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There are a few people that Kadota Kyohei would never want to face head on in a fight.

At the top of that list is, of course, Shizuo. Kadota had watched Shizuo through high school and the years after that the other man's monstrous strength was still awe inspiring. Anyone who could lift a street lamp straight out of the ground and use it as a weapon went straight into Kadota's book of 'too weird for this world'. Shizuo himself was actually relatively normal (rage issues aside) but his strength was… well, scary. Kadota had always been good at staying on Shizuo's good side anyhow, despite his friendship with Izaya.

Second on the list is not Izaya, but Simon. Simon's strength is on par with Shizuo's and more than that Simon is BIG. Big enough to match his strength. There is also something in Simon's eye now and then that Kadota recognizes. Simon has killed before, and could do it again.

Shizuo is, at least, not a killer.

Third on that list is Izaya. While Kadota thinks that he might walk out of a fight with Shizuo with busted limbs and a hospital stay, he has a feeling that if Izaya ever seriously went after him he would have no chance. He knows Izaya pretty well by now, knows that while Izaya might over-think his fights he rarely thinks while fighting. If he got the drop on Izaya… but generally it was Izaya who got the drop on him.

Fourth is Kida Masaomi, the general of the yellow scarves. Kadota knows he can handle Kida Masaomi, normal teenager, and that's possibly what makes him dread the thought of facing 'the general'. He's stronger than Kida, and bigger than Kida, but Kida has an edge to him that Kadota never had and never will have, a jaded sour with the world edge. If he's honest Kadota can admit that he might try to hold back when facing Kida as the head of the yellow scarves because he knows Kida the normal kid now.

More than that, Kadota has a feeling that if he were ever to face Kida in a fight, Kida would he holding back as well.


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