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They aren't the type of people to talk about their relationship. Kadota isn't the type to bring up private issues (although he will accidentally let secrets slip and he has been known to tell wild stories that are altogether true) and Shizuo isn't either. In fact the sum total of people who know they are dating is two. Shizuo and Kadota. Of course, those are only the people that Shizuo and Kadota acknowledge knowing. Shizuo accidentally told Celty but he doesn't remember doing so. Celty told Shinra, and of course Izaya found out somehow. Erika at one point bugged the apartment and prizes her video tape of the two of them having sex above all else, Yumasaki has of course seen the tape. Togusa's not one to talk but he knows that Kadota doesn't always sleep alone, and Simon figured it out that one stupid time they decided to go to Russian sushi for a date. Kida figured it out one night about three months ago when he spotted Shizuo pushing Kadota up against a grimy alley wall and kissing him, and Tom figured it out about the same time because Shizuo was still on the clock.

However, besides all those people (and really that's only their closest friends) no one else knows.

Oh, Kasuka, his agent, and that one love hotel security guard.

But other than that…

"Shi-" Shizuo's hands are gripping Kadota's shoulders. It's painful and Kadota knows he's going to bruise. Shizuo's lips on his are also harsh and (again) bruising, Kadota kisses back, he even moans into it.

Maybe he's a closet masochist.

Shizuo's grip tightens on Kadota's shoulders. It takes Kadota about a second to realize what's going on and he has even less time to brace himself before Shizuo tosses him.

Thankfully it's onto the bed and not through a wall or out a window but the impact still causes the wind to rush from Kadota's lungs and he thumps his head hard on his firm mattress. He manages to catch his breath and then Shizuo is on him, straddling his thighs and ripping Kadota's shirt off. Thankfully Kadota had removed his jacket earlier, he's lost two before to Shizuo's inability to hold back and they are a pain to replace. His black tank tops however are a dime a dozen.


Or actually, they were buy four get the fifth free at the local department store.

Shizuo latched onto Kadota's neck, thankfully not biting. Shizuo never bit him, but the hickeys left behind were dark and painful looking, they didn't need any help or lies for people to assume they were bruises earned fighting. Kadota fumbled to undo Shizuo's bartender uniform, the tie was already loose and the buttons had been partially undone. He was careful not to rip at them, destroying Shizuo's clothes was always a bad idea.

"Kadota." Shizuo humped Kadota's leg, the dark crotch of his black pants stained with wetness.

"This would be a lot easier," Kadota said reasonably, slipping from bothering with Shizuo's shirt to undoing Shizuo's belt and fly, "if you let me be on top."

His reasonable request was met with quizzical eyes from Shizuo. "I thought you were on top."


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