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Title: Shadowy Dealings
Author: K8
Rating: M for Mature
Fandom: DRRR!
Pairings: Celty/Shizuo, Celty/Shinra, Celty/Mika, Celty/Anri
Summary: It's different with each of them, but for Celty it's often the same.
A/N: Kink meme fill, PWP.


It's been years since she admitted to herself that she might love Shinra but it is still months before she and Shinra admit it and form a bond. Celty knows she has lived longer than the average human. She's was born generations before Shinra. Being this old make her uncomfortable having sex with Shinra… for the first time she can remember. Not that, at that point, she was thinking she would ever have sex with Shinra. She was a Dullahan, besides being older than dirt (potentially) she was also inhuman. It wouldn't have been… well.

She was worried she might hurt him somehow.

Shizuo, however, is both human and inhuman. If it came down to Celty picking a fight with something like a Godzilla or Mothra she'd definitely pick one of those over fighting Shizuo. It's probably because of this edge of preternatural that makes it possible for the two of them to have become such good friends.

She does it in an alleyway in Ikebukuro. Shizuo had made noise about not wanting Celty's first time to be somewhere so dirty but Celty had overpowered him. It wasn't her first time, she just couldn't remember her first time, and besides they weren't going to go all the way.

The shadows in the form of her rider suit protect her knees and her ghost pale skin from the harsh rub of the alley's pavement. She has her hands pressed against Shizuo's thighs for balance. Shizuo's body feels hot through the thin layer of his pants. It's odd, how warm human's feel to her. She herself doesn't mind warm weather or hot weather and she's never thought of the touch of her skin as 'warm'. Her shadows have always been described to her as 'chilly' as well.

She's not sure if Shizuo cares about the temperature though, he seems to enjoy the way her shadows wrap around the length of his penis and contract. Celty can't describe what she's doing or how she's doing it, the use of her shadows is instinctive. All she wanted to do was give Shizuo a blowjob despite having no head and now her shadows are… they're imitating her thoughts, imitating the vague memories she has of how a mouth works. One shadow forms a tongue that strokes up and down the underside of Shizuo's penis, then over the tip and along the top.

It's not a real blowjob. There's no mouth, and there's no spit, there's no worry about disease either. The only lubrication is the precum that drips down Shizuo's penis and is caught by her shadows, but that doesn't affect anything because her shadows aren't rough and don't cause friction like a hand might. She isn't sure how to describe what giving the blowjob is like, but she watches Shizuo's reaction as she does it. A tingle occurs in her lower regions that slowly spreads through her gut while her shadows stroke and smooth and 'lick' at Shizuo's penis.

When Shizuo orgasms his semen drops through the edges of Celty's shadows as they fade.


They're together now. Together like Shinra had been dreaming for what seemed like ever, together like how Shinra had been dreaming since he knew he liked girls and that he certainly like Celty. They're doing things together that Shinra would never have dreamed of though, except in his most perverted teenage dreams that he had vigorously denied later despite the evidence all over his sheets.

Shinra's always been a closet pervert. He's open about his love of Celty, open about the fact that he loves her despite the fact that she's headless and ancient and inhuman. But that's not the perverted part about him. The perverted part about him is what he'd like to do with Celty, behind closed doors with the lights turned off (or on!) on a soft bed under the sheets. Shinra would like to lick and taste and fondle and touch and catalogue each and every inch of Celty's body. He'd like to taste Celty's insides as well as her outside, and he'd like to see what Celty looks like naked under moonlight and sunlight and candlelight. He wants to try EVERYTHING with Celty… well, mostly everything, he's not THAT big a pervert.

But he would let Celty tie him up.

That's what he let her do tonight as sort of a 'I want you to be comfortable and not worried about giving yourself to me!' gesture. His wrists are trapped together above his head against the cool stucco wall of his apartment. He hopes, idly, that his father can't hear the noises he's making. His father probably can, but Shinra doesn't actually care much.

"Oooh!" Shinra moans and his legs squirm on the bed, rucking up the carefully tucked in sheets. "Celty!"

Cool shadows wrap around his penis and stroke. It's different from just being touched by Celty, and it's so erotic to look down his torso and see Celty's dark neck just below his dick, her shadows wrapped around him like her mouth. It's even more erotic knowing that Celty has gone through the trouble of giving him a blowjob despite not having a head. The shadows are more useful than just a mouth though because they can do multiple things at once. Tongue-like shadows stroke over his balls and back along his perineum, they even flick teasingly at Shinra's read entrance. Sharp edges tease him like teeth, and soft strokes. Shinra hits his head on the stucco wall when he comes, and when he looks down his nose with blurry vision and a fuzzy head he realizes that Celty's shoulders are shaking with laughter. Under the light of the moon Shinra's semen glitters like stars across the vast white space of Celty's breasts.


What scares Celty about Mika is that Mika has her face. Mika is also rarely without Seiji, who also scares Celty because he's in love with her head. He also angers Celty. Celty wishes that she had her head back… even if her life in Ikebukuro would have been ruined. Celty still wants her head.

She wonders sometimes what she would look like if she had a head. Mika is shorter than her, and younger than her, her nationality is Japanese while Celty is Irish. Is the face Mika wears really Celty's? Or is it Mika's face changed slightly so that it is similar to Celty's appearance? Surely you can't actually change the face completely, not even Shinra could do that. Celty has only met Mika a few times and all of those times Mika has been scared.

So Celty knows what she might look like when she is scared. But what about when she is happy? Sad? Angry? Or what about during sex?

Oddly, it's not Celty who goes to Mika, it's Mika who comes to Celty.

"I want to know what Celty-san is like." Mika pauses, dressed up in a uniform similar to Anri or Mikado's but still looking so cute. "So that Seiji-san will love me more." Shinra is out doing some late night mob oriented work and Shinra's father (the jerk) is off doing… something. Something irritating for sure. So Celty welcomes Mika into their home. She taps out on her phone what she does on a normal night and Mika nods and smiles and says she would like to watch.

Mika is so quiet that Celty almost forgets she is there, except for the hum on the edge of her knowledge that signifies a life form being in the room. But Shinra's always around and that hum is too so it is easy to settle into her normal routine.

Celty completely forgets about Mika watching her all the time until she starts stripping for her shower and Mika is there, watching, stripping, joining her under the hot spray and tentatively touching her. Celty realizes that maybe Mika wonders the same things about her that she does about Mika. Maybe Mika wonders about Celty's personality and whether Seiji would like it.

Celty doesn't really approve of high school students having sex but she's too curious about her face on Mika's body and Mika's reactions to her touch to care.

She isn't so sure what to do when she's on her knees holding Mika's soft, warm, slippery legs apart. Her shadows cup Mika's butt and help keep Mika supported against the slippery tile wall of Shinra's bathroom. Celty parts the lips of Mika's vulva and strokes along the edges with her shadows. It feels… it feels different. Celty's never used her shadows to touch that part of her, except in the impersonal way they touch when she covers herself in her suit, but she has touched it with her fingers and Shinra has touched that part… Mika is hot, so hot, it almost burns her shadows. She slides her shadows back and forth between the inner lips of Mika's labia, teasing the tender and slippery tissues. Mika's legs shudder, her face (Celty's face) scrunching up.

Mika bites her bottom lip, turning it white from the pressure surrounded by lip gloss aided pink. Her eyes are wide, her pupils blown.

Celty 'licks' at the clitoral hood while a thin shadow teases the entrance to Mika's vagina. The shower water slowly turns from hot to warm, dripping in rivulets down their bodies. After a few minutes of shadowy teasing, Celty's shadows glittering like some hentai monster's with Mika's juices, Mika shudders and her knees give out. Celty carefully supports her body until Mika is sitting on the floor of the bathroom, her legs spread a bit obscenely, her pubic area pink and juicy looking.


Anri is like Shizuo, human with an edge of inhuman. She's young, so sweet and unsure. Celty is glad to have met her, glad to have made another friend who might understand her as something other than a 'headless monster'. Of course Anri also has her own problems, because of Saika, because she is a high school girl, because of the lives her friends have decided to get themselves involved in and thus Anri has followed. Because of how dangerous Ikebukuro can be to a young girl as pretty as Anri.

"It scares me." Anri admits, hugging her knees to her chest. Celty is at Anri's apartment, the two of them seated across the same table that Anri had sat at when Haruna had threatened her life. "Nasujima-sensei's not there anymore because of Haruna but… sometimes other people look at me the same way he did." Anri hugs her knees tighter and her shoulders shake slightly. "I don't want to love them and I can't love them. Saika… Saika wants to."

But you don't let her. Celty types out.

Anri nods in confirmation. "I don't. But more than that…" She slowly lets go of her knees and allows her legs to slide downward. Under the table her feet brush at Celty's crossed legs. "I…" Her voice drops to a whisper. "I like… I like Kida-kun and I like Mikado-kun and I think…" Anri's already quiet voice drifts off into nothingness.

Celty waits, but Anri's eyes remain downcast and she does not pick up the conversation. It is one of those moments when Celty wonders what to do, if she is so inhuman she cannot connect or if her assumptions at what she should do are correct. She slides around the table and touches Anri's shoulder.

Anri looks up at her through dark eyelashes. "I like you too, Celty-san."

Celty is sure that if she had a head Anri would have kissed her. Instead Anri kisses the spot where Celty's neck starts, her nose slightly buried in Celty's shadows. Celty wraps her arms around Anri's shoulders and 'kisses' back.

It's not like with Shizuo, where Shizuo didn't have to worry about being careful of his strength and Celty was the one learning and experimenting. It's not like with Mika either, where Mika knew what she wanted and so did Celty. Anri is a whole new ballgame, a sweet, big breasted, tender young girl who's legs shiver and who bites down on her hand because she doesn't want to disturb the neighbors. Celty's shadows have no sense of taste but Celty is sure that Anri would taste sweet if they did.

Celty really has to tease Anri to get her wet, her shadows stroking over Anri's large breasts and 'licking' at Anri's nipples, shadowy tendrils planting mock kisses over Anri's skin while her hands brush soothingly up and down Anri's inner thighs. The first sign of wetness makes Celty shake slightly with excitement and Anri shakes slightly as well. Celty's gotten better since her time with Mika and she draws her encounter with Anri out. Tongue like shadows flick at Anri's clitoral hood, teasing Anri until she bites her hand and smothers a shout, then the shadows abandon Anri's clit to slide around her labia, teasing and tasting and flickering just a little inside her vaginal entrance, then it's back to Anri's clit to make her cry out again.

Celty has stayed out longer than she intended by the time she is done, and Anri has stayed up longer than she intended as well. Sticky, shiny thighs shudder and twitch, and Anri has to try three times before she can lever herself into a sitting position. Celty smoothes down her riding suit and watches the young dazed girl.

If she had a mouth, she would have smiled.
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