly to the side. “NO!” He shouted wondering why no one looked in to see what was the matter with him. Giving him a few minutes to collect himself he lifted up the phone and dialed a number. “Sunnydale police? I’d like to report a murder…”

Xander spent several hours at the police station and while it had been late afternoon when he got in there it was definitely early morning when he left. After giving them a full report of what he had seen and what he suspected, carefully editing the ‘undead psycho’ pieces out. He had called Giles to give him a ride and the ex-librarian refused to drop him off at his house. Lying in a couch by the research table to young man drifted while his mentor searched desperately for an Orb of Thessulah since the one he had in stock had been smashed when Willow had been abducted. His other personalities were howling to get out, literally howling in the hyena’s case, and he needed to focus his energy inward instead of focusing on the outside world. Giles left him alone believing that he needed time to grieve, which the older man was holding off on until Angelus was contained. Buffy was going to attend her college classes because Giles had convinced her that was where her responsibility lay at the moment. Angelus would be dealt with in time it was no reason to let her grades lapse. Plus there was not much hunting she could do for Angelus in the day, when he would be hiding from the sun’s rays. Minions would too so that wasn’t a way to get any information and Willy the snitch… Images filled Xander’s head-

**Rending the flesh from the bartenders bones**
**Crushing his hand into a pulp**
**Poking out his eyes**
**Blindfolding him and grilling him for information, punishing him when disappointed**
**Expertly pressing pressure points as he screamed for mercy**
**Shooting him repeatedly**
**Ripping out his tongue**
**Eating his heart**

“NO!” Xander flung himself out of his stupor shuddering from the sensations that those visions had caused. The Hyena, Soldier, and Darkness were all against him, each wanting to take over his body and they would be perfectly satisfied to let only one of them do it if it at least attained the goal of pushing him out. Sobbing he leaned into Giles’ embrace when it was offered. The minute the older man had heard the shout he had dropped the phone and rushed over. “I can’t do it Giles, I just can’t hold on anymore.” The older man’s arms tightened around him trying to sooth him in a way that words could not.

“Xander, I know that the M’nut-A-min spoke to you and it worries you but you have to believe that you are not evil. Its not who you are.” Xander shook, burrowing his head deeper into the chest before him wanting to believe in the words but knowing they were not true. The creatures inside of him proved that. “Xander, look at me.” Hesitantly tortured brown eyes met sharp gray ones. “It could have spoken to any of us…” He was stopped by the shake of Xander’s head.

Biting down on his lip Xander whispered, “It is not just that he talked to me. He woke up something- some THINGS inside of me. You knew that the Hyena memories were not forgotten, and you also knew that she was not completely banished. Though you never told me that one.” Giles looked abashed at this statement. “But it gets worse, I know that for Buffy and Willow the Halloween debacle was not really any biggy, but that’s cause the noblewoman is part of who Buffy is. She’s a really big princess-y type person, and Willow stayed Willow throughout the entire thing but for me… It was still me yes but it was not at the same time. The soldier had memories, memories of doing terrible things that formed that person. He fed off a darkness that everyone has and fed back into it too. Giles’ I have four different people in my head and only one of them is the person you see. The rest, I just want them to go away but they’re part of me and they want me to just…” Giles let him drift off and held the young man as he keened out his misery. Berating himself for not helping sooner, berating himself for not seeing it sooner. They stayed like that until Buffy showed up in the early evening.

Walking into the Magic Box Buffy was confronted with the picture of her mentor calming her best friend. Well the only friend she had left right now with Willow being MIA and all. She wanted to know what had happened that had caused this cuddle fest but after her entrance they had both sprung apart Xander trying to wipe away the tear tracks that marked his face. She shot him a speculative glance. “Xander? Are you-“
“Yes Buff, I’m fine. Just needed to grieve a bit. Now I’m ready to go hunt some vampire butt!” Buffy smiled at him but looked worriedly at Giles, who merely cleared his throat and wiped his glasses. Xander bounced up and headed into the kitchen for a soda, shouting back if anyone wanted anything.

“It might be best if you two stick together. Last time Angelus all but ignored Xander. I don’t think he’ll make the same mistake this time around and I’ll be busy looking for an orb of Thessullah.” Buffy nodded and went to go help her patrol buddy demolish Giles’ sodas before they headed out.

Walking through another cemetery on their way to Willy’s Xander was stopped when Buffy suddenly shifted into a defensive stance in front of him. “I can sense a bunch of them.” She whispered and he shifted back, knowing she wanted him to get out of the way. Annoying how the Slayer still thought he couldn’t fight beside her. With a roar a hoard of vampires jumped from the surrounding foliage and from behind headstones and crypts. Drusilla laughed from where she stood, apparently Angelus’ stand in for the night. “The stars are giggling Slayer. They say they want to see blood.” And the minions lunged.

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Feedback: First BtVS/Angel fic, would be welcome. I’ve got BIG plans for it!

Email: Flamespout@hotmail.com

Website: Err… working on that

Distribution: Bigbadzeppo, Xanderslash, Vampyr_Slayerette_Passions, DarkSlash, I Need a Parrot

Notes: Um… Riley kinda disappeared… He’d technically still be in the infirmary and we’d technically be still dealing with Adam but I really don’t want to write around them so Poof! No more Iowa boy or Frankenstein!

Disclaimer: I do not own anyone here! I make no cash! No suing! Suing of the Kitti-chan is bad! Majorly not of the good! I would love to own Xan, Angelus, and my poor Wes but sadly I don’t (sigh). ~ I’d take better care of them then Joss did! Imagine making my Xan into a goofy sidekick and giving Angelus back that pussy soul and killing of my Wesley! I’m still mad about that one. ~


Wesley woke up slowly snapping to awareness like he had every night for the past week. Staring up at the ceiling the Englishman rolled over on the bed gathering his senses slowly. He had never been a morning person, and working at Angel Investigations he did not get out until afternoon, or early evening at best. Standing and stretching he scowled down at the chain which linked his ankle to the bed. It was long, long enough for him to reach the bathroom but since that was a door almost immediately to the right of the bed it was not long enough to reach the door to the main house. Grumbling to himself Wesley walked into the bathroom and showered thinking about the change in his life. Since Angelus’ return he had been kept in this room, unknowing of whether it was in Los Angeles or not, and cared to by the occasional minion who would stop in with a meal for him. His clothes were replaced with fresh ones everyday and if it were not for his state of captivity he would have probably be feeling fairly decent. Well the captivity and the worry that the group from Sunnydale was getting munched on by Angelus and the worry that he had no idea what was going to happen to him.

Stepping out of the shower he brushed his teeth and shaved using the electric shaver that had been supplied to him. Apparently while in Angelus’ keeping he would be kept in all the amenities he was used to. Turning the brunette dressed in the clothes that had been left on the top of the toilet while he slept. The jeans were tight, like always, and the shirt was a grey silk button up today. Turning Wesley exited the bathroom, pushing the curtain that was its only separation between the bathroom and bedroom aside. Stopping short as he realized who was waiting him on his bed.
“I like the grey.” Angelus said standing up in a casual, but still graceful, move. “It brings out your eyes.” Wes scowled, an expression he knew caused lines to appear on his forehead. Standing there he decided he would not say anything else but then… He caught sight of his breakfast and morning tea sitting on the small table beside Angelus. Stomach grumbling the blushing young man made his way over refusing to let the vampire think he was staying away because he was afraid. He wasn’t. Smirking Angelus leaned against the wall now and watched as he ate, neither saying anything.
Finishing his breakfast the two continued in this silence for close to a half-hour before the younger man broke. “Alright Angelus! What do you want?” Smirking the Irish vampire asked casually.

“With you or just in general?” Blushing Wes muttered to himself about arrogant evil vampires before saying in exasperation.

“In general.”

“You.” Angelus smiled a smile that contained far too many teeth and continued after giving the Englishman time to recover from his shock. “Well, you and a certain Sunnydaler.” Glaring at him Wes’ grey eyes snapped behind his glasses.
“Who? And what did you do to Cordelia?” Angelus smiled again beginning to walk to the main door now and Wes found his eyes drawn to the vampire’s ass. Instantly moving them away when the vampire continued,

“Xander. And I did not do anything to Cordelia, I left her to Dru’s tender mercies. It ended up being quite pretty.” Smirking again Angelus left the captive young ex-watcher to his thoughts.

Why did Angelus want him and Xander? Hadn’t he been obsessed with Buffy the last time that he had been released? Why him and Xander, Xander was…. well… himself and Wes was smart but unimportant. Was there something they could do together? Shaking his head he lay down on the black satin sheets of the bed. No, he was a relatively good magician and intelligent researcher but otherwhise there was nothing special about him and Xander… was again himself. Sighing the watcher closed his eyes as he sorted out his thoughts.

Xander gripped the wheel of his car tightly as he maneuvered through L.A. traffic. He and Buffy were about ten minutes away from Angel’s apartment and hoping that the information Spike had given them was wrong. Throwing a glance at the blonde slayer Xander amended that statement. More like praying. Pulling up he and Buffy raced down to the apartment number they had before carefully opening the door. “Angel?” Buffy enquired softly before both were hit by the smell of rotting meat. Throwing the door open Xander ran into the apartment before stopping in shock at the sight that greeted him. What was left of Cordelia was spread eagled over the wall just to the right of the door. Her eyes had been plucked out of her skull, the skin she had taken so much time caring for had been peeled away, her tongue was ripped out and hanging in the whole where her heart should have been, her intestines were ripped out and hanging around her neck like so much jewelry. He noticed the dried blood around her fingers and realized her nails had been ripped out. Snapping out of his haze he realized that Buffy had hurled out in the hallway and was now crying softly.

Coming out to her he closed the door and led the slayer away to his car. “I’m sorry Buffy.” Buffy just continued to sob. Starting the car he had to control his rage as the slayer continued to weep. Sure Angel had been her ‘soul mate’ but hadn’t Xander dated Cordelia? (Mate!) So why did he have to drive her back to Sunnydale? (A soldier should be allowed time to grieve a fallen companion unless in the field) Why did he have to be the one strong enough to confront the horror that had been in that room? Why him? (Because she doesn’t care) Cordelia was dead but Angel could be brought back as long as Willow could do the soul spell. WILLOW!!!

Pulling out his cell phone his driving became more aggressive as he battled the other cars around him for supremacy, racing to make it back to his home soon. Dialing he held the phone to his ear ignoring Buffy’s bitching that his driving was making her sick. Getting the answering machine the brunette male silently cursed before beginning to speak. “Listen Willow I want you to be very careful about letting people into your room… Screw it! Get over to Giles’ as soon as you hear this and stay there! I’m serious Angel knew that you put his soul back so Angelus would know that you were able to do it again. Please do this for me Wills I just want you to be safe. I’ll be there as soon as I can.” Hanging up Xander concentrated on driving.

Willow ignored the answering machine, not hearing Xander panicked message because she and Tara were prepping for the soul spell. In front of her sat an orb of Thessullah and she closed her eyes taking a deep breath and just about to start chanting when a knock came to her door. This was ignored until Spike’s cockney accented voice snapped through her haze. “Witch open up! I need to talk to you!” Sighing the redhead stood up and shaking out her skirt went to her door to open it. Spike was invited in but he was apparently trying to be more polite. “What do you…” She trailed off as Spike grabbed her around her throat and tossed her to the waiting Drusilla, who eagerly sank her fangs into Willow’s neck while Spike quickly lunged for Tara. “No!” Willow gasped beginning to struggle and about to start a spell but her blood was being drained too quickly and darkness was approaching. She did not really want to escape either, the bite was intoxicating it felt so good. Holding her bleeding wrist up to the nearly drained red-heads mouth Drusilla whispered in her ear.

“Drink burning tree, you will make such a pretty childe and Spike you and I shall have so much bloody fun forever.” Willow could not keep the liquid from dripping into her mouth and as soon as she had a taste of the substance she latched onto the wrist before her and started to suck. Giggling the maddened childe of Angelus and her childe left the college dorm, a pale body slung over one shoulder.

Darkness 3

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Feedback: First BtVS/Angel fic, would be welcome. I've got BIG plans
for it!

Email: Flamespout@h...

Website: Err… working on that

Distribution: Bigbadzeppo, Xanderslash, Vampyr_Slayerette_Passions,
DarkSlash, I Need a Parrot

Warnings: None for this chap, unless you count Cordy's death.

Notes: Um… Riley kinda disappeared… He'd technically still be in the
infirmary and we'd technically be still dealing with Adam but I
really don't want to write around them so Poof! No more Iowa boy or

Disclaimer: I do not own anyone here! I make no cash! No suing! Suing
of the Kitti-chan is bad! Majorly not of the good! I would love to
own Xan, Angelus, and my poor Wes but sadly I don't (sigh). ~ I'd
take better care of them then Joss did! Imagine making my Xan into a
goofy sidekick and giving Angelus back that pussy soul and killing
off my Wesley! I'm still mad about that one. ~


After the M'nut-A-min demon things had gone back to being
fairly quiet for Sunnydale. There was the normal amount of minion
killing to be done and the odd demon or two but the Slayer and her
Slayerettes had nothing major to deal with. Matters were strained
with the Scooby gang though, since it seemed that Xander was avoiding
everyone. Willow was above and beyond worried and hoped that Xander
would be okay enough to talk soon. Though she was not going to let
him avoid returning her phone calls for long.

Standing behind the counter of the Magic Shop Anya sighed and
went back to counting money. From the corner of her eye she could
still see Tara and Willow huddled together trying to figure out what
could possibly be wrong with Xander. She knew that her relationship
with Xander was based on, sex, and this string-free friendship had
allowed him to tell her what was going on. He had told her how
worried he was about hurting his friends and even her, since that's
what she was to him. When Xander was around Anya didn't even mind
being a human quite so much.

In his office Giles looked down at the page on M'nut-A-min,
and wondered just how he could manage to make Xander see that the
demon had been wrong about him. The ex-watcher had no doubts that it
had told the boy that he was evil but Giles knew different. Xander
had been through so much with them and barring the hyena possession
had never acted on the dark urges that every one had. He had a good
heart and a good head though he did not realize either. Probably the
upbringing of those god-awful parents of his, and of course they were
another possible reason that Xander might think he was evil. "Hell! I
just wish he would stop avoiding me!" Giles muttered closing the
tome, and cleaning his glasses. It was true Xander had been avoiding
him more then any of the other people who made up the Slayer's inner-
circle. Almost as if he knew that Giles would try to talk to him
about it, well Willow had tried but Xander had gotten out of it in
typical Xander fashion.

Buffy huffed as she pounded into the punching bag. Xander had
been so mopey since the fight with the big green demon the week
before. And him being all un-Xander-y had made everyone else worried
and mopey. "That is it!" She grumbled redoubling her attack, "Tonight
he tells us what's wrong!"

Xander sighed and toweled off his hair, hurriedly rushing to
get dressed. His job at the pizza place had run late and he was tired
because since the demon had talked to him he had not been sleeping
well. The remnants of his two possessions had started haunting his
dreams, and it was starting to get disturbing that he wanted to eat
Buffy and not in a good way. Every time he looked at Buffy all his
mind could think was `rejected me', `not good enough', `not strong
enough', `ran away', `no longer pack'. Shuddering and quickly
dressing the mortal headed out for the Magic Box after making sure he
was armed against all nasties of the night. Stepping into the magic
shop he brushed his hair out of his eyes and smiled at the already
assembled group. "Hey guys! What's cooking for tonight? Demon attack?
Research fest? Anything I can help with?" The plastered smiled began
to fade as he realized that Giles was giving him his, I-have-a-
superior-intellect-and-you-can't-fool-me eyes and Willow was giving
him the you-don't-need-to-pretend-it's-alright eyes and Buffy was
giving him the… scary, angry, hurt eyes. Shivering he glanced at the
only person in the room who he had talked to about the telepathic
conversation. Anya closed the cash register with a `ding' and then
walked up to him.

"Xander, I think it is time you told them the truth. About
the mean demon and how he said you were evil and about the
nightmares. I am going back to my apartment, give me a call when you
are ready to give me lots and lots of orgasms." Walking out of the
Magic Box the auburn-haired ex-vengeance demon walked casually away.
"Well, that wasn't awkward." Xander muttered staring at his
feet. Willow noting the refusal to start off broke the silence when
it became strained.

"Xan, we've known each other forever right? You'd tell me if
there was something was wrong?" Xander continued to stare at his feet
and finally answered her question.

"It's nothing you can help with Will's it's…" Giving a bitter
laugh he looked up and caught her eyes, "It's not you it's me." Buffy
reached over from where she stood in the circle and lightly hit him
on the arm.

"Xander!" She whined, even as he rubbed what would probably
become a bruise tomorrow morning. "This is no time to be making
jokes! Tell us what's got you all," fumbling for words the blonde
could only think of one that accurately described Xander. "angsty."
Shaking his head Xander turned to look at the Slayer, the golden
girl. How could he explain?

"Buff I'm just dealing with some stuff right now. The talk
with the demon dredged up some, bitter memories." Buffy and Willow's
brows both furrowed and it was Giles' turn to step forward and try to
comfort the young man. "Don't say it G-man, maybe… maybe I'll talk to
you about it later." Turning around the brunette mortal prepared to
stride out of the shop but was stopped when Spike stepped through the
door. Looking him over the blonde smirked and had to fight down a
laugh. He could smell the change in the boys scent whenever he came
by, the boy felt a lot of different things for him. Hatred, disgust,
of course but there was also some respect mixed in there and a little
dose of lust. Knowing what his sire wanted with the boy he restrained
himself, since Dru had done some mojo and zapped the chip two days
ago he had been fighting not to go on a mass-murdering killing spree
until his sire deemed it was time. Since Angelus had sent him here
tonight to deliver a very specific message Spike figured it wouldn't
be long before he could quench his bloodlust.

"Bloody `ell! What is this? The whelp got fired from his
newest job?" Spike snarked as he observed the various poses of the
individuals and the scent of pity in the air. Trying hard not the
strike the blonde vampire across his smirking little mug Xander
ground out a question though he couldn't exactly hear himself over
the pounding in his ears.

"What do you want fangless?" Spike never lost his smirk, in
fact his facial features seemed to have been sharpened by Xander's
anger. Or maybe just the heavy pounding of his blood.
"Thought you might not have heard the news, me sire's back."

Taking advantage of the shock and horror on the watcher's face the
bleached undead stuck a cigarette in his mouth and lit it. Taking a
drag he prepared himself to field brainless Buffy's questions.
"What Drusilla? Shouldn't you be off chasing after her like a
bitch in heat?" The slayer asked, fighting down the urge to punch the
vamp for what he had said to Xander. Never the less she was surprised
when Spike merely rolled his eyes and took a drag on his cigarette.

"Not my princess Slayer. Me sire, the great poofy one."

Making a mockery of Angel's brooding expression and mimed the tall
stand-up hair. The look on the whelp's face had been priceless, the
boy had been fighting down laughter before understanding caught up
with him. Tara was glancing between a tightlipped Xander, blank faced
Giles and blanched Willow trying to figure out what was going on.
"Angel? He's in town? Wait why would he be talking to you?"
Blowing smoke directly in the idiots face Spike calmly informed
Buffy, "Not Angel, my sire. Angelus. Oi watcher, do I get any blood
out of this?" Turning he ignored Buffy's sputtering. Snapping out of
it Giles gave him a hard glare. Almost scary old man, Spike thought
to himself.

"Hold on just a minute Spike, how do you know Angelus is
back?" Spike sighed, casually shifting in his duster, wanting only to
be back in the embrace of his beloved Dru in their new bed. They were
staying with Angelus at the old poof's apartment form back when the
Slayer was in high school. It wasn't the mansion but they could not
move in there quite yet. Soon though.

"'eard it off a couple of minions that the gang down in L.A.
had bought the big one. Or not exactly his gang, but the pretty girl
who used ta go to high school with ya. What's her name? Cordelia.
Then they heard he skipped town. Don't know if it's true." Shrugging
and apparently giving up on free blood William the Bloody left the
Slayer and her friends in a fit of disarray. Turning the corner he
gave his dark goddess a deep kiss that, because they had no
constraints on breathing, might have gone on for quite a while if not
for the fact his mate had a question. Backing off, and eying her
outfit appreciatively Spike smiled.

"Yes luv?" Whirling him close Drusilla gave him a humble peck
on the lips before asking,

"What did the burning one look like? Did she look all sad and
broken? What about kitten? Ms. Edith says he's feeling all worried
and angry and sad inside but he won't feel that way long will he
Spikey?" Nodding his head sire and childe kissed and he left her
questions unanswered for the moment. She would find out soon enough.

Inside the Magic Box stunned silence greeted Spike's
proclamation before the Scooby gang erupted into a flurry of
activity. Buffy dived for the phone while Giles pulled out his
rolodex and the number he had down for Angel Investigations. Holding
the receiver to her ear they all waited in tense silence. "Angel
Investigations we help the hopeless!" Cordelia's cheery voice rang in
Buffy's ear but before she could answer her hopes were
dashed. "Nobody is here to take your call at the moment but please
leave a message and we will give you a call back!" At the beep Buffy
choked down a sob and hung up. Maybe, maybe they were all just out on
a case. Her thoughts were echoed by Willow and soon enough Buffy was
back to believing that Spike was just being an ass.

"Listen Buff, L.A.'s not the far and if Cordy really is dead…
Listen, I could drive you down." Xander said bravely and Buffy gave
him a blinding smile. One reserved for when he and the other's did
something especially nice, like giving a puppy a bone. Heading off
towards his home to get the car Willow and Tara both excused
themselves leaving Giles and Buffy standing in the entrance to a
magic shop praying that their deepest darkest nightmares had not come
back to haunt them.

On the sidewalks outside a young man stared into the night
sky while a voice rang in his head, "There is a new but old evil
approaching. The darkness will have it's fondest wish, a Master to
bring it out and let it play."

Darkness 2

Sep. 7th, 2004 01:31 pm
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Title: Darkness in their Hearts

Author: Kitti-Chan

Pairing: eventual Xander/Angelus/Wesley, eventual implied Wes/Xander and lots of canon relationships abound. Later… Also eventual Dru/Spike/Willow

Spoilers: Angel season one up to “Eternity”, Buffy season four right before “Superstar”

Summary: Angelus did not wear off when the drug did and he has a new plan for the Fang Gang and Scoobies. Dru and boytoy show up and off they go to visit SD. (Thaz it for now)

Feedback: First BtVS/Angel fic, would be welcome. I’ve got BIG plans for it!

Email: Flamespout@hotmail.com

Website: Err… working on that

Distribution: Bigbadzeppo, Xanderslash, Vampyr_Slayerette_Passions, BigBadAngelusFic, DarkSlash

Warning: Err… there’s a little male-male kissage, and poor Xan gets someone talking in his head but nothing much yet. Oh, violence but that’s normal.

Disclaimer: I do not own anyone here! I make no cash! No suing! Suing of the Kitti-chan is bad! Majorly not of the good! I would love to own Xan, Angelus, and my poor Wes but sadly I don’t (sigh)


“Look out!” Buffy shouted as the demon… the blonde racked her brain for its name… Minuteman? Took a swing at her watcher and “Ooof!” Giles cried out as the air was knocked out of him and he was knocked into the wall by the demons large and powerful arm. Loosing consciousness the Chosen Ones Watcher slumped to the ground unconscious. Wincing slightly Buffy looked over to where Willow and Tara were futilely chanting spells. As one of them hit the grotesque creature with a powerful looking bolt of light the demon stopped for a minute for shaking it off and roaring at the witches. Diving for the two women he seemed surprised, an odd expression on a demon’s face, when it bounced off a protective gold bubble that surrounded the handholding witches.

Xander shouted as the demon began beating at his friends magical shield. Running towards it he ignored the spaced out slayer and jumped onto the demons back beating at it with his club. The demon shook his head and thrashed around as he tried to throw the annoying pest off his back. Roaring he cheerfully picked the brunette off his back and threw him into a tree. Sliding onto the ground he caught sight of the spaced off slayer and a deep rage formed inside of him and boiled up inside. Forcing the urge to join the demon in rending the Slayer limb from limb he shouted at Buffy. “Buffy! Get your rear in gear! Come on you can beat him!” Buffy snapped out of her haze her blonde hair whipping around her as she launched herself at the M’nut-A-min demon. The ax she was wielding was the only weapon that they had that was able to kill the demon and Xander and Giles had known this when they headed out. But it would not do well to make Tara and Willow feel useless and while either Giles or Xander could have taken the weapon it was so much easier to let the Slayer use it and feel her slayer best. She was the ‘Chosen One’ after all.

Pulling himself up from the ground Xander backed into the tree as the demon caught his eye. Easily swatting aside Buffy the demon… smiled. What the Hell!?!?!?
*That’s quite an appropriate phrase.* A deep voice growled in his mind causing Xander supreme pain and he knew. He Knew what had happened.

Giles looked at his young charges and opened a large tome to a page with a nasty looking picture of a demon on it. “This is the M’nut-A-min demon. He has been terrorizing the Hellmouth for the past week. Tonight we need to stop him before he attempts another sacrifice and utilizes the power for a vision.”

“Wait. You mean he’s psychic?” Buffy popped up from where she was making out with Riley. Giles rolled his eyes and Xander and Willow had to hold back groans. Xander because it was out of character and Willow because she did not want to hurt her best friends feelings. But truly, Buffy could be so Blonde sometimes!

“Yes Buffy, and you would know that if you had been paying attention recently.” Buffy blushed at the scolding tone to her watchers words. “A M’nut-A-min has some psychic powers, but usually only when dealing with his own death or those of people close to him. He is also telepathic but only with people who hold a darkness in their souls. People who sink close to a demonic level of evilness.” Before Giles could get really into his lecture Xander interrupted looking jittery and ready to hit the road.
“Can we load up and head out then? The sooner this things gone then the less chance we have of him gathering followers. Sunnydale’s full of evildoers.”

“No! I’m not evil!” Xander shouted holding his hands to his ears as he dropped to his knees, the pain was unbelievable. It was also calling to that darkness that he held buried inside of himself. The darkness that held the Hyena and remnants of the soldier, the part that held the malevolence that had always belonged to him.

*So you say mortal, but I can sense the lie in those words* The demon chuckled inside the young man’s mind as he easily fended off the advances of the slayer. *You’ve always attracted evil haven’t you? I can see that in you, attracting girls who would kill you as soon as look at you, managing to find trouble in the safest of places, warping magic, and being possessed twice? You are most definitely not evil but… shadows hang around you.* Tears streamed down his face as the young mortal fought to stay conscious. He did not want to know what would happen to him if he fell unconscious while this fiend was in his head. Willow and Tara screamed and began to run over to him but the demon knocked them over again, forcing them back. Xander knelt alone at the foot of a large tree fighting a demon in his head. Buffy, blonde hair flying behind her screamed out her rage and frustration at one of these creatures hurting her friend.

“You’re WRONG! I’m one of the good guys!” He shouted but the rage at being hurt and unable to do anything and none of his friends were helping him and this creature was telling the truth and there is evil in everyone… “AAAAAAAAGH! GET OUT OF MY MIND!!!” Xander screamed cutting off that train of thought. Inside of him he could distantly hear the hyena’s cackled and the Soldier’s shouted commands and gunshots. He could also hear the chuckle of an evil he had thought he had long buried. That he had destroyed inside of himself by joining the Slayer and fighting the forces of darkness.

*So you say young one, but you will soon discover the truth.* The demon stopped and Buffy took his distraction and used it, chopping his legs out from under him. *I will die now young one but the deaths of those around you are not far off. There is a new but old evil approaching. Since I will be gone soon…* It chuckled as Buffy raised her ax to cut off his head, knocking her away so he could finish his conversation with Xander. *The darkness will have its fondest wish fulfilled, a Master to bring it out and let it play.* Buffy raised the ax again and chopped down. *Goodbye boy*

Sobbing Xander collapsed to the ground holding onto the grass as if it was the only thing keeping him from just floating away. Like it was connecting him to his life by the merest thread. “Xander!” Willow shouted and rushed over to him kneeling down and cradling him in her arms. “What did it do? What did it say?” Xander looked into his life-long friends eyes and then looked away again. She held that darkness within her too but his had always been stronger, more apparent. She knew why the dome had talked to him, she and Tara both remembered Giles lecture. Tara came over and knelt beside her girlfriend while Buffy stood over them all still holding her ax. Xander chocked back a sob at how his extended family was reacting and quickly wiped his tears away allowing himself to be calmed by Willow’s arms around him.

“It said… that everyone here was going to die. That I was evil, that…” Xander choked, “there was a ‘new but old’ bad guy coming to dance with us.” Willow smiled down and him petting his hair and was about to say something when Giles groaned and everyone rushed over to help him up.

“Did Buffy kill it?” He asked as he stood on wobbly feet, adjusting his glasses.

“Yep! But it told Xan that we were all gonna die.” Scrunching up her nose Buffy tried to understand all that. “It was just lying right?” Giles however was not paying attention to her looking at Xander with worried eyes. Especially when the boy turned away from him. “Giles!” Stamping her foot Buffy buried the stupid feeling of anger at being ignored. She was the chosen one, she had killed the demon, shouldn’t they be looking at her not Xander, he’d only talked to the stupid thing. Though in all fairness it had been inside his head.

“Oh, I’m sorry Buffy. Yes, yes it was probably lying. I say, have any of you seen Spike? He usually shows up around this time to annoy us.” At the shakes of his protégé’s heads the Watcher sighed and led them all off.

Spike was, at the moment, lying in his crypt thinking of all the various ways he could get to the Slayer. The most obvious would be just to get their insecurities to play off each others which would be fairly easy. The witch and the whelp had massive amounts of insecurities just waiting to be picked at and played with. ‘Course he wanted to keep the whelp, boy was damn fun to play with. Shame he could not play properly with the chip. Stiffening Spike felt the presence that had been taunting him for most of the day appear at his crypt door. Turning to face it he scowled as Angel entered. “What? ‘Ere to stake me? Couldn’t let the slayer do it by proxy?” He snarked, secretly hurt that his sire would rather side with the slayer then his own childe then… Drusilla walked in.

“Oh my delightful little golden boy, we can’t let the bad men keep hurting you can we. And don’t be mean to Daddy the angel-beast is gone and Daddy’s gonna play proper now. Not all mean like he was last time.” Dru turned and whirled and danced around Spike’s cave while said vampire stood and gaped at her. Turning to the dark
vampire Spike said hesitantly, more like William the poet then William the Bloody.

“Angelus?” Smiling said vampire whipped his childe into a hug and squeezed him, whispering in his ear while enjoying the feel of his Will’s body again.

“No one is going to hurt you ever again Will. I’m back and there’s no chance of getting through me to you.” Stepping back the 240 year old vampire smiled down at his favorite childe. Always trying so hard to do what his sire wanted, always being so mean and cruel. His Will, but he was Dru’s Will too and since the older vampire was going to get two new play toys it was probably only fair to let Dru have him. Though she would be getting a new play thing too. “I’m back and better then ever. No more pansying around, sure I’ll still be taunting the Slayer but I’m gonna kill her quick this time. No more swordfights or stuff like that. First though, I gotta make sure they know I’m back, then we grab the Witch, turn her, taunt the Slayer, grab her, torture, maim and kill her, grab the boy, keep him, kill the watcher.” Smiling he watched as his childe mulled this over.

“One small problem Angelus, those damn soldier boys put this chip in my skull and I… can’thurthumans.” Spike muttered the last part quickly and the brunette vampire swept his blonde childe up in a kiss, letting his gameface come to the fore.

“Don’t worry me boy, those bastards will get what’s coming to them. We will get that nasty little thing out of your head and then you’ll be able to be yourself. William the Bloody once again!” Smiling the neutered vampire kissed his sire back, knowing that he would once again have family and once again be able to kill.

“One thing, I want the Watcher.” Smiling Spike dove back into his sire’s embrace.

Darkness 1

Sep. 7th, 2004 01:30 pm
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Title: Darkness in their Hearts

Author: Kitti-Chan

Pairing: eventual Xander/Angelus/Wesley, eventual implied Wes/Xander and lots of canon relationships abound. Later… Also eventual Dru/Spike/Willow

Spoilers: Angel season one up to “Eternity”, Buffy season four right before “Superstar”

Summary: Angelus did not wear off when the drug did and he has a new plan for the Fang Gang and Scoobies. Dru and boytoy show up and off they go to visit SD. (Thaz it for now)

Feedback: First BtVS/Angel fic, would be welcome. I’ve got BIG plans for it!

Email: Flamespout@hotmail.com

Website: Err… working on that

Distribution: Bigbadzeppo, Xanderslash, Vampyr_Slayerette_Passions, BigBadAngelusFic, DarkSlash

Warning: Err… none for right now. Later chaps will have LOTS! Probably

Disclaimer: I do not own anyone here! I make no cash! No suing! Suing of the Kitti-chan is bad! Majorly not of the good! I would love to own Xan, Angelus, and my poor Wes but sadly I don’t (sigh)


Angelus hid a smirk as Cordelia and Wesley finally untied him. It had been so easy to pretend he was Angel, after all these two hardly knew him. With Doyle gone he had nothing to worry about. Stretching he let an Angel I’m-slightly-happy-but-can’t-break-out-into-a-grin look. “Thanks you guys, and for the whole… not staking me when I went all Angelus-sy on you.” Idiots, but cute idiots. Well, Wesley was a cute idiot, even with that big dopey grin on his face. Cordelia had always been a pain in his side and Angelus did not feel any different even when the former May Queen practically squealed and hugged him. She had a nice body but it did nothing for him.

“Well it isn’t like you went and ate us or tortured us or anything!” Cordelia said happily as she let him go, Wes smiled slightly and backed out of the room. Apparently the emotional atmosphere was getting to him. The evil vampire decided now was the time.

“Why Cordelia! What an interesting idea!” Grabbing her neck he threw her into Wes slamming both into the wall. As the two bodies slid bonelessly to the floor a truly evil smirk crossed Angelus’ face first Cordelia’s death, in some particularly gruesome way of course, then turning some minions and heading back to Sunnydale. Lifting Cordelia and Wesley up Angelus smiled down at the Englishman, “No, no… I haven’t forgotten about you Wes!” As the vampire dragged the two of them out of the room he smiled. A blissful, angelic smile. “I’ve got special plans for you… for you and someone else in Sunnydale.”

“Daddy!” His childe’s voice rang out as she happily jumped into his arms forcing the older vampire to drop his burdens. Drusilla looked, like Drusilla, beautiful but incredibly insane. Behind her grumbling at the attention she was showering on her sire stood her new boy toy. Undoubtedly had some horribly unpronounceable name that matched his ugly, pustule covered body. Well, the demon might be well out of the way soon Angelus did not think that Spike would enjoy having him around. And Spike would certainly be joining his sire and grandsire whether through his own freewill or by force. However thoughts of tying his grandchilde naked to his bed could wait.
“Dru why are you here?” Angelus scowled as the insane vampires giggled and twirled around in a small circle her hands held out like a child.

“Because Daddy! The stars sang to me of these beautiful secrets.” Leaning close she whispered into her sire’s ear blowing gusts of air across it. “The little wicked things sang that a nasty, mean lady would give my daddy a candy. A candy that would make the angel-beast r-r-r-run and hide! And that Daddy would make a pet of the little book-man who hides so many secrets and goodies in his dark little heart.” Giggling Drusilla looked suddenly innocent and cocked her head as if she could hear something that none of the others could. “Oh Mrs. Edith! Will he really?” Waiting for an answer Drusilla suddenly cracked a huge smile and whirled around stalking in a circle around her chaos demon lover. “Yes I know that Daddy wants him but will the kitten really fall? He has the burning tree and the golden girl and his yucky mean demon in disguise. I know about the darkness, I saw it.”

Growing tired of his childe’s actions Angelus growled his handsome face shifting into its demonic plains. “Dru, what are you talking about?!?!” He snapped and grew even more angry as his childe merely laughed back at him. “Oh Daddy its so perfect! Mrs. Edith whispers such naughty things to me. She says you will go back to the mouth of hell and do such wicked, wicked things! First you will make my wicked boy fight with us against the goody-goody White Hats. Then the kitten’s darkness will be unleashed but he’s not my kitten anymore and he has a puppy and a soldier-man hiding in the darkness of his soul. You will stop the burning tree and give her to my wicked boy and me. And then the little book-man will try to make your kitten good but his evil thoughts will play against him and they will both be dark, dark, dark and blood will flow like wine and we will dance in it!” Drusilla whirled around and smiled up at her sire. Not being nearly as good as Spike at deciphering Dru-speak he blinked and had to reprocess what he had last heard before a smile bloomed across his face.

“Why Dru… I think that you might be on to something!” Laughing he motioned to Cordelia’s body and offered to leave her with the two of them while he moved Wesley to another room.


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